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Alien Covenant And Niell Blomkamp’s Alien 5

Those that have been following Niell Blomkamp have been well aware of his interest in doing an Alien 5. He has also given an intriguing treatment on what he has planned for the story. This film is supposed to ignore the events of Alien 3. However, an interesting turn of events have caused Blomkamp to put his ideas on hold. Ridley Scott has decided that he is going to return to the Alien franchise for a few more films which leaves Alien 5 in the air. Ridley Scott has already been involved in another film in the Alien franchise recently called Prometheus. There has been plans for a direct sequel to the film. However, this has been scrapped for another film in the Alien universe.


While key stars in the Alien universe, Sigourney Weaver and Michael Biehn have expressed excitement and an eagerness to return to the franchise, Niell Blomkamp has expressed a pessimistic view on the project stating that the chances of it getting off the ground are slim. However, this does not mean that his plan for Alien 5 is dead. However, it is as a slim chance of happening as Niell says.


There are many reasons why he wants to ignore Alien 3. However, the only issue is the quality of the film. While Alien 3 was a rather depressing film, the only reason that it did not succeed as a film was because of a lot of interference on the part of the studio. The theatrical edit was sloppy and all over the place with a lot of action set pieces that had no purpose and plot points that went nowhere. However, when one got to the assembly cut, the story was more fleshed out and this resulted in a film that was only slightly inferior to the other two if inferior at all. Perhaps the one reason that Niell wants to ignore Alien 3 was that Ripley is an iconic character. At the same time, Hicks has established himself as an icon for the Alien franchise.


The Return Of R Rated Movies

There was a time when studios weren’t afraid to release R rated movies. As a matter of fact, there were a significant number of summer films released with an R rating. These types of films did not shy away on the gore. At the same time, the films were rarely extremely violent. As a matter of fact, only horror slashers were regularly that violent. Instead, the film allowed the story to have the appropriate level of violence as opposed to pulling all of the punches. It wasn’t until 2005 that movie studios started going overboard with PG-13. At the same time, it seems like the standards for the rating have become tighter.


One of the reasons that studios opted for almost exclusivity to the PG-13 rating is that there have been changes as to how they have enforced the rating. For instance, people that were under a certain age had to use their ID in order to show that they were old enough. This has resulted in movies actually making less money. It has also been suggested that the majority of movie goers are teenagers. Therefore, they have decided on shooting for PG-13. However, when PG-13 first started, the films were able to get away with a ton of violence. Recent PG-13 films are now equal to what PG rated films were back in the 70s and 80s.


Now, studios are seeing success for their R rated films such as Deadpool. Given that Deadpool is successful, they have decided that it is okay to let Logan be R rated. They understand that the key to the film’s success is not the rating, but the content and marketing. The source material that Logan is based on is a rather dark and violent story. Therefore, the movie is going to explore a lot of themes that are heavy. It will also carry an emotional weight. Also, one can’t ignore all of the gore that has been shown in the trailers. As a matter of fact, it was reported that they were going to go for an R rating. There have been red band trailers released as well. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before the official announcement of the R rating.


X-Men Movies And Continuity

One thing that can be said about X-Men movies is that the continuity has been screwy. The movies were supposed to take place in the “not too distant future” from the release of the first movie. This line would later appear at the beginning of the third X-Men movie. One thing is certain. The timeline was relatively okay for the first three films. It is when they started going back to the beginning that things started getting messy. There have been tons of retcons and revisions to the timeline because apparently not enough research was done to keep in touch with the originals.


However, it is not just the movies that were a little sloppy with continuity. The comics themselves are filled with many retcons and changes to continuity. Therefore, the movies are actually a little more faithful to the source than once believed. This talk about continuity came about when Hugh Jackman was discussing his movie. He has described this movie as taking place in a slightly alternate universe. Logan has recently received an R rating which makes this the second X-Men movie with an R rating. However, this is far from the first Marvel movie with an R rating.


Logan is due to be released in March. The trailers promise a really violent movie with profanity dropped in. This is definitely a change from the first few movies. Even though the movies were violent and vulgar, they did not show all that much gore when it comes to the violence.


The comics that are related to X-Men such as Deadpool have gotten to be very violent and vulgar to the point that no one ever thought that they were going to do Deadpool justice on the big screen. One of the reasons was that Hollywood was caught up in the PG-13 craze that has taken over the industry for a little under a decade. Now, they are apparently going back to an earlier era with R rated movies.


Official Title For Star Wars Episode VIII Released

Episode VIII in the Star Wars Saga has recently completed production. However, there has been one interesting issue when it comes to the release of the movie. There has been no release of the official title for Episode VIII. There hasn’t even been any type of development of news even with the release of Rogue One. Finally, the official title of Episode VIII is The Last Jedi. This title already inspires a lot of curiosity for the upcoming film. Among the things that people are wondering is what is going to happen with some of the key characters, particularly Luke Skywalker.


It has already been established that this is going to be the darkest movie yet in the franchise. This means that it could even be darker than Rogue One. There have been worries that they were working to lighten the tone in Rogue One. However, the final reports of reshoots have revealed that the original version of the movie was actually a lot lighter in tone than what was finally released. One thing that should be considered is that even though Star Wars is considered a movie for the family, it is a franchise that delves into dark territory. The first Star Wars film released back in 1977 was actually pretty dark in some points with disturbing and violent imagery. It was not until The Phantom Menace that Star Wars actually became a little to kid oriented. Even then, it has darkened back up with Attack of the Clones.


It does look like The Last Jedi is going to go in a different direction. There is going to be a lot of speculation on the meaning of the title. However, one thing is certain. People are going to have to wait until December to see the next film. Also, it is only a matter of time before there is a teaser. Hopefully, they take a similar approach to The Force Awakens when it comes to advertising.


Kong: Skull Island Posters Featuring Amazing Artwork

The new posters for Kong: Skull Island are impressive. Kong, honestly, is really impressive. The new version of the legendary ape is massively huge and imposing. He needs to as a battle with Godzilla is planned for the creature’s future. For now, Kong is getting a hyped solo outing. The excellent posters do a wonderful job of hyping the new king’s arrival.


Original artwork was commissioned for the various Kong posters. Over the past two decades, painting-style art has taken a backseat to photography art in the creation of posters. This is a shame as some truly wonderful artistic posters were crafted over the 20th century. Modern marketing and classic-style poster artwork don’t seem to mesh well these days. The outstanding Kong: Skull Island posters show just how wonderful this type of classic poster art can be.


The film is set in the early 1970’s. Perhaps the poster art is designed to evoke images of poster art from decades ago. The 1976 King Kong featured a wonderful and iconic poster art. The new Kong posters do not rise to the levels of the 1976 feature, but they are quite good.


The 1976 King Kong does not seem to be the inspiration for the new posters. 1979’s Apocalypse Now clearly influenced this feature. The new film takes place amidst the backdrop of the Vietnam War so the Apocalypse Now homage is fitting.


Kong: Skull Island hopes to continue the renewed interest in “giant monsters on the loose” movies that Godzilla and Jurassic World brought back. The posters alone are doing a great deal to continue fanning the interest.


The Cinematic Batman

Batman first appeared in 1939 in Detective Comics issue 27 fascinating young readers with his dark façade and unquenchable thirst for justice. A few years later in 1943 Batman would make his first appearance on the silver screen, cementing his place in pop cultural history. Since then, there have been many different incarnations of Batman on the big screen; from the campy portrayal of the cape crusader in the 60’s to the dark and realistic portrayal of Batman in the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight movies, Batman seems to be a character that is constantly being reenvisioned and who’s story is constantly being retold.


The most recent actor to dawn the infamous Batman cowl was Ben Affleck in the box office hit Batman V Superman. There were mixed feelings about Affleck taking up the Batman mantel. Some fans (myself included) were disappointed that Affleck’s Batman would be yet another incarnation of the iconic character and not a continuation of the Dark Knight saga. Many fans assumed that Gordon-Levitt would be reprising role as John Blake as the next Batman effectively typing in the Christopher Nolan universe with the Man of Steel franchise.


Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy is arguably the best and most accurate portrayal of Batman to date. A big reason for the Dark Knight’s success is not only the brilliant work done by Nolan in creating a realistically dark and gritty universe—largely inspired by Frank Miller’s graphic novels—but also its “finite narrative”. In a recent interview promoting his new movie Snowden, The Dark Knight Rises’ actor, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, was asked about whether he had hoped to be the one to take up the cowl as the next Batman. Gordon-Levitt argues that The Dark Knight Rises was a perfect ending to the Dark Knight trilogy. Nolan set out to tell a story, a finite story with a begging, middle, and end. Batman may be a symbol of justice, but having anyone but Bruce Wayne don the cape and cowl is unimaginable. Although bittersweet to fans that would have enjoyed seeing more of Nolan’s Dark Knight universe, the definitive end of The Dark Knight Rises is arguably why the movies are so iconic.

Rogue One Set For A Profitable Run

Rogue One has been given a strong word of mouth by critics. Therefore, it is expected to make huge numbers. Therefore, it is going to profit a lot. However, this says nothing of the actual quality of film. There are still a lot of concerns when it comes to the actual film. For one thing, The Force Awakens has also debuted to a lot of good reviews and has made tons of profits. However, the months that followed have brought out people that have stated that The Force Awakens is nothing more than a remake of the original Star Wars back in 1977.


There is also the concerns when it comes to the reshoots on the film. There are a lot of theories of what the reshoots were for. However, reshoots were planned for the film from the beginning. However, among the reports that have been done was that they have reshot a good chunk of the film in order to change the characters and the tone of the film. The director of the film, Gareth Edwards, has stated that he originally wanted Rogue One to be basically a war film set in a galaxy far far away. While people are freaking out about the reshoots because of what happened with films like Suicide Squad (which is more of an editing issue than a reshoot), it is important to wait until the actual film was released.


One thing that is certain is that the reshoots are evident in the progression of trailers. For instance, Forrest Whitaker was bald in the teaser for the film. Subsequent trailers show Forrest Whitaker with a full head of hair. However, the tone of the trailers are pretty much the same. It also feels pretty much like the original Star Wars.


One thing that could throw people off is that there is no opening crawl. However, it makes sense because the film itself is more or less the opening crawl to A New Hope. Of course the film is likely to end right before the beginning of the first Star Wars movie released.


The Fate Of The Furious Trailer Sets Records

The new Fate of the Furious trailer has gotten a lot of views and there is a lot of reason why. For one thing, it is a lot more visceral than the previous ones. Furious 7 was a bore in all of its stunts compared to this one. For one thing, there are a lot more practical effects in this film than the previous film. Also one thing to consider is that this installment is directed by F. Gary Gray, who has done ensemble films before with The Italian Job. It looks like he has taken some notes from the latest Mad Max film.


There are a lot of reasons that there have been a lot more views. One of the reasons is the plot of the film which is that Dom has turned on his family. Which has probably been played up on the set of the film with reports of Vin Diesel being a problem on set and there being tension between Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel in particular. This is likely done for publicity and promotion of the film. There have been a lot of amazing spots in the film and a few things that of interest. One scene is the really uncomfortable scene of Charlize Theron’s character kissing Vin Diesel’s character.


There is a lot of speculation of what may be happening with Dom. Among the theories going around is that it is either a mind control device or some old fashion manipulation. There are clues going around about the villain being a cyber terrorist and Hobbs talking about the old Dom. There was also a report of the latest Fast and Furious having something to do with mind control among other things.


Jason Statham’s character, Deckard Shaw is joining the team of protagonists. Of course this was going to happen. Deckard was already written as someone who could be a protagonist. He was just out for revenge for his brother who was just his “cross to bear”.


Ryan Gosling’s Experience With Blade Runner 2049

Ryan Gosling has a bit to say for his experience on working on Blade Runner 2049 and working with his co-stars, particularly Harrison Ford. One thing that he has to say is that working on Blade Runner 2049 is like working on 3 different movies. For one thing, it has to cover a lot of ground which includes telling a story that justifies the 35 year wait. There is also the story which apparently involves a fight scene with Harrison Ford’s character, Deckard in which he punches Ryan Gosling in the face. One thing Ryan has to say is that Harrison Ford always brings some fun and professionalism to the work.


This reveal from Ryan Gosling suggests that there is something going on in the story among the two leads. Perhaps they are not on the same side. However, there are tons of films which feature two protagonists getting into a physical fight with each other. This does nothing to give away the story. All it does show is that there is going to be some action scenes in this one. This is what the original Blade Runner didn’t have a lot of. However, it is not the lack of action scenes that have made Blade Runner suffer initially on release, it is that it was really slow moving.


Ridley Scott has also been seen with the crew. Of course he is offering his insight. One issue that Blade Runner had was that it was ahead of its time. Ridley has said before that it is not good to be ahead of time. However, one good thing about the first Blade Runner is that it has aged very well. The effects and the story hold up well even 30 years later with the newly released final cut that corrects a lot of the glaring issues with the film.


As of right now, they are aiming for an October 2017 release. Therefore, they are well under way with the project.


Blade Runner 2049 Is Dennis Villeneuve’s Biggest Challenge

Dennis Villeneuve is showing himself to be a very capable filmmaker. His previous films have not only shown themselves to have good storytelling, but also good visuals. This is something that has made him a good match for the upcoming Blade Runner project, Blade Runner 2049. For one thing, it is most likely going to have some really interesting visual shots. At the same time, Dennis did say that the film is not going to look just like the predecessors. Of course, people have mixed feelings about this. However, it is important to consider that the film takes place 30 years after the first one as the current title suggests. Therefore, there will be some differences in the environment like there is in the real world with the advancement of technology.


One of the challenges that the new director is faced with is having to live up to the predecessor which is probably impossible. For one thing, the predecessor was not only considered one of the most iconic films in its genre, but also an influence on the genre as a whole. It has also influenced cinematography as a whole. Films like The Matrix, Minority Report, Batman Begins, Dark City, and a few others have taken a bit of influence from the classic. All that could be done with this sequel is to expand on the world of the first film.


Blade Runner was not met with a lot of approval when it was first released. However, it has found its audience on home video. Then it has gained even more attention when there was the suggestion that there are more than 5 versions of the film. Five different versions of Blade Runner including the workprint has been released on DVD and Blu-ray in an ultimate collector’s set.


There have been many attempts to bring Blade Runner 2 to the big screen. Ridley Scott has been in talks to direct it. However, he has finally stepped down to continue on in the Alien franchise.