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Excitement Grows As “Star Wars” Questions Are Set To Be Answered

The release of a new “Star Wars” movie is always a moment for celebration among fans who often spend years awaiting the next installment of the record-breaking movie franchise. In 2017, the release of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” is a source of excitement among fans who are looking for a number of questions to be answered which were left unresolved by the last installment, “The Force Awakens”.

Despite the excellent box office and critical response to “The Force Awakens” many experts and fans have been looking back and hoping the next installment helmed by Rain Johnson to add a little more depth to the franchise after the fast pace of the last movie. The Guardian has produced a number of questions fans are hoping will be answered by “The Last Jedi” which were left open by J.J. Abrams 2015 movie which did not provide a large amount of backstory about a number of the main characters.

Fans of the franchise have recently been vocal about wanting to explore the background of the character, Rey who seemed to be one of the most powerful users of the force seen in the space opera series despite not receiving any training. Rey’s origin has become one of the most debated on message boards by fans who have been questioning her ancestry in a bid to explain strong powers and the fact she seemed to have a large amount of knowledge about the dark side of the force.

Another question fans are hoping will be answered is the background of Kylo Ren, played excellently by Adam Driver in “The Force Awakens”. Despite becoming an impressive villain from his first appearance in the movie, Driver’s character had a little backstory to explain why the son of two of the franchises iconic characters had turned to the dark side and the mysterious figure of Snook.

Director Of Akira Adaptation Brings Hope for a Fresh New Spin on The Franchise

The beloved Akira franchise might be getting a really good adaptation from Director Taika Waititi who has hinted towards an intention of adapting the book as opposed to the anime. This is something that is hopeful for the franchise. One of the most recent developments in remakes is that filmmakers have been remaking films that are in themselves either remakes themselves or an adaptation of a source material. One example is Total Recall starring Colin Farrell, which is a remake of the Arnold Schwarzenegger starring vehicle of the same name. However, the Arnold Schwarzenegger vehicle is an adaptation of a short story called “We Can Remember it For you Whole Sale”.

Another film that has been remade from another film which is an adaptation is Ghost in The Shell. It was basically a live action version of the 1995 anime instead of being a fresh adaptation of the original manga. The filmmakers have even redone full scenes from the anime version and just put the live action version of the scene up on screen. Fortunately, Waititi does not want to take this approach. He wants to go to the original source material and find a ton of new elements to bring to the screen.

One thing about the original Akira manga is that there is enough for plenty of movies. One could make a film that apparently has nothing to do with the anime while at the same time taking place in the manga. One thing that the filmmaker needs to understand before adapting Akira to the big screen is that there is way too much material to fit inside even two full length feature films. It would take a series of films to make sure that enough of the manga is brought to the screen in a way that makes sense.

One good thing is that this could’ve been a lot worse. One of the ways it could’ve been worse is that it would’ve turned into a cheap looking white washed shadow of what the manga and anime was.

Honest Trailers Calls Spider-Man a Millennial

One of the effects of the invention of streaming, social media and related technology is that more personalities are able to make it into fame. One of the famous people of YouTube is the movie trailer voice guy who does Honest Trailers of all of the movies that have been released. He has recently done an honest trailer of Spider-Man Homecoming which calls this version of Spider-Man a millennial and even points out what he has in common with the typical millennial. While Spider-Man Homecoming took plenty of liberties with the story of Spider-Man, they did get the characterization right.

What Honest Trailers does is take famous movies, especially those that have been recently released and pokes fun at them by pointing out some of the issues with the film that people may have had upon watching it. It is done in a rather cheeky and humorous way. This is very similar in what the Nostalgia Critic does. The difference is that while the Nostalgia Critic mostly handles older films that are not as well respected as perhaps the original Star Wars Trilogy, Honest Trailers will take on any and every film. Think of Honest Trailers as an abridged and energetic version of the Everything Wrong With series.

Even though this is the first Spider-Man solo movie in the reboot series, this is not the first appearance of Spider-Man. In the MCU, Spider-Man’s first appearance was in Captain America: Civil War. Homecoming picks up after the events of Civil War to take a look at the life of Peter Parker. There is no origin story this time unlike the other series which started with the well known story of Peter Parker getting bitten by a radioactive spider and developing certain abilities depending on the film. In this version, the Spider suit is developed by Tony Stark. All of the web is made for the suit sort of like in the comics. However, the suit is computerized unlike the other versions of Spider-Man.

Deadpool Star T.J. Miller Talks About Upcoming Film And Assures it Will Be New and Different

In a recent interview about his upcoming movie The Emoji Movie, TJ Miller, who plays Dead Pool’s best friend, irresponsible bar owner in the Deadpool films shined a light on what Deadpool 2 would and would not be like. He told Screen Rant that the movie would have its own original plot and would be darker, funnier and edgier. He compared it to the Hangover 2, which took most of what made the first movie a hit and simply raised the stakes and changed a few minor plot details. He said that Deadpool 2 would be different, and not simply more of the same.

In the interview, Miller hinted at “a tragic and dark event” in the beginning of the film that would have the rest of the film exploring the aftermath. Arguably there are plenty of dark and tragic events that occur in the first film, but fans will just have to wait and see how different and new Deadpool 2 is. New characters Cable (Josh Brolin) and Domino (Zazie Beetz) have already been announced as making an appearance, so there is certainly something that will be different about this movie.

Of course, like most movies based on comic book heroes (or anti-heroes), there are decades of comic book material to pull from, so there is absolutely no reason for Deadpool 2 to be a repeat of the first film. Regardless of how much source material they pull from and what new situations and characters are introduced in this next film, it is hard to believe that it will be less than entertaining than the first Deadpool film. Of course, the second film does not have quite the same build up and expectations as the first, with not being stuck in development hell for so long, but it still has a great deal to live up to.

Wonder Woman Holds Strong in Box Office, Most Successful DCU Film To Date

Wonder Woman has surpassed all box office expectations. As Forbes reports, the film crossed the $381 million domestic box office threshold this weekend and is now the third most successful film to ever be released by Warner Bros., not accounting for inflation. The film trails only The Dark Knight Rises ($448 million) and The Dark Knight ($534 million).

The blockbuster is also the highest grossing film ever directed by a woman, Patty Jenkins. The director held only a handful of credits to her name prior to the DC film. With the award-winning Monster and some episodes of critically acclaimed shows Entourage and The Killing, Jenkins may not have seemed like the obvious choice to direct a summer smash hit, but Warner Bros’ risk has paid off. Wonder Woman holds the highest domestic gross of any film not from Universal or Disney since The Hunger Games: Catching Fire ($424 million).

With the smallest budget of any of the DCU films to date, Wonder Woman stands as an anomaly. The film had a reported budget of only $149 million, compared to Suicide Squad’s $175 million, Man of Steel’s $225 million, and Batman v Superman’s rumored $300 million. The cheapest to make and the most successful at the box office, Wonder Woman has already brought in more than 3.5 times its initial cost.

It’s no wonder, then, that a sequel to Wonder Woman, with Patty Jenkins directing once again, is expected to be announced this upcoming weekend at Comic-Con.

The future is very much unclear for movie producers

Anyone involved in producing movies would likely be lying if they said they are not worried about the future of the movie business. Over time consumer demand changes and it is up to the video production companies to experiment with new ideas. Some companies are experimenting with the idea of consumers given the option to rent a movie several days before the big showing in theaters for around $50 per clip.

Younger audiences are becoming more attached to the smaller screens that live in their pockets. Smartphones have become apart of who we are, and some people struggle to make it far without their handheld technology. The point is that children and young teens prefer to stream content on their phones. There is the still the occasional hot movie that young audiences will want to experience in theater, but a large screen will not always beat the convenience of streaming a movie from your home. Also, that way you don’t have to sit through the long and obnoxious previews. Directors have seen the impact of cable and streaming movies first hand. That is where they would like to be. That is where all the action is at.

The other concern is that Hollywood has lost some of its greatest investors as they were let go by creative studio accounting. A significant chunk of new investment money has been coming in from China over the last few years. That money is also slowly disappearing. Chinese authorities have put up stricter trade barriers that limit some of the cash that can be put towards the entertainment industry. The $1 billion deal between Dick Clark Productions to Dalian Wanda failed, and now another billion dollar deal between Paramount and two groups, Huahua Media and Shanghai Film Group is about to fall short of success.

A Change In the Spider-Man Suit?

With all this talk about the new Spider-Man: Homecoming movie coming out it is hard to fantasize a change in something so perennial. We can all agree that in superhero movies a lot of importance is fallen onto the suit. Comic book fanatics want the superhero suit to look like the original in the books while movie lovers desire the suit to be more modern, and of course there are always people in-between these two sides. Movie creators put a lot of thought into the suit design and there are usually many sketches and ideas involved that never leave the table.
One of these sketches of a possible suit for the new Spider-Man has been released to the public by “concept artist and character designer, Ryan Meinerding” via Twitter. And while most agree that this sketch for what might have been Tom Holland’s suit is far from the classic blue and red suit that we are used to, this suit has a certain flashy appeal. This idea was also based off of Dan Slott and Ryan Stegman’s suit from the Superior Spider-Man comic series(, and so fits both sides of classical and modern costume preferences. Unfortunately this design is not likely to ever make an appearance on the big screen now that it has been released to the public but it is certainly interesting to imagine Spider-Man: Homecoming with the star in this suit. A new costume is said to make an appearance in the Avengers: Infinity War, and in the following Spider-Man movie scheduled to shortly follow Avengers: Infinity War. However, for now we will have to wait to see what new designs artists will be able to come up with and say goodbye to the suit that might have been.

You can preview the suit here:

Predictions for Blade Runner 2049

It is now a little more than 3 months until the release of the most anticipated sequel to Blade Runner, Blade Runner 2049, and there is bound to be some predictions. However, this is not one of these articles that is going to try to predict the storyline and twists. Instead, the release and reception is going to be predicted. One thing that I predict about this movie is that it is not going to live up to its predecessor in every way. The story may be more epic and engaging and the film might actually be a success, but one thing that can be said about the original was that it was groundbreaking in many ways that it has influenced sci-fi and other films.

One thing about Blade Runner 2049 is that the city does look similar enough to the predecessor. However, the overall feel of the film in those shots is different. Replacing the video screens of 2019 are the gigantic holograms of 2049. However, some shots of the new film capture the spirit of the original. Ironically, it is the shot of the desolate city where Harrison Ford’s Deckard fled to.

One interesting thing about the film is that there is the question of the world’s outlook of replicants. After all, this film takes place 30 years after its predecessor and a lot can change in 30 years. One line that gives a clue about the current outlook is the line that Jared Leto’s character gives about replicants being the key to the future of humanity. There can be tons of speculation on all of the possible plots of the film. However, it is best to leave speculation and allow one to find out upon film’s release what is going on. Given Denis Villeneuve’s track record and Ridley Scott’s involvement, it is going to capture the spirit of the original.

Journey to Blade Runner 2049

As fans would know, there have been attempts to make a sequel to Blade Runner for years, even decades since the original, directed by Ridley Scott was released. While the original was release to lukewarm reception, it has eventually caught on with VHS and the director’s cut. The story behind the director’s cut of Blade Runner is interesting. For one thing, work went underway when the 70mm workprint of the film was given a limited release. While it was remarkable how different the workprint was from the theatrical releases, Ridley Scott has made it clear that this wasn’t quite his vision. Therefore, he went to work on the director’s cut and then final cut.

Fast forward a few years, there have been talks about a sequel and people were expecting Ridley Scott to helm the sequel. However, Ridley has decided to give the directing job to someone who is interest. Fortunately, the director’s chair has went to Denis Villeneuve. While fans were initially disappointed that Ridley Scott has not taken over, audiences realize that it could be worse. For one thing, Denis Villeneuve has a lot of respect for the original and has shown that he can keep the spirit of the predecessor alive while bringing enough new things to the table.

One thing that people have remarked on is the drastic changes in many aspects of the design. For one thing, the wardrobe styles are noticeably different from the 1982 original. However, it is important to note that the upcoming film takes place 30 years after the predecessor as the title Blade Runner 2049 reveals, and history has shown drastic changes in clothing styles in a matter of 30 years. The trailer is showing this to be a character driven detective story in the vein of the original. However, it is going to be an upgrade in terms of scope.

The Third Trailer For Blade Runner 2049 Gets a Release

In an unexpected move from Warner Bros, the third trailer for the upcoming Blade Runner 2049 has been released. This time, it shows a little more of the story. People get to see more of the characters that are going to be involved in the story. There is also a nod to the storyline of the predecessor as Harrison Ford’s character talks about being hunted and what he has done to get away. This seems to allude to the possibility that Deckard is a replicant. However, the way the original handled it made this idea debatable. However, the previous trailer has a quick shot that suggests that Ryan Gosling’s character, K is a replicant. There was also some lines in the previous trailer as well.

The visuals have a bit of similarity to the original Blade Runner. However, there has been talk of the different aspects of the look. Denis Villeneuve has once stated that it is not going to look like its predecessor. Even shots of the city have enough differences between 2049 and the 1982 classic. Another thing to notice is that this film seems to have a much wider scope than its predecessor as there are plenty of other shots. Also, one thing to notice is that the latest trailer suggests that this film is going to take place in various parts of California and not just Los Angeles.

Ironically, the most reminiscent shots of the original from the 2049 trailer have to do with scenes in the abandoned city where K goes to meet Deckard. There seems to be a bit more action in this film than in the predecessor. Hopefully, it does ease up on the action because part of what made Blade Runner what it is was that it was slow moving and not wall to wall action.