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Stephen Murray’s Contribution to the CCMP Capital Growth

Stephen Murray is celebrated for having been the CEO as well as co-founder of the leading private equity firm, CCMP Capital. Mr. Murray was a well-educated man and attained his bachelor’s degree in economics from the Boston College in addition to a master’s degree in business administration from the Columbia Business School.

He started his career as a financial analyst at the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation after a thorough training. The company which later got a purchase contract by the Chemical Bank in 1991 helped grow Stephen Murray’s financial skills providing him with an edge in handling equity and leveraged finance matters.

Mr. Murray was later appointed the head of buyout business post at the JP Morgan Chase and MH Equity. Stephen Murray had a vision of his own and through a spin-off from JP Morgan in 2005, he helped found CCMP Capital.

The company bore to a highly competitive market with aggressive equity investors such as Blackstone Group, and KKR did well thanks to the professional and insightful executive board members. Working diligently alongside his partners, he displayed a remarkable work ethic and professionalism that led to his elevation to the Chief Executive Officer of CCMP Capital.

He was known as a great investor who could predict the right avenues to channel the CCMP assets for unmatched results. As a great deal maker Stephen Murray in his career partnered with renowned equity providers, financial investors and other investing gurus worldwide who had a great impact on his skill development. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

Under his tenure, the company sprung up branches in several regions providing employment to thousands of people as well as innovative equity buyout strategies. It currently operates in New York, London, Tokyo to name a few serving corporate clients with legitimate capital transactions worldwide. Mr. Murray saw CCMP rank 17th among international best operating private equity funds in 2007 when he grabbed the wheel as CEO.

Today CCMP brags of having had transactions valued at more than $16 billion and are still focused on ensuring that their valued clientele receives exclusive operations. It is their way of appreciating their confidence for considering CCMP for highly valued investments. They also emphasize on a good relationship with their investors through a robust investor relationship management scheme. By employing cutting edge research methods for market evaluation, they are always at the top of their game looking to break new grounds in the business world.

Stephen Murray, who dedicated his passion and hard work to this multinational company, recently passed the baton to the trusted CCMP chairman Greg Brenneman following a serious health issue to which he succumbed, aged 52.

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