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Jeremy Goldstein advocating for knockout options

As the economy continues to be unpredictable, large corporations are deciding not to give their employees stock options. Some do it because of its financial burden and others do it for more complex reasons. There are three main reasons that have companies convinced not to award these benefits to their employees. Learn more :


First, options are tied to the stock value. Therefore if the value drops, employees will not be able to exercise their options. Regardless, companies are still forced to report any associated expenses, leaving stakeholders with the possibility of option overhang.


Second, employees don’t trust this type of compensation. They are weary of options because they know that if there is a economic disaster, their options could become worthless. Because of that, they view these options more as a trip to the casino, rather than a solid reward of cash.

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Finally, options increase the accounting burden. Therefore, the resulting costs could turn any financial benefit into a worthless cause. Most employees seem to rather want a higher salary instead of the options.


Jeremy Goldstein however points out several benefits that these options provide. Stock options can be considered better than increased wages or equities because options are simpler for employees to understand. Since options are tied to the value of the company, it leads them to work harder at bringing in new clients and keeping their current clients happy.


Jeremy Goldstein has become one of the country’s top corporate lawyers. He’s become a leading expert on corporate governance and executive pay. He has been involved in many of the top corporate transactions in history including AT&T, Chevron, Merck, Energy and United Technologies. Jeremy Goldstein is the founder and partner of Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates. Jeremy Goldstein continues to help companies make the best decisions when it comes to compensation.

Hosting an Event with Tarallucci e Vino

Finding the perfect location for any event can be difficult, but finding the right one for an especially important occasion can be a mind-boggling task. It is events like these that the Tarallucci e Vino excels since it provides multiple different settings while remaining classy. Hosting a private event with the staff at Tarallucci e Vino will leave a lasting impression, and it will keep the guests giving compliments on the event for weeks to come!

Locations and Decor

As a business that offers multiple dining locations in New York, the Tarallucci e Vino also brings forward two classy venues for hosting events (see map below). There are two different areas, with one at Union Square and the other at Cooper-Hewitt on East 90th Street. Both sites are directly attached to the Tarallucci e Vino dining, but they are in separate sections of the building. For example, the Union Square venue has multiple floors that are used to host both intimate and large events. There are different lofts, on the third, fourth, and sixth floors that allow a large number of guests to be seated. Their brochure mentions that it can flexibly meet the needs of a business meeting with 50 people or a birthday party with 150 people. Moreover, the decor of the different lofts varies quite vastly. The Mezzanine, for instance, is most noted for its plush couches, exposed brick, and reclaimed wood; whereas the sixth-floor loft has a more vintage appeal with antique chandeliers and a courtyard view. To add even more attractiveness to these venue options, the Tarallucci e Vino can arrange to have furniture rented for certain occasions to match an intended theme.

A Lasting Impression

There is a lot of excellent reviews about the Tarallucci e Vino as a place to host events. Most notably are some of the wedding events hosted in the Lofts, in which the couple practically raved about the kindheartedness and professionalism of the staff. There is little doubt that the Tarallucce e Vino is more than an excellent venue for events; it is also staffed by people that do everything possible to make the event a success in every meaning. An event is, after all, more than a well-designed room. Everything has to come together to create a lasting impression for both the hosts and the guests. On the one hand, there are the guests that absolutely adore the decor; on the other hand, the hosts themselves are privy to the staff’s process in pulling off a successful event, and the staff does so in a fashion that is efficient and caring. One bride, in fact, mentioned that the staff handled everything to the degree that it removed all the stress of getting married, and they even brought her snacks after anticipating that she wouldn’t be able to eat much throughout the event.

All in all, fantastic events can be hosted with ease at the Tarallucci e Vino. The locations, the style, and the staff all come together to create an experience that will leave both the guests and the hosts speechless. It is a place that will truly create memories to last a lifetime.