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Andrew Rolfe Stands With a New Generation of Non Profits

The plights of our world are taking the center light in most of the media we consume and therefore have found a larger importance in our own lives. Images of the injustices suffered by individuals across the vast expanse of the globe are no longer isolated faces that the general public will never get to see as they are now transferred across the world in an instant, making the pain and injustice known to the rest of the world. As this increased focus on the issues facing our world starts to manifest within popular culture, a new re-emergence in the need for fully and properly functioning non-profits has taken hold as well.

As reports of corruption and abuse of power run rampant in almost every sector of our culture, touching the inner circles of powerful government officials and CEOs, donors no longer want their money being utilized in some fashion that they deem inappropriate.

A New Kind of Non-Profit

This very wariness was spoken about by the Finacial Times writing staff in their latest piece covering the non-profit, Ubuntu Fund. Contrary to the name, the non-profit led by chairman and proponent of all of Ubuntu’s endeavors, Andrew Rolfe, is not a non-profit with the goal of ensuring the popular operating system is installed on everyone’s laptop.

Andrew Rolfe and the rest of the board members have focused the Ubuntu Fund on effecting real change on a personal level by helping families and children find opportunities for education and advancement within often the most forgotten and desperate communities in the world.

Restructured Aid

The empathetic hearts of Andrew Rolfe, as well as all of the other board members, created the non-profit to operate without many of the restrictions of other charitable non-profits, to best help those they serve.

If you would like to learn more about Ubuntu Fund and Andrew Rolfe, please click this link.