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The Relevance of Online Reputation Management to Hotels

The relevance of online reputation management in the hospitality industry cannot be overstated enough. Epinions, a major online review site that was activated in 1999, gave rise to a platform that allowed people to air their opinions about products and services. Fast-forward to 2016, there are numerous such sites like Online Reputation Reviews created all ever the world with a number of them focusing specifically on the hospitality industry.
What Does Online Reputation Management Mean?

In the hospitality sector, ORM refers to managing a hotel’s online presence and brand. It involves managing online ratings, reviews and mentions. These reviews have the power to affect a hotel’s ratings and attractiveness in the eyes of the public. Negative reviews are generally associated with decreased bookings and occupancy rates while positive reviews lead to increased demand and overbookings.

Therefore, all hotels work hard to build a strong brand that attracts new and repeat clients annually and consequently boosts business. Hotels must develop effective and efficient strategies to maintain positive reviews and optimize their online presence.

Many businesses in the hospitality industry rate repeat business, increased direct bookings, and online traveler reviews as the most important factors that affect their business. Today, the internet has become quite influential in travel decisions. Many travelers do online research before they visit a place or stay at a hotel. Thus, it makes sense that they will steer clear of any hotel with many negative reviews and low ratings in favor of huge hotel brands with 5-star ratings.

Importance of a successful Online Reputation Management Campaign

ORM Improves marketing strategies in terms of positive reviews from satisfied clients as well as a high rating. People look to reviews from the online community because it is a form of social proof of the service delivery of a certain hotel. Successful ORM allows hotels to track their online reviews, share positive feedback and references as well as carry out extensive online marketing campaigns.

An efficient ORM campaign will involve looking at customer complaints and making informed operations planning. This involves addressing pertinent issues and complaints raised by customers. In addition, an ORM team also monitors close competition using their online reviews.