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‘Spawn’ reboot film will feature Jamie Foxx in title role

There were previous reports that actor Jamie Foxx was being offered the lead role for an upcoming “Spawn” reboot film. Now it has been officially confirmed that the Oscar winner will take on the title role for the superhero flick. Foxx previously expressed interest in being a part of the movie in the past, but it was unknown if he was still interested in taking on the role now.


As Screenrant reported, Foxx will star as the superhero Spawn in the movie which will be written and directed by the comic book’s creator Todd McFarlane. It will be an attempt to revive the franchise based on the Image comic book as there was one movie previously made back in 1997. That original movie had Michael Jai White in the title role with Jon Leguizamo co-starring as the main villain The Violator.


For Jamie Foxx, it will be his second attempt to succeed with a superhero film role. Foxx previously took on the role of the villain Electro in the 2014 film, “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.” The film was considered a box office success based on how much money it made, but generally received mediocre or less-than-stellar critical reviews. That included a 52 percent overall approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 53 out of 100 weighted average score on the Metacritic website.


The news of Foxx being confirmed for the Spawn reboot movie came via an exclusive statement reported by Deadline on Tuesday. Blumhouse chief Jason Blum said they are “thrilled” to have Foxx in the title role. He added that Foxx is a huge fan of the “Spawn Universe that Todd McFarlane created.” In addition, Blum said having a talent like Foxx in the lead role as McFarlane brings his vision to life on the screen has them very excited about the movie.


There are some interesting aspects of the film already being mentioned. One of those is that the Spawn character will reportedly not speak for the entirety of the film. The other interesting aspect is the film’s rating and genre classification. It’s expected to be an R-rated supernatural horror/thriller movie. The film released in 1997 was PG-13 which was part of the attempt to grab mainstream success. With the success of newer films such as “Logan” and “Deadpool” which both did well despite being rated R, having a lead actor like Jamie Foxx certainly can’t help when it comes to a character that audiences aren’t quite as familiar with, yet.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Takes the Series into a New Direction

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom presents more than an ominous title. The new film in the Jurassic series intends to present a brutal world of violent dinosaur mayhem. Early preview reactions now weigh in on the impending new film in the series. Despite the darker tone, the film received solid praise. Sometimes, a “brutal” film delivers what audiences truly want.


No, the film doesn’t veer into excessively violent horror territory. The themes of the film, however, do appear to be more mature than what fans expect in a Jurassic Park/Jurassic World film. In the film, the human characters seek to save the dinosaurs from a raging volcano as well as villains interested in capturing the dinosaurs. They don’t want to capture the dinosaurs to save them. Their goal involves selling the dinosaurs to the highest bidder.


The film features quite the twist on previous entries in the Jurassic series. In the previous films, the dinosaurs stake out a position as antagonists. They are malicious predators. They threaten humans. This makes the notion that humans try to save the dinosaurs an intriguing concept. Why would humans attempt to save such dangerous creatures?


Well, it isn’t fair to blame the dinosaurs for being what they are. Grizzly bears and Great White sharks represent two of the most dangerous predators in existence. The animals aren’t evil. The creatures simply act in accordance with their natural place in the environment. That’s not to suggest humans shouldn’t defend themselves against these creatures. Predators may want to eat humans, and humans want to fight back. Survival of the fittest rules apply. The same is true when humans battle dinosaurs in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Survival instincts kick in. Humans battle for survival against the wild and dangerous predators.


The dinosaurs do deserve some sympathy though. Displaced out of time, the creatures lack a true home outside the confines of the park. When threatened, human nature leads some to try and protect them from harm.


Taking the Jurassic film series into such interesting territory certainly freshens up the franchise. One problem with the sequels to the original film was the “rehash nature” of the films. They films didn’t seem to add anything new or progress the story. Such doesn’t seem to be the case with the new entry.

Spawn Reboot Slated With Jamie Foxx As The Lead

Good news comic book fans. Well specifically “Spawn” fans. Everyones favorite tortured, ex CIA super agent turned literal demon, Al Newman will be hitting the big screen again in 2019. The essence of the the character will be brought to theaters courtesy of the multi talented Jamie Foxx. It is said that Foxx is a huge fan of the Spawn comic book series and will able to put his own style into the character of Spawn.


For those of you that don’t know, Spawn was the creation of comic book creator and director Todd MacFarlane. Created in 1992, Spawn tells the story of Al Newman. And as I mentioned earlier Al is a CIA black ops agent who was set up to be murdered by his own agency. Wanting vengance for those that murdered him and to help protect his wife, Al made a deal with the Devil that turned him into a demon on Earth. This film will offer a different take on a standard first hero movie. There will be almost no back story. MacFarlane is saving that for another movie. And the lead character will not be speaking at all during this reboot.


MacFarlane is hoping for big numbers at the release of this movie so it can be made into a trilogy. In the second and third movies, the director will explore more of the backstory and character aspects. Another thing Todd will avoid is any campy CGI effects like in the first big screen release. MacFarlane will be working with a low budget compared to other superhero movies.


I am intrigued by the direction that the director and the production company, Blumhouse Productions are going with this film. Blumhouse has already proven they can do dark content with box office hits such as: Get Out, Insidious, and Split. Spawn will be the perfect content for this pairing to explore the complex character that creates Al/Spawn. After all who wouldn’t make a deal for their soul if the conditions were right. To read the full article, please click here.

Action Packed And Resurrected: Jamie Foxx Stars In The New Spawn Movie

Who would have thought the reemergence of the comic book epic spawn wood arrived on the scene today. With such reemergence of the movie who would have envisioned that the star would be Jamie Foxx? Let’s take a look at just what this means for the once comic book classic.

The Creator of Spawn Todd McFarlane offered the lead role to Jamie Foxx but at the time of the offer, it was neither confirmed nor denied if Jamie Foxx would take such a role. Well, that is no longer the case because Jamie Foxx, the Oscar-winning actor, will star in the movie slated to reboot the Spawn character. It should be noted and that Blumhouse Productions the same studio behind the smash box office films Get Out and Split formally joined this Venture last year. It’s obvious the movie genre is about to explode with the presence of Jamie Foxx. This is not Jamie Foxx’s first time in a supervillain role on the big screen. In 2014, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Jamie Foxx starred as the supervillain Electro. So he is no beginner to the necessary characteristics needed for this role.

Keep in mind this is not the first time the comic book thriller Spawn has made its appearance to the big screen. In 1997, the movie arrived in theatres as the origin of Spawn, the transformation of the CIA agent Al Newman. But this reboot will not describe the origins of Spawn but rather takes us on a new twist in the life of the demonic warrior that spawn portrays. With the combination of the production company Blumhouse and the star presence of Jamie Foxx plus and the ingenuity of Todd McFarlane, we are in for a big hit. Box office records are about to be broken.

In conclusion, the movie world is about to receive the resurrection of the character Spawn on the big screen. Films like this with the star power of an award-winning actor are sure to draw crowds the first week out. Todd McFarlane knows just what he is doing and is willing to go the extra mile to do just that. This is a project to be seen and enjoyed by the masses.

Disney Admits Solo Underperformed at the Box Office

Disney isn’t trying to spin the news that Solo underperformed at the box office. Solo’s take for its first three days of release was just under $85 million. For a film that cost around $250 million to make, that figure is disastrous. Even worse, Disney can’t look towards the overseas box office to recoup losses. The film underperformed in foreign markets dramatically. How embarrassing was Solo’s performance? The film did worse than the disastrous release Warner Bros. suffered Justice League.


Dave Hollis, Disney’s distribution chief, went on the record to address the poor performance. He pointed out that Solo faced stiff competition from still red-hot films Avengers: Infinity War and Deadpool 2. Audiences already spent a lot of money on movie tickets. Some waited for crowds to die down a bit before heading to the movies.


Hollis certainly makes a valid point here. Not every audience member has an unlimited budget. Paying $12 for a movie ticket every week isn’t feasible. For families, paying $48 every week for movie tickets is out of the question.


Hollis’ comments do not come off as spin since Solo did not receive poor critical reviews. Audiences seemed pleased with the film. While not a classic, Solo was a good film. Consider this a testament to director Ron Howard’s talents. The two previous directors were fired from the project. Howard had to cobble together a finished project based on material he didn’t shoot. That’s an incredibly difficult job. Justice League reflects an example of how disjointed such a film could turn out to be. Solo ended up being a good film. Poor reviews didn’t keep audiences away.


A strange question emerges here. Did the Star Wars brand keep audiences away? Film journalists seriously ask this question. In years past, long breaks existed between one Star Wars film and the next. The arrival of Solo comes quickly on the heels of three films: two sequels and a spinoff. Did a fourth film arrive too quickly for audiences? Comic book movies don’t suffer from the same problem. However, superhero movies embrace a variety of subgenres. Unique heroes that live in equally unique worlds contribute to distinct films. Star Wars movies seem too much the same. Maybe Disney need to cut back on its Star Wars output.

Tarantino Might Not Direct a Star Trek Movie

Simon Pegg has gone on to say that the likelihood of Quentin Tarantino directing a Star Trek movie is actually rather low. Come to think of it, it does seem like a really far fetched deal for a director like Quentin Tarantino to direct a Star Trek movie. For one thing, his current movie, which is centered on the Manson murders is his 9th movie. This would make Star Trek his tenth movie. Quentin Tarantino has been reported as saying that he only plans to do ten movies. Star Trek would be a curious direction for his tenth and final movie.

One thing that can be said about Quentin Tarantino is that he is going to want to finish his film career off with a bang. Another thing that should be considered is that Quentin didn’t specifically say that he is going to completely stop making films when he finishes his tenth film. He might merely slow down on his filmography. One thing he might do is take an approach that is similar to what James Cameron is doing and releasing a film whenever inspiration, or in Cameron’s case, technology, allows for it. One thing that Quentin Tarantino has constantly talked about is when directors lose their touch.

One thing Quentin Tarantino does not want to do is be that director who is making films long after he has lost his touch. Examples of directors that some would say have lost their touch is Ridley Scott. However, he is known as someone who was more of a hit and miss director even in his prime. Even movies like Blade Runner have not been successes when they were first released. His major initial successes can actually be counted on one hand. Many directors who have made great films continued to do so until they have passed on. As for what Tarantino is planning on doing after he has put down the camera, he has mentioned writing novels among other things he could do. If he does make a Star Trek movie, he has mentioned that he might do an extra film.

Paradox and The Man In the Black Hat

Netflix has a new movie coming out. This is nothing new, so why is this movie different?

This film is called Paradox. It’s directed by the lovely Daryl Hannah. She’s best known for her roles in Splash and the Kill Bill movies. It stars music legend Neil Young. Young and Hannah are partners in real life, and they worked closely on the set. I never thought I’d see Neil Young in a movie made for Netflix. I also never thought Daryl Hannah would direct a movie like this. Welcome to the future!

Paradox lives up to it’s name. The characters seem comedic to me. The atmosphere is rugged and dirty. Neil Young is known for being a little strange, so the character he plays is perfect for him. He plays The Man In the Black Hat. He’s not to be trusted in this world. I have to admit that the name is pretty cool. What’s even cooler is the plot.

Paradox is set in the future. Seeds are the new money. People are desperate and hungry. The film focuses on the struggle for life and happiness. This appeals to me because of it’s relevance. I can see it actually happening in real life. Food shortages and territorial disputes are not a new problem, so this future is fathomable. Just a few weeks ago it was reported that Cape Town in South Africa is going to run out of water. It’s a scary world.

However, Paradox gives us constant reminders of the healing power of love and music. Speaking of music…all the music for the movie was recorded live. It’s raw, authentic, and uplifting. Neil Young is featured on the soundtrack with Promise of the Real.

Paradox had no crew. It had no stunt doubles and no fancy equipment. It was Hannah, Young, and 11 other people. It was put together with duct-tape and string. What’s crazy is that it’s still an amazing movie! I find that extremely impressive. So many bells and whistles are used to make movies now. It’s nice to see work that’s so raw and simple.

This movie is a masterpiece. It’s unique, gritty, and thought-provoking. Paradox premiers on Netflix March twenty-first. That’s this Friday! Check it out.

The Long Time Coming for Black Panther in Hollywood

The Black Panther movie has really set the stage for African Americans to pay more attention to what is happening in Marvel comic books. It is true that Black Panther is a character that has been around for more than 50 years, but before the movie was unveiled there was no presence of the Black Panther in movie roles. It is true that he has appeared as a cartoon character in one of the Avenger movies, but there was still so much that was unknown about Wakanda and the Heritage that this character had. Now it seems that more people are embracing this fictional world of Wakanda where Africans have healing powers and spiritual rituals that allow them to repair the body and become somewhat immortal in ways. This is what fascinates people about this fictional world that was created inside of black panther. This is a movie that is moving far beyond boundaries and establishing a new quota in

The appears with this movie that people will still be talking about even after it is no longer in theaters. This is the new popularity of a black superhero. It has become something of a symbol of pride for African-American kids. They finally have a superhero that looks like them, they want to know more about the story that is introducing this fictional world. Kids and adults are embracing this superhero.

It should come as no surprise that this movie would thrive at a time when racial tension is at an all-time high. People really wanted something to take their mind off of everything that was going on in the world today. The popularity of this movie is during the time where Donald Trump is in office as the president. This is not a coincidence.

The popularity of this movie during the time where the Black Lives Matter movement is so vital is not a coincidence. There are many reasons why the Black Panther movie has been successful, and all of those reasons are to be factored in when people look at what has become close to a billion-dollar movie franchise. One cannot help but to look at the sources that have created room for Black Panthers to co-exist with other one dominant superheroes.

Blockbuster Movies Before Summer

Movies are getting a lot of attention at the beginning of 2018. The fact there are a ton of movies that are making a splash even though it is clearly not a time where blockbusters would be coming to theaters. People are seeing movies like “Black Panther” that are getting to the billion-dollar mark. This is very likely to be a year where movies that are considered blockbusters are released before the summer. This is really the thing that has become the norm because there are so many opportunities for streaming.

Hollywood recognizes that people are not going to get out if they do not see anything that seems to be worth their time. This is why they are not holding back on the blockbusters. Hollywood is not waiting for the summer months to lure people into theaters. They know that if they wait for long periods of time more people will cozy up with Netflix and Hulu and simply watch what is on these streaming services. This is why these are bigger and better movies even in the month of January and February.

There is also a great amount of talk about 3D movies as well. There are a lot of movies that are coming to theaters in 3D format. There are movies like “Black Panther” and

“A Wrinkle in Time” that are in 3D. This gives moviegoers an extra dose of excitement, and it also racks up even more money in ticket sales for producers. The movie industry is definitely changing as people become much more aware of all of the entertainment possibilities that exist. It has become more of a challenge to get people out to movies because internet piracy has also taken a big turn. More people are into the process of going to see movies in theaters.

Many people right now are going back to see movies that were nominated for Oscars. These movies were brought back into theaters for a limited showing, and this gives people a second chance to see the Oscar nominated films that they may have missed the first time around. This is a good thing because it actually gives people a chance to get that movie experience again if the movie is not on DVD yet.

Indie Director Kevin Smith Suffers Massive Heart Attack

Kevin Smith, legendary indie film director and podcaster, recently suffered from a massive heart attack, and spent several days in the hospital following the attack last week. Thankfully, the Clerks director is doing well after going into emergency surgery and is now back at home with wife, Jennifer Schwalbach Smith, and daughter, Harley Quinn Smith. On Monday, Kevin tweeted that the attack had been caused by one hundred percent blockage of the LAD artery. Upon leaving the hospital, Smith said he would be making some lifestyle changes, including going vegan, a decision spurred by daughter Harley Quinn who is a major advocate for animal rights and the vegan lifestyle.

The trouble started after Kevin had finished the first of two scheduled stand-up shows last Sunday evening. Smith surprised fans by reporting on the incident on his Instagram Monday morning after having gone through emergency surgery only hours before, continuing the unprecedented work ethic that has kept him one of the foremost experts on pop culture into the 21st century, and could quite possibly have contributed to the attack itself. In the Instagram post, Smith said that after leaving the show he began to feel nauseous and threw up but it didn’t seem to help. Smith attributed his survival to the prompt medical attention he received from Glendale Hospital.

Smith appeared on The Ralph Report, hosted by Ralph Garmin, who is also the co-host of Hollywood Babylon with Kevin, to speak on his brush with death earlier this week. Smith says the incident has made him see things in a new light, and says that he was supposed to be dead in that room without a doubt. Surviving has made Smith want to try and ‘do everything’, as he puts in his own words. The heart attack didn’t deter any of Smith’s trademark pop culture humor, however, as he took to Twitter to request a Bacta Tank and Medical Droid be delivered from Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill. For more on Smith, his recovering, and the outpouring of support from both fans and celebrities alike, be sure to check out Kevin’s Twitter at