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Why Mediocre is the Worst a Movie Can Be

When people think about bad movies, they often go to the movies that are so painful and embarrassing to watch that they are remembered for how “bad” they are. However, those movies have turned out to be very entertaining to the point that they are treated and remembered like classics. When people think about bad movies, they tend to think that those are the movies that are going to be forgotten. However, it is not the bad movie that is forgotten. It is the mediocre movie that people forget about.


The thing with mediocre movies is that mediocrity could fall within a large range. There is mediocre good, mediocre, and then mediocre bad. The thing is that it doesn’t matter how good a movie is in the mediocrity scale. It will still be forgotten. Perhaps one of the reasons that a mediocre movie is forgotten is that it offers nothing new. One of the most recent mediocre movies to be released is The Mummy. This recent Mummy movie is very forgettable. Even Tom Cruise’s star power could not save the film. The story and the effects are really nothing new. Perhaps the only new effect that is worth remember is the pupils of the eyes multiplying.


The Mummy is one of the franchises that have the most movies. This type of movie has also spanned a couple of genres. While The Mummy is mostly a horror type of story, there have also been movies that have taken the franchise to action, adventure and comedy franchises while retaining some of the horror elements. The Brendan Fraser starring vehicle is one thing that comes to mind. It is safe to say that The Mummy franchise is going to lie dormant for a while again.


The Mummy to Lose To Wonder Woman

The upcoming Mummy remake which is starring Tom Cruise has opened to some poor reviews. As a result, it is expected to lose to the critically acclaimed Wonder Woman over the weekend. Wonder Woman is actually a fresh break from a bad streak that the DC cinematic universe has been going through. In all honesty, it is not surprising that this version of The Mummy was going to turn out to be stale. After all, it did not seem to have any of the charm of the earlier Mummy movies. This is perhaps done in an effort to distance itself from the other series.


Among the criticisms of the movie were that the action was too stale and the suspense was not good enough. Basically, it was every bit as forgettable as the trailers made it seem. Of course it is not the worst movie made. It is actually mediocre. Therefore, this is one of those movies that are going to be forgotten about in a year. As a matter of fact, it wouldn’t be surprising if people forget about this film within the weekend. Wonder Woman, on the other hand has shown what a good DC movie can be.


Given the rough start that the movies had, some are wondering what it would’ve been like had Christopher Nolan stayed on to direct these films. At the same time, Christopher Nolan had no intention of doing comic book adaptations for the rest of his career. He has gone on to do some other projects such as the WW2 drama, Dunkirk. As with his other films, Dunkirk has plenty of scenes shot in IMAX and is expected to arrive in theatres in 70MM during this summer.


Pennywise Arrives in the New It Teaser Trailer

Stephen King’s It is coming to theaters. For a while, the project seemed dead. The development phase for the theatrical remake did not seem to be moving forward. When the project was a go, things stalled when the director dropped out. The horrifying tale does end up with a happy ending. Filming is now complete and the creepy teaser trailer has arrived. The teaser gives audiences a glimpse at the new version of Pennywise the Clown.


The opening of the trailer gives a lengthy glimpse at the “sewer scene” that set the novel into frightening motion. The film is not going to be a campy or silly remake. The tone is clearly stark terror. At the center of all the terror is Pennywise the Clown, the “human” embodiment of the shapeshifting It creature.


The arrival of It in theaters comes at a time when roaming clowns are scaring people all across the United States. The bizarre sightings of “creepy clowns” makes the remake of It surprisingly relevant in modern times. Granted, people dressed up as clowns are not as dangerous as an indestructible supernatural entity. Menacing clowns do evoke primal fears in people. This is why clowns have made appearances in horror movies and novels for decades.


The trailer for It is sufficiently creepy that the short preview should build up a decent amount of anticipation for the film. Pennywise is only seen in short glimpses, which is a good thing. Short glimpses of the character add a sense of mystery about how Pennywise will be portrayed in the actual film. Audiences are sure to see more of him with the next trailer and eventual TV spots.


Pennywise is notorious for his viciously nasty dialogue and bad puns. Likely, the verbal skills of the clown will be on full display in the next trailer.


It should be a hit when finally released considering the huge cult following the original novel and TV movie have both spawned. The horror genre truly could use a hit film. A host of high-profile horror film flops recently led to delays and cancellations of a number of projects.


Official Title For Star Wars Episode VIII Released

Episode VIII in the Star Wars Saga has recently completed production. However, there has been one interesting issue when it comes to the release of the movie. There has been no release of the official title for Episode VIII. There hasn’t even been any type of development of news even with the release of Rogue One. Finally, the official title of Episode VIII is The Last Jedi. This title already inspires a lot of curiosity for the upcoming film. Among the things that people are wondering is what is going to happen with some of the key characters, particularly Luke Skywalker.


It has already been established that this is going to be the darkest movie yet in the franchise. This means that it could even be darker than Rogue One. There have been worries that they were working to lighten the tone in Rogue One. However, the final reports of reshoots have revealed that the original version of the movie was actually a lot lighter in tone than what was finally released. One thing that should be considered is that even though Star Wars is considered a movie for the family, it is a franchise that delves into dark territory. The first Star Wars film released back in 1977 was actually pretty dark in some points with disturbing and violent imagery. It was not until The Phantom Menace that Star Wars actually became a little to kid oriented. Even then, it has darkened back up with Attack of the Clones.


It does look like The Last Jedi is going to go in a different direction. There is going to be a lot of speculation on the meaning of the title. However, one thing is certain. People are going to have to wait until December to see the next film. Also, it is only a matter of time before there is a teaser. Hopefully, they take a similar approach to The Force Awakens when it comes to advertising.


Is Black Mask Going To Be The Top Villain In Gotham City Sirens?

Gotham City Sirens is an interesting DC Comics film currently in development. The film won’t be lost to development misery since top director David Ayer is working on the female superhero/anti-hero ensemble film. Margot Robbie has agreed to return as Harley Quinn in the feature. Catwoman and Poison Ivy are likely to play major roles in the films. And Black Mask might be the main villain. Everything sounded pretty good up to that point. Black Mask is a really weak Batman villain.


Anyone who takes a glimpse at Black Mask might be confused into thinking they are looking at Marvel’s The Red Skull. That is pretty bad on its own. The personality and character traits of Black Mask are reminiscent of the second and third tier gangster bosses in Marvel Comics. Anyone remember the Spider-Man villain The Rose? Not too many people do so fondly.


Black Mask was created to play the lead villain in a number of Batman story arcs over a decade ago. The villain did not exactly set the sales of the comics on fire. Honestly, Black Mask is about as trite of a villain as can be. Batman comics are known for a wonderful array of great rogues, but the same antagonists do get boring after a while. Creating a new bad guy makes sense. Putting a new bad guy who no one really cares about into a big budget movie, well, that is a weird plan.


Casting counts for a lot. A top A-list actor could make the on-screen version of Black Mask appealing. The actor really would need to infuse a lot of his own personal direction into the villain. Again, Black Mask is a really dull, one-note nemesis.


Black Mask may or may not even be the main villain in the film. Ayers has only hinted at Black Mask being the top bad guy. He may just direct other villains from afar like The Kingpin does in Daredevil. Black Mask doesn’t have the strange appeal of The Kingpin though.


Hopefully, things will change long before the final script is written.


Logan To Receive Black And White Home Entertainment Release

Logan is shaping up to be a very special film. Reports are the advanced ticket sales promoted through Fandango are moving tremendously well. Actually, “tremendous” is a real understatement. The advance ticket sales are topping all the previous X-Men movies produced by Fox. Logan is surely going to be a massive hit. Interestingly, word is leaking about the special home entertainment release of the film. A black and white version of Logan is likely to hit stores in the near future.


Sin City was the first black and white comic book movie to be a huge hit. The sequel did not fair well, but the original did show fans will go for a noir-like feature even decades after black and white film ceased to be commonplace.


Mad Max: Fury Road was originally released in color. A black and white version of the film was circulated. The idea at work here was the gritty realism of Fury Road would look amazing in black and white. The assessment was correct. Logan is going to follow this same approach.


Surely, DVD and Blu-ray sales for all forms of Logan are going to do exceptionally well. The incredible critical reception for the film definitely is boosting pre-release interest. The exceptional quality of the film may turn Logan into a classic.


Logan is a very personal film, one that focuses on the character of Logan. Yes, the backstory of the hero has been displayed on screen already. The psychological underpinnings that make Logan tick have not. In the upcoming film, the dark psychology and loneliness of the hero take center stage.


Whatever acclaim Logan receives is going to be very deserved. The creative team behind the film definitely made a special feature.


“Moonlight” Viewership Expands to More Than 1,500 Theaters

After a headline-making flub at the Oscars for the Best Picture category involving “La La Land,” the homage to Hollywood’s courtship with musicals, “Moonlight” emerged triumphant. The film by Barry Jenkins, is a double threat of Oscar notables, being the first Best Picture winner to focus on LGBT issues and to feature a cast completely consisting of African-American actors, most of whom were unknowns. Moonlight is Jenkins’ most recent director credit after an eight year absence.


Despite all of these accolades, Moonlight’s run up to the awards was far less sterling. Having earned only $22 million, Moonlight qualifies as the bottom earner among this year’s nine nominees and the next-to-least-grossing Best Picture winner in film history; The Hurt Locker owns the claim to that title. Beyond earning the Best Picture award, Moonlight also earned Mahershala Ali the Best Supporting Actor category and Best Adapted Screenplay. Now that Moonlight has had such a stellar run, it will be re-released to an excess of 1,500 theaters, nearly tripling the screen count of when it was last screened. In addition to getting a theatrical re-release on March 3rd, Moonlight is also available on home media formats.


While it is a common tactic for Best Picture winners to get theatrical re-releases, the size of Moonlight’s re-release is notable; previous winners “Birdman” and “Spotlight” only expanded to 1,200 screens. While Moonlight was released only half a year ago and rode a massive wave of accolades and mentions of Awards-worthiness, it never found a welcoming venue in the box office.


What To Expect With Suicide Squad Extended Cut

Given all of the talk about a “director’s cut” of Suicide Squad, a lot of fans would be happy to know that it is happening. However, it is important to know what to expect in the film. One thing that should be made clear is that the film is not meant to be rated R. David Ayer has always intended the film to be a hard PG-13 (which often means that there are a few scenes that could push it just into R territory like Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice). However, the extended film may be fairly darker than what has been released into theaters.


One interesting aspect of the film is the type of marketing that has come with it. The observant people may remember the Comic Con trailer of Suicide Squad. One thing about the Comic Con trailer that stood out was how dark it was with an eerie rendition of “I started A Joke”. It also featured a lot of elements and footage that made it look like it might be an R rated movie. One may actually have been reminded of a trailer for Blade Runner back in 1982 with how dark and weird it seemed. There was a bit less color, especially when it came to the titles. One thing that is worth noting is that the Comic Con teaser was only meant to be seen at Comic Con, but the leaks have caused the company to release it officially.


It was when the theatrical marketing began that there was talk about the tone changing. There have also been reshoots in order to be able to experiment with different versions of the film.


Not only has there been an announcement of the extended edition of the Suicide Squad, but there has also been a release of the teaser that has shown a lot of scenes that have been left out of the film that have been shown in leaked sets videos. Among the scenes that are to be expected in the film is a confrontation between Harley and Joker at the beginning. There are also going to be more scenes with the Joker in it as teased by Jared Leto. Also, the tone might be a bit darker resembling the teaser that was shown at Comic Con. Some scenes may still be left on the cutting room floor.


Logan Garners Solid Reviews

Hugh Jackman is getting the proper sendoff for his legendary cinematic run as Wolverine. The forthcoming final film in the solo trilogy presents effective closure to the character that helped the X-MenHugh Jackman is getting the proper sendoff for his legendary cinematic run as Wolverine. The forthcoming final film in the solo trilogy presents effective closure to the character that helped the X-Men franchise achieve box office success.


Rotten Tomatoes, the aggregate site for film reviews, has Logan rated at “95% Fresh”. That means 95% of all reviews are positive ones, a tremendous feat. franchise achieve box office success. Rotten Tomatoes, the aggregate site for film reviews, has Logan rated at “95% Fresh”. That means 95% of all reviews are positive ones, a tremendous feat.


Ironically, the first entry in the Wolverine trilogy received less-than-stellar reviews. Fox has had its ups and downs with its X-Men and Fantastic Four films. At least with the X-Men films, even the ones with bad reviews made big money at the box office. Hugh Jackman was not the only reason behind the appeal of the films, but he was the breakout star.


The trailer for the film revealed the final entry is intended to be a somber affair. Anyone looking for whimsical entertainment in Logan may wish to look elsewhere. Whimsy is fine, but not in this type of story. Fans have garnered an emotional attachment to the tragic and complex antihero Hugh Jackman has played on the silver screen for more than 15 years. A fun and whimsical adventure would not have set the appropriate tone for the end of Jackman’s run.


One problem with being somber is the risk of being too dark and serious hangs like a cloud over a movie. Tim Burton’s Batman films suffered from such dark and depressing tones.


Based on the reviews, Logan has hit all the right emotional cords necessary to be both a serious drama and an engaging superhero film. More than the critics, fans are sure to appreciate the unique approach taken with this interesting end to the Wolverine saga.


Reviews of Latest Films

The most popular times of the year for movies tends to be around the major holidays in the summer, fall, and winter. While January is not normally the time of the year for top blockbusters or award-winners, there are currently several different movies out that have been very popular with both consumers and reviewers.


One film that has done pretty well at the box office so far, and has also been very popular with movie fans, is Hidden Figures. This movie, which has been out for five weeks, grossed about $16 million over the past week. This brings the total for the film up to $83 million in the US. The last week results are very strong and show a continued support for the film. The movie centers around three woman who were involved in the NASA Space Program and developed much of the formulas and algorithms used to send men to the Moon.


The highest-grossing film of the past week was Split, which earned around $40 million. This film is a horror-drama film that focuses on a few different young woman that are kidnapped by a man with multiple personalities. Writer and Director, M. Night Shyamalan, once again included a surprise ending that was very popular with both fans and reviewers. Many consider this to be one of the best films for the director, and likely the best that he has released in the past 10 years.


Two other films in the top 10, La La Land and Rogue One, each made around $10 million. La La Land is approaching $100 million in domestic ticket sales, and has seen a recent increase in popularity due to its success at the Golden Globes. The film is also expected to win several different Oscars at the Academy Awards later this winter. Rogue One, which is the latest Star Wars universe film, has been well-reviewed by both fans of the series and critics. It is expected that it will be the first of several films that tell a story in the universe that diverts from the original script.