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2017 Will Be A Year For Movie Lovers

If nothing else, it looks as though 2017 is shaping up to be a year of awesome movies. According to a recent Huffington Post article, it looks as though it will out do 2016 that brought us great hits like “Finding Dory” and “Suicide Squad”.

Some of the biggest movies expected to bring in huge box office turnouts are from recognizable names. Resident Evil will be back with their sixth and final installment to their movie series, “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter”. The movie is expected to be released at the end of January, so prepare yourself for some zombies, action, fighting, and a good time.

LEGO has made itself quite the name that stretches far beyond the familiar building blocks of our youth. Along with video games, the company has also dabbled in movies, and this February, “LEGO Batman” will be taking theatres by storm. Grab the kids and prepare to watch these beloved block characters come to life in a funny action packed movie that will entertain the whole family.

Weather you love Marvel or just love Hugh Jackman, you’ll want to be in the theatre in March as he takes the screen as Wolverine in the last movie of the series, “Logan”. This final installment will focus on his life after the mutant war as an aging Wolverine joins forces with Professor X to protect a young clone of Logan himself.

If you are looking for a great family friendly movie that will have everyone laughing, head to theatres this summer for “Despicable Me 3”. Everyone loves the Minions, and they will be taking on their foe Balthazar Bratt in a film that is sure to provide buckets of belly laughs.

What is likely to be one of the biggest films of the year won’t hit theatres until December 2017. “Star Wars: Episode VII” will follow the adventures of Finn, Poe, Rey, and Luke Skywalker in another saga of their adventure. Fans will be especially interested to see how the film will play out after the unexpected death of Carrie Fisher, someone who was supposed to have a rather large role in this film.

Arnim Zola Was to Appear in Ant-Man

With so much news about new Marvel Comics films, details about older and equally successful ones are overlooked. Information about concept art from Ant-Man has been released and it is pretty interesting. The character of Arnim Zola was to return in a rather traditional — and traditionally bizarre — way. The human computer version of Arnim Zola was to make appearance in Ant-Man, but things changed and the return of the villain was not to be.


Bringing Arnim Zola to Ant-Man would have been somewhat odd. The character is a Captain America villain, which explains why he appeared in the first two Captain America films. Fans of 1960’s Marvel Comics know Ant-Man and Captain America were part of the original Avengers and Arnim Zola and the Avengers have surely crossed paths.


In the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), things are a bit different. Crossing over heroes and villains has its positives and drawbacks. Bringing back popular villains adds to the continuity of the universe. Unfortunately, there also runs the risk of repeating villains in too many films comes off as a rehash. Original material works a little better sometimes.


The 1960’s to 1980’s version of Arnim Zola was both creepy and corny. Although Arnim Zola was never a A-list Captain America villain, he did maintain a solid presence in the “First Avenger’s” career. The artwork of Arnim Zola shows he would not have been corny looking in Ant-Man. The depiction of the villain was far more ominous. Maybe that is one reason why he was dropped.


Ant-Man is a superhero film with classic science-fiction overtones. The film had a humorous and campy component to it as well. The scary version of Arnim Zola, the one depicted in the artwork, may have been a bit too dark for a lighthearted film such as Ant-Man. Granted, Arnim Zola could be made humorous in the film but, in doing that, he would cease to be Arnim Zola.


There were different versions of the Ant-Man script over the years and different directors were attached to the original film. Ant-Man did well at the box office and a sequel is planned. Ant-Man was a good, not great, film. Maybe a change of style and the return of Arnim Zola can play a part in the sequel.


“Kong: Skull Island” Hits its Marketing Peak

A matter of months before the film’s March 2017 release, the upcoming “Kong: Skull Island” has been the source of plenty of news as of late. A welcome rush after the silence following the film’s first trailer earlier this year, long-time “King Kong” fans have taken a special interest in the monstrous ape’s new look.


In an exclusive peek from Entertainment Weekly, the newly re-imagined Kong is on full display, showing us much more than the teases to date. Fan response to the new design has been slightly mixed, especially the famous ape’s now slightly leaner build. With an upright, human-like stance closely resembling the original 1933 film though, old-school enthusiasts have a lot to like.


Size has been a big question on people’s minds as well, in regards to this fresh iteration of the iconic movie monster. With a planned “Godzilla vs. Kong” crossover on the horizon, many are hoping Kong will be able to stack up to Legendary’s other giant monster mainstay. Legendary’s 2014 Godzilla was touted as the largest of the King of the Monsters’ dozens of re-imaginings up to that point, and according to some sources, “Skull Island”‘s Kong can say the same. From a look at the film’s initial trailer, it’s certainly hard to argue with.


For an extra bit of crossover magic, Legendary has been having fun with viral marketing under the guise of “Monarch”, the mysterious organization linking both the “Kong” and “Godzilla” franchises. By interacting with the related Twitter account (@MonarchSciences) and official website, fans are rewarded with cryptic video clips and imagery from the film, giving people a deeper view of this exciting new universe, and reassuring us all that “Godzilla vs. Kong” will be more than just a dream.


It’s probably safe to say that hype for “Kong: Skull Island” has well and truly hit its stride. The film’s second trailer is slated for November 16th, no doubt prepared to give us an even better look at the mighty Kong himself. If Legendary keeps up the promotional pace they’ve been maintaining lately, March 2017 will be here before you know it.


Freddy Krueger Writes His Own Movie

One of the most beloved franchises in the Horror genre is the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise which featuresFreddy Krueger, the murderous figure that haunts children’s dreams. Recently, the original actor that played the infamous horror figure has some ideas about a possible new installment in the series. The original Nightmare on Elm Street saga had six films, seven if one is to count New Nightmare. There is also a reboot that stars Jackie Earle Haley, who played Rorschach in the big screen adaptation of Watchmen. Of course the reboot has fallen into obscurity after the initial release. The last movie that he starred in as the murderous figure was in Freddy vs Jason.


The horror genre was at its best during the 80s and 90s. However, the 2000s have seen pretty much the same formula of a group of teenagers in the woods becoming victims of a slasher. As a result, people have become bored of the formulaic franchise. There are attempts to revamp the horror genre. For one thing, some of the more well versed fans of the horror genre understand that there is more to horror than just blood and guts. Horror is more about the feeling it gives people.


Perhaps some of the best types of horrors is something that could happen in every day life. For instance, there are a lot of horror stories of people that go through something that changes their lives forever. Among the common types of horror stories are that of someone following them for unknown reasons. It does not have to be the slasher film that has been associated with the horror genre.


One thing that Robert Englund has mention is to have Freddy Krueger depend on each different child’s interpretation of him. One thing that could revamp Freddy is that he can be anything as it depends on the child’s subconscious. Freddy Krueger does not have to be limited to one image no matter how iconic that image is.

Blade Stalls at Marvel Studios

The original Blade film is often overlooked when the history of comic book movies is discussed. Batman (1988) and X-Men (2000) are given the most credit for launching the modern comic book movie craze. They may deserve more praise for boosting interest in superhero films. As for movies based on comic books, Blade played a huge role in making graphic novels viable source material. The films were huge hits and established the great potential for comic book movies to make big money. This is why it is odd thanKevin Feige notes no new Blade movie is forthcoming.


Feige’s direct comments indicated nothing is “imminent”. In time, a new Blade movie – or TV series – is sure to come out of the Marvel pipeline. Blade made money in the past. There is no reason why Marvel Studios would not turn to proven material and reboot it.


Blade may not be a traditional superhero, but the character does cross two genres: horror and martial arts action. Audiences flocked to see these movies in the 1990’s and, honestly, there is no reason to assume audiences won’t flock to them again. Anything comic book-related is guaranteed a built-in audience. Horror movies do well and martial arts are always appreciated by action fans. Yet, there is no Blade on the near horizon.


Likely, Marvel Studios is already overwhelmed with projects. There are only so many new movies and TV and streaming projects a single company can handle. Taking a breather is helpful now and then, but Marvel is not known for slowing anything down.


Blade could be the proverbial “ace in the hole” to go to when the superhero cycle slows down. Blade might be promoted on its horror genre merits as opposed to its superhero-oriented ones.


That is all conjecture though. No one really knows when, where, and how a new Blade film will emerge. Eventually, the vampire hunter will come back to the big and/or small screen. Fans just have to bide their time and wait.

Robert Englund Talks New Nightmare

Robert Englund is very busy on the convention circuit. Long retired from the role of playing Freddy Kreuger in the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, Englund does spend a lot of time discussing his experiences with convention audiences. Now he is publicly sharing ideas and opinions for a new Nightmare franchise.


Englund bandied around an idea that involves a shapeshifting version of Freddy Krueger. Since the character is born of nightmares, would it not make sense that individual dreamers would come up with their own concept of what Freddy looks like?


The idea is intriguing, but there are two drawbacks. One, the concept is a bit too much like Stephen King’s It. And even in It, the shapeshifting entity would return to the singular, identifiable villain of Pennywise the Clown. Two, it would be hard to market a shapeshifting character. A single, distinguishable villain needs to be presented in order to have impact. Of course, that could be settled by making the traditional version of Freddy to assume a role similar to Pennywise.


A new Nightmare on Elm Street film is already being developed. The project comes on the heels of the “failed” reboot, a failure that earned $100 million worldwide but poor reviews. A new version of the series that seeks to improve upon the first reboot does need to avoid making the same mistakes that plagues the first one and the various weak sequels of the original franchise. Englund deserves credit for trying to come up with something new. Maybe some of his advice will be followed.


Likely, the new version of the series is simply going to retread the older material. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre films followed this approach with the new versions doing well at the box office. Granted, they could have done better with far better scripts. Unfortunately, the goal becomes “get the same type of film out in theaters before anyone knows how weak it is.” Financially, this works as a short-term success but makes enthusiasm for new films difficult.

The Joy Of Alternate Versions

There is a lot of feelings about alternate versions of films. While some people feel that there should be only one version of films, there are those that may actually welcome the idea of different interpretations of the same screen story. However, in many cases, only one version of the film will be released in theaters at a time. Often times, there are other versions released later on home media. In many cases, people get more or less the theatrical version of the film (sometimes with minor alterations) with deleted scenes. In many cases, the deleted scenes are incomplete and the quality of the footage is much different from the rest of the film which makes it stick out like a sore thumb.


People who work in the film industry or are knowledgeable about the film industry is that there are already multiple versions of any given film. For one thing, there is the first cut which contains all of the footage that is usable. Then among other versions is the workprint which gives people the template of what to work with. The workprint of course is far from complete. There are certain workprints that are incomplete in the telling of the story. For instance, the Apocalypse Now Workprint cuts off right when Willard confronts Kurtz for the last time in the complete film.


One good thing about alternate versions is that they keep the film fresh in some way. While some alternate versions of film just add a couple of bits to the film, there are some alternate versions that change the overall message and intention of the film. One example is Blade Runner. There are a couple of scenes edited in order to suggest who Deckard really is. However, the film is not really changed that much. Then there are films that have not only been extended, but re-edited so that it could work well with the extended scenes. For instance, Batman V Superman has not only added some scenes to better flesh out the story, but it has also tweaked some scenes for a better flow. As of right now, there is a plan for the extended edition of Suicide Squad. What remains to be seen is if it is going to be one of the earlier versions of the film, or in fact a new version of the film with the extra minutes of footage added back in.

What To Expect With Suicide Squad Extended Cut

Given all of the talk about a “director’s cut” of Suicide Squad, a lot of fans would be happy to know that it is happening. However, it is important to know what to expect in the film. One thing that should be made clear is that the film is not meant to be rated R. David Ayer has always intended the film to be a hard PG-13 (which often means that there are a few scenes that could push it just into R territory like Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice). However, the extended film may be fairly darker than what has been released into theaters.


One interesting aspect of the film is the type of marketing that has come with it. The observant people may remember the Comic Con trailer of Suicide Squad. One thing about the Comic Con trailer that stood out was how dark it was with an eerie rendition of “I started A Joke”. It also featured a lot of elements and footage that made it look like it might be an R rated movie. One may actually have been reminded of a trailer for Blade Runner back in 1982 with how dark and weird it seemed. There was a bit less color, especially when it came to the titles. One thing that is worth noting is that the Comic Con teaser was only meant to be seen at Comic Con, but the leaks have caused the company to release it officially.


It was when the theatrical marketing began that there was talk about the tone changing. There have also been reshoots in order to be able to experiment with different versions of the film.


Not only has there been an announcement of the extended edition of the Suicide Squad, but there has also been a release of the teaser that has shown a lot of scenes that have been left out of the film that have been shown in leaked sets videos. Among the scenes that are to be expected in the film is a confrontation between Harley and Joker at the beginning. There are also going to be more scenes with the Joker in it as teased by Jared Leto. Also, the tone might be a bit darker resembling the teaser that was shown at Comic Con. Some scenes may still be left on the cutting room floor.

Production Wraps on the First It Film

The new cinematic version of Stephen King’s It has completed principle photography. The news is definitely something fans are thrilled to hear since the project was stalled for many years. When the remake of the TV miniseries was given a greenlight, the departure of the original director made the film appear to be dead once again. Horror fans are often treated to news about movies that end up never being made. The reboot of It reflects rare good news.

Then again, the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie, Leatherface, completed principle photography quite a while ago. The movie is stalled in post-production with no release date pending. It is not going to suffer a similar fate though. A major studio is behind this remake.

One thing has to be pointed here is only the first half of It has completed principle photography. The massive Stephen King book dealt with a group of children dubbed “The Loser’s Club” who battled the mysterious entity known as “It” only to have to battle the thing once again when they reached adulthood. The novel cross-cut between both adventures. The new movie starts with the tale of “The Loser’s Club” and then will cover the second half of the story in a sequel.

One reason the original director departed was due to the studio’s reluctance to produce two separate films that both featured cross-cutting. This was done with the original It movie that spanned more than one part on television. Of course, the TV version didn’t cover half the tale in 1990 and then return with the second half in 1993. Cross-cutting with the theatrical movie could have proved extremely difficult since there will be a gap between when the first film is released and the release of the second feature.

No one ever said making a theatrical version of It would be easy. The delays in the production are evidence of this.

Audiences have slowly grown accustomed to self-contained movies that immediately lead into follow-up films. Producing It for the theaters shouldn’t come with all the logistical problems that 15 or so years ago would have confounded the studio and audiences alike.

Hopefully, the new film adaption will live up to quality expectations. The original TV miniseries is a well-deserved cult classic.

Duncan Jones’s Moon Gets Off The Ground

People who have been following Duncan Jones career have most likely known about his story that he has been trying to get off the ground for a while. The name of his story is called Mute. He has come up with the story long before he came up with the movie called Moon. He has been working on the project for decades now. However, there have been some changes to the world of Mute. For one thing, he has revealed that it is connected to the world of Moon. Previously, he has connected to the world of Blade Runner. However, the concept art has been inspired by the 1982 Sci-Fi classic directed by Ridley Scott. Interestingly enough, Jones has noted other sci-fi hits such as Alien and Outland as inspiration for Moon.

The most recent announcement for the project has came with surprising news. Duncan Jones is ready to start filming his movie in the next week. He has made the announcement on Twitter. The film will be shot on location in Berlin, which is where the story take place. Duncan Jones has also revealed that even with the futuristic setting, there will be no appearance of mutants, aliens, or other common aspects of sci-fi. Mute is a story that deals with humanity.

This is expected to be a return to form for Duncan Jones. Even though he has wowed audiences with Moon, his other films which include Source Code have led a lot to be desired from the director. However, all a director needs is to be in his element. Mute seems to be his element. For one thing, there have been a lot of reworkings done to his story so that it could be tightened up. Therefore, it can be expected that audiences are going to be amazed. Also, the story line is something that is very interesting to look at for the audience. As of right now, there is no set release date for the upcoming Duncan Jones film.