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Robert Englund Talks New Nightmare

Robert Englund is very busy on the convention circuit. Long retired from the role of playing Freddy Kreuger in the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, Englund does spend a lot of time discussing his experiences with convention audiences. Now he is publicly sharing ideas and opinions for a new Nightmare franchise.


Englund bandied around an idea that involves a shapeshifting version of Freddy Krueger. Since the character is born of nightmares, would it not make sense that individual dreamers would come up with their own concept of what Freddy looks like?


The idea is intriguing, but there are two drawbacks. One, the concept is a bit too much like Stephen King’s It. And even in It, the shapeshifting entity would return to the singular, identifiable villain of Pennywise the Clown. Two, it would be hard to market a shapeshifting character. A single, distinguishable villain needs to be presented in order to have impact. Of course, that could be settled by making the traditional version of Freddy to assume a role similar to Pennywise.


A new Nightmare on Elm Street film is already being developed. The project comes on the heels of the “failed” reboot, a failure that earned $100 million worldwide but poor reviews. A new version of the series that seeks to improve upon the first reboot does need to avoid making the same mistakes that plagues the first one and the various weak sequels of the original franchise. Englund deserves credit for trying to come up with something new. Maybe some of his advice will be followed.


Likely, the new version of the series is simply going to retread the older material. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre films followed this approach with the new versions doing well at the box office. Granted, they could have done better with far better scripts. Unfortunately, the goal becomes “get the same type of film out in theaters before anyone knows how weak it is.” Financially, this works as a short-term success but makes enthusiasm for new films difficult.