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Director Of Akira Adaptation Brings Hope for a Fresh New Spin on The Franchise

The beloved Akira franchise might be getting a really good adaptation from Director Taika Waititi who has hinted towards an intention of adapting the book as opposed to the anime. This is something that is hopeful for the franchise. One of the most recent developments in remakes is that filmmakers have been remaking films that are in themselves either remakes themselves or an adaptation of a source material. One example is Total Recall starring Colin Farrell, which is a remake of the Arnold Schwarzenegger starring vehicle of the same name. However, the Arnold Schwarzenegger vehicle is an adaptation of a short story called “We Can Remember it For you Whole Sale”.

Another film that has been remade from another film which is an adaptation is Ghost in The Shell. It was basically a live action version of the 1995 anime instead of being a fresh adaptation of the original manga. The filmmakers have even redone full scenes from the anime version and just put the live action version of the scene up on screen. Fortunately, Waititi does not want to take this approach. He wants to go to the original source material and find a ton of new elements to bring to the screen.

One thing about the original Akira manga is that there is enough for plenty of movies. One could make a film that apparently has nothing to do with the anime while at the same time taking place in the manga. One thing that the filmmaker needs to understand before adapting Akira to the big screen is that there is way too much material to fit inside even two full length feature films. It would take a series of films to make sure that enough of the manga is brought to the screen in a way that makes sense.

One good thing is that this could’ve been a lot worse. One of the ways it could’ve been worse is that it would’ve turned into a cheap looking white washed shadow of what the manga and anime was.

Honest Trailers Calls Spider-Man a Millennial

One of the effects of the invention of streaming, social media and related technology is that more personalities are able to make it into fame. One of the famous people of YouTube is the movie trailer voice guy who does Honest Trailers of all of the movies that have been released. He has recently done an honest trailer of Spider-Man Homecoming which calls this version of Spider-Man a millennial and even points out what he has in common with the typical millennial. While Spider-Man Homecoming took plenty of liberties with the story of Spider-Man, they did get the characterization right.

What Honest Trailers does is take famous movies, especially those that have been recently released and pokes fun at them by pointing out some of the issues with the film that people may have had upon watching it. It is done in a rather cheeky and humorous way. This is very similar in what the Nostalgia Critic does. The difference is that while the Nostalgia Critic mostly handles older films that are not as well respected as perhaps the original Star Wars Trilogy, Honest Trailers will take on any and every film. Think of Honest Trailers as an abridged and energetic version of the Everything Wrong With series.

Even though this is the first Spider-Man solo movie in the reboot series, this is not the first appearance of Spider-Man. In the MCU, Spider-Man’s first appearance was in Captain America: Civil War. Homecoming picks up after the events of Civil War to take a look at the life of Peter Parker. There is no origin story this time unlike the other series which started with the well known story of Peter Parker getting bitten by a radioactive spider and developing certain abilities depending on the film. In this version, the Spider suit is developed by Tony Stark. All of the web is made for the suit sort of like in the comics. However, the suit is computerized unlike the other versions of Spider-Man.

Sylvester Stallone Directing Creed 2 and Gives it an Official Release Date

Creed has been one of the most successful entries in the Rocky franchise with a story that is paralleling the story of the first Rocky film. Given that it has been a successful film, it comes as no surprise that there is going to be a sequel. Now, the sequel has an official release date and is going to be directed by Sylvester Stallone, who is no stranger to the director’s chair, especially with the Rocky movies. Stallone has directed 2-4 with the 5th one featuring the return of John G Alvidsen. On November 21, 2018, we can expect the continuation of the Rocky Saga.

Sylvester Stallone of course gets to reprise his role as the lovable Rocky Balboa, who has gone the distance in his career, and even his life. He serves as a mentor to the son of his rival and friend Apollo Creed. Michael B. Jordan returns to the title role as he brings to life the story of the son of the late athlete. As of right now, we can only imagine what lies next in the story of Adonis Creed. While we may expect so, it is probably not going to be a mere retelling of Rocky II.

Like Sylvester Stallone, Michael B. Jordan is branching out and making himself known in action films as well. He has a major role in the upcoming Black Panther opposite of Chadwick Boseman. The upcoming Black Panther movie looks like it is going to be a promising film. Both Black Panther and Creed were directed by Ryan Cooglar who seems to be a regular director for Michael B. Jordan. Creed was a project that Ryan Cooglar was very passionate about. He has managed to keep the spirit of Rocky alive while telling a story that while filled with call backs to the original Rocky, felt fresh overall. With Sly taking over the director’s seat, it is very likely that the upcoming sequel will retain the spirit of the series.

Versions of Blade Runner 2049 in Contrast With the Original Blade Runner

There are a few parallels between Blade Runner 2049 and its predecessor. One of the parallels is in the release. Blade Runner 2049 has fared similarly to its predecessor in spite of all of the good reviews. However, there is one way that Blade Runner 2049 differs from Ridley Scott’s classic sci-fi film. There is very likely only going to be one version of the film available according to director Denis Villeneuve. Another thing that he has stated is that there is not likely going to even be any deleted scenes on the Blu-ray release. He wants the audience to be able to enjoy the film as it is.

This is not to say that there are no deleted scenes. There have been a few adjustments made to the film from the first cut which was said to be approaching four hours. Among the scenes that have been adjusted was the fight scene between K and Deckard in Las Vegas which involved a showcase of holograms. This scene was almost totally cut from the film. If they decided to cut that out of the film, then it would’ve left a jarring effect seeing that the scenes after that fight show K with blood and other signs that there was a fight.

What they did do was tone down the fight scene in Las Vegas so that there are fewer holograms. This is so that there would be more of a match to the tone of the rest of the film.

Fans that are looking forward to a possible “Director’s Cut” or “Final Cut” of the film would know that Denis Villeneue has said that the theatrical release is his cut. After all, Denis Villeneuve has proven himself as a good director before he has gotten involved with the Blade Runner project. Ridley Scott when he was doing the original did not have that much trust from the executives, and there was a lot of tampering with the project which is why there are quite a few different versions. Ridley Scott didn’t get to fully realize his vision until 2007 with the Final Cut.

Taika Waititi Talks About How He Could Adapt Akira

There has been a lot of attempts to bring Akira to the big screen. One thing about the attempts is that they have involved certain changes to the elements of the story. One of the elements of the story is the setting in which it would take place. At one point, it was going to take place in a Japan owned Neo-Manhattan. However, this brings about a jarring and common problem that Hollywood is known for. It is the white-washing of characters. White actors have often been placed in roles of characters that are not white.

Fortunately, there is a chance that Taika Waititi is going to helm the adaptation. Even if it doesn’t work out that way, he could influence the project with his insights that he has presented. One thing that he has said is that he is not going to adapt the anime to the big screen. He will instead go to the original source material. One thing that needs to be considered about Akira is that the anime movie has been filmed and released long before the original comics were complete. Therefore, the creative team had no idea about how they wanted to end the film. The ending in the anime with all of the bizarre imagery is partially the result of not knowing where to go. Even with all of the challenges, the film ultimately turned out to be a hit among audiences.

One other thing to consider is that there is way too much material for one movie to cover. The best approach is to do a series of movies. Even a Lord of the Rings style trilogy might not be enough to cover. Since Akira is a beloved manga and anime, it is important to look carefully into the project in order to make sure that the film is done in a way that it respects the source material without being too strict in its adaptation. Watchmen tried that approach and people didn’t think it was anything too special.

Batman V Superman Director Zack Snyder Speaks on Wonder Woman

Zach Snyder, the man who has kickstarted the DC Cinematic Universe, has spoken on the success of the recent installment, Wonder Woman. Among the things he has said was that he has always intended for Wonder Woman to be such a contrast to Batman V Superman and Man of Steel in order for women to be presented with a good role model. However, fans might roll their eyes at Zack Snyder because of his lackluster film. At the same time, studio interference can have something to do with the screwing up of the DC Cinematic Universe.


Studios seem to think that people want DC to be like Marvel. However, movies like Logan have shown that people can handle a dark movie if the story is done right. For instance, it was not that Batman V Superman was dark, it was that the story was sloppily handled and edited. When people went light with Batman back in the 90s, many people complained that it was too campy. Nolan’s Batman series have proven that a dark movie could do well because the stories that were told were intelligent.


With Wonder Woman, Patty Jenkins has shown that it is possible for a movie based on DC comic book characters to be intelligent and easy to follow. Given that it has received some good reviews, it is likely that this could be the jump off point for the DC cinematic universe to get everything together. The only thing is that the Zack Snyder directed Justice League has to do well. However, even if it doesn’t do well, this can be expected to be the last of the bad streak for DC.


The Changing Face of Western Movies

Each era in show business has a central genre that is very popular. These days, it is the comic book movie genre. Just a few decades ago, it was the gunslinger movies that was considered as the favorite genre. While they are often considered western movies, one thing to consider is that every movie made in the west is technically western. It’s just that the popular settings change.


Back in the 50s, the gunslingers were the favorite action heroes. Then in the 60s, this version of the genre began to die out. This brought forth some attempts at deconstructing the genre. Among the types of movies that have been released in those days are Spaghetti Westerns. One interesting thing about this category is that it has stripped the central hero down to more of an anti-hero. The outspoken morally good hero has been replaced with a soft spoken amoral anti-hero. A similar thing has happened in the east with Japan’s Samurai movies.


After a while, studios have all but stopped making gunslinger movies except every once in a while. However, the themes of the western still remain intact. As a matter of fact, many of today’s action movies can be considered gunslinger movies in an updated setting. The latest forms that the western has taken on is the comic book movie. While they are still as popular as ever, they are already beginning to die down. Some films have been released as a deconstruction of the comic book hero. Among these movies are Watchmen, Logan, and Kick Ass. There is no telling when exactly the comic book film genre is going to fall back into the background, but they are still being enjoyed today with films like Wonder Woman, and upcoming movies like Thor: Ragnarok.


Why Mediocre is the Worst a Movie Can Be

When people think about bad movies, they often go to the movies that are so painful and embarrassing to watch that they are remembered for how “bad” they are. However, those movies have turned out to be very entertaining to the point that they are treated and remembered like classics. When people think about bad movies, they tend to think that those are the movies that are going to be forgotten. However, it is not the bad movie that is forgotten. It is the mediocre movie that people forget about.


The thing with mediocre movies is that mediocrity could fall within a large range. There is mediocre good, mediocre, and then mediocre bad. The thing is that it doesn’t matter how good a movie is in the mediocrity scale. It will still be forgotten. Perhaps one of the reasons that a mediocre movie is forgotten is that it offers nothing new. One of the most recent mediocre movies to be released is The Mummy. This recent Mummy movie is very forgettable. Even Tom Cruise’s star power could not save the film. The story and the effects are really nothing new. Perhaps the only new effect that is worth remember is the pupils of the eyes multiplying.


The Mummy is one of the franchises that have the most movies. This type of movie has also spanned a couple of genres. While The Mummy is mostly a horror type of story, there have also been movies that have taken the franchise to action, adventure and comedy franchises while retaining some of the horror elements. The Brendan Fraser starring vehicle is one thing that comes to mind. It is safe to say that The Mummy franchise is going to lie dormant for a while again.


Spider-Man Homecoming Reminds Robert Downey Jr. of the First Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr. has recently said that the first solo outing of Spider-man in the MCU reminds him of the first Iron Man. This may be good news for the movie because the first Iron Man is considered not just the best of the Iron Man of the series but also one of the best movies in the MCU. While there are a ton of strong MCU movies, one thing that is certain is that they don’t stand as well on their own. Another thing is that outside of Iron Man a lot of the movies in the MCU were rather lacking. Shining examples of good movies in the MCU are Captain America: The First Avenger, The Winter Soldier, and the Avenger movies.


Spider-Man Homecoming is looking to be a really promising movie. Probably the best Spider-Man movie since the first two Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies. The interesting twist in this version of Spider-Man is that Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr., is going to be Peter Parker’s mentor. It is interesting what they are going to do to explain what happened to his uncle, Ben Parker. Given that Peter Parker is currently in high school (like in the comic book versions), this is going to play out in an interesting way. Maybe Tony Stark is going to be the de-facto Ben Parker in this series.


It is nice to see that some iconic characters in the Marvel universe are making appearances. They couldn’t include Spider-man right away because that character’s rights were given to Sony. However, they have worked something out so that the character can appear. Also, some fans are wondering if the X-Men are going to be able to join the MCU.


Deadpool 2 Casts Jack Kesy as Villain

Jack Kesy Cast as Main Villain for Deadpool 2


As far as “Deadpool 2” goes, there is some more good news coming from the camp, namely for a major in the movie.


As of now, it has been revealed that actor Jack Kesy will be a part of the cast of Deadpool 2, serving as a major villain in the movie, though it hasn’t been confirmed exactly who that will be apart from some sources calling him “Black Bob” for the moment. This all comes after news has been relatively quiet, apart from Josh Brolin being cast as Cable and Leslie Uggams returning as Blind Al.


Something to consider is that in the comics, there is a real villain named “Black Tom Cassidy,” so it’s really not a stretch to suggest this could be the role, though the production crew may be using that name as a cover. Black Tom, in the comics, is a mutant with the power to bond with and project energy through plant life and create blasts with wooden objects.


The casting of Kesy is quite different from others for the film, because Kesy hasn’t quite had a breakthrough role in film, but this role might be just the one to do it. Kesy is most well known for playing as Gabriel Bolivar, or The Master in the horror drama series, The Strain. As opposed to casting Cable, which had other big name actors like Michael Shannon and Brad Pitt looking at and auditioning for the role before Brolin came in and won out in the end.


One perk of Kesy taking on the role is that he is a fairly new face in the industry for movies and as a result he might find himself having an easier time slipping into the role and working everything out for himself. He won’t have to worry about living up to the expectations of other actors who came before him in a similar role. This is made easier with the fact that he is starring in a war drama film called Horse Soldiers, set to be released in early 2018.