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Netflix’s El Camino Christmas a Action Packed Christmas Must See!

If you’re a fan of the not-so-traditional Christmas classics, like Diehard, Reindeer Games, and Harold and Kumar Christmas, Netflix has a present under the tree for you this year with El Camino Christmas. A bullet ridden, desert Christmas, standoff action movie meets drunken comedy meets Miracle on 34th Street, El Camino Christmas is a one of a kind film, and doesn’t relent in action, humor, or, in all honesty, its brilliant Christmas moral tale, from the movie’s opening frame set to a humble and reverent Silent night to its action packed ending. Featuring a variety of notable actors, including Tim Allen, Jessica Alba, Vincent D’Onofrio, Kurtwood Smith, and Emilio Rivera, El Camino Christmas boasts outstanding performances by all involved, from seasoned pro to new comer alike, and promises something for everyone looking for something a little different to celebrate the holiday season this year.

The tale opens with the arrival of a traveler to the town of El Camino, Nevada, a town that hasn’t had snow on Christmas for forty years. Eric Roth, played by recent mainstay Luke Grimes, pulls into El Camino, in appropriately, his El Camino, in search of a father he hasn’t seen since childhood. Thanks to a local, inept, and corrupt, police department, and one particularly drunk and disorderly deputy, portrayed by Vincent D’Onofrio, Eric ends up in a standoff with police, unwittingly becoming trapped with five others in a local liquor store. When guns start to go off, will a Christmas miracle save Eric from taking a bullet for Christmas, or will the local El Camino P.D. end up gunning him down before the mystery of his missing father is ever solved?

Though everyone involved in El Camino Christmas pulls through with incredible performances, Tim Allen, no stranger to Christmas franchises, shines in a juxtaposing role to his usual jolly self. As a local drunk, who introduces himself to Eric as Charles Bukowski, Allen showcases a transformation in character not unlike that which we see of him in the Santa Claus movies, but housed in a very different kind of narrative. Allen is allowed to showcase his acting chops in a way that he hasn’t been able before, making El Camino Christmas a must watch this holiday season. You can watch El Camino Christmas right here, with your Netflix account:

Netflix Bought Brad Pitt’s New Movie For $60-Million

Brad Pitt is one of the biggest movie stars of all time, and he is worth over a hundred-million dollars. Pitt is also married to Angelina Jolie, and together they form the power couple known as “Brangelina.” Anytime that a new movie comes out, Brad Pitt is usually in the starring role. However, Netflix has recently revealed that Brad Pitt’s new movie ‘War Machine’ will be only available on their streaming site.

Netflix apparently paid $60-million dollars for the rights to ‘War Machine,’ and that’s because Brad Pitt is attached to the film says Sergio Cortes. Movie fans around the world can’t believe that Brad Pitt’s new movie will only be available on Netflix, and it seems that many stars are turning to Netflix for higher profits. Netflix hired Kevin Spacey as one of their main actors, and it seems that Brad Pitt will be joining the ranks for years to come. Also, a ‘Full House’ reboot called ‘Fuller House’ will be debuting early next year, and thousands of people are excited for the program.

Timerecently posted an article about this story, and it’s quite obvious that Netflix will be the ruler of sitcom and movies in the future. People around the world don’t mind paying less than $10 a month for a subscription to Netflix. I wouldn’t be shocked if Netflix put cable out of business in the next few years.

New Shows to Air on Netflix

Netflix might have started off as a legal streaming site but in the last few years, it has become a hub for finding the best made television shows. The originals by the show include Orange is the New Black and House of Cards but what has made Netflix endearing to people is its ability to bring back cancelled shows. Arrested Development was brought back by Netflix and fans are truly grateful to the company for this. “Arrested Development very well could be the best comedy show ever made,” states Cláudio Loureiro Heads.

Fans can now expect some new and amazing shows. “Cirque du Soleil Luna Petunia” is a show for preschool kids where Luna dreams in a wonderland. This show would come out in 2016 (fall) and is also said to include digital content and a product line for children.
“Degrassi: Next Class” is a Canadian show for teens that has been running since the 80s and has been pretty successful. This is a cancelled show that has now been picked up by Netflix and is all set to come out sometime in 2016.

“Tarzan and Jane” is a modern take on the story of Tarzan, complete with environmental issues, mysteries and crimes. This show might come out in 2016 (second half).

“Army of Frogs” is based on the books my Trevor Pryce and is aimed at kids in grade school. With 13 episodes in the season, this show too would come out in 2016 along with “Puffin Rock” and a Netflix Original series.