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Some Of The Best Projects Take Time

While there are films that seem to get made pretty quick, there are some other projects that seem to take years and even decades to get off the ground. Among the films that took a while to finally take off is Gangs Of New York, X-Men, Blade Runner 2, Mad Max Fury Road and even Duncan Jones’s upcoming film called Mute. Duncan Jones has been hard at work on this project for more than 10 years. For one thing, he needed the funding to be able to get the movie off the ground. At the same time, he also needed to work out the issues in his screenplay so that it will be tightened.

However, it is expected that this project is going to be one of the better projects that Duncan Jones’s has taken on. For one thing, it is actually one of the projects that he has been more involved in when it comes to the creative processes. He has worked on this project longer than he worked on Moon. Mute does have the potential to be one of the groundbreaking films. Even though the concept art is that of something very similar to Blade Runner, the story involves a mute witness going up against an underground gang.

A lot of the best projects tend to take a while to get off the ground. However, time does not necessarily mean quality. There are some movies that took a long time to film, and yet it still turned out to be nothing beyond mediocre. For instance, there were films like Ender’s Game, the third Ghostbusters movie, and a Batman and Superman movie. A lot of that has to do with the execution and the editing. A lot of good films do wind up getting trashed in the editing room.

Fortunately, with Duncan Jones going back to his element, there is hope that he is going to bring out something that is going to amaze audiences in a similar way that Moon did. For one thing, Mute is going to be a human story that will most likely avoid any sci-fi tropes such as aliens and mutants.