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White Shark Media Seeks To Boost Good Reviews And Curtail Complaints


Online marketing campaigns come in a variety of different forms. Reliable methods eventually rise to prominence. The reason White Shark Media focuses on PPC and AdWords campaigns is because the methods are very results-driven. Clients are attracted to AdWords campaigns because a properly managed campaign has the potential to cost very little while also delivering nice returns on profits.

White Shark Media has received some positive reviews and testimonials from clients appreciative of the work performed. A few negative complaints have been logged, and this should be expected. No business, especially a new businesses, is going to run 100% smoothly. White Shark Media has been forced to contend with a few complaints. The firm’s management has taken action to address these complaints.

Again, there are positive reviews for the company. The positive reviews for White Shark Media do herald the two things clients want. Overall costs are low, and conversions (sales from click-throughs) are high. Testimonials have noted results occur quickly. No one wants to wait forever for marketing results to commence. While White Shark Media cannot guarantee any results, testimonials do note positive results occurring in six months or so.

Yet, there are those who do point to some issues with White Shark Media. One complaint focused on an annoyance with White Shark Media policy of scrapping all the work previously done by another service. A few clients made the jump to White Shark Media hoping to improve their fortunes. Not all of the work performed by the original marketing service was undesirable. Components did work well for clients, but not enough was working for them to stay. After jumping to White Shark Media, 100% of the previous campaign was dropped. Today, White Shark Media does not drop any pre-existing aspects to a PPC campaign that are still delivering decent results.

Clients have also noted a lot of telephone inquiries are coming in. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with the “phone ringing off the hook” when the calls are coming from possible customers. The drawback is clients have a near-impossible time figuring out which calls are the direct result of people having seen the PPC ads. White Shark Media is looking to reduce some confusion by working with a third-party phone tracking service. The tracking aids in determining White Shark Media’s role in the calls.

The company has also opted to institute other changes that clients have suggested. Communications has been improved dramatically thanks to major changes in the telephone system setup. A monthly online meeting session is being made part of the overall package. The online meetings boost better communications immensely.

White Shark Media is working very hard at pleasing clients. Doing so should reap rewards for the firm and clients alike.