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Ben Affleck’s Promise of a “New” Batman

There have almost been as many interpretations of Batman on screen as there have been in the comic books. In the upcoming Justice League movie, Ben Affleck has promised that there is going to be a newer Batman. In this film, Batman is going to team up with other superheroes and even serve as the leader of the League, even though he has no superpower. As a matter of fact, when asked about his superpower, Bruce Wayne has said that he is very rich. This pretty much makes him Iron Man for DCEU. However, depending on what fan is asked, Bruce Wayne might have a “super power” that is perhaps a lot different than what he has said in the film.

In the comics and some adaptations, Bruce Wayne is actually very intelligent. His intelligence is at the point where it could be considered a super power. He is able to figure things out as a detective and can take on any challenge not with force, but with his intelligence. Therefore, it is not just that he is rich, even though his wealth that he was born into may have helped with the development of his intelligence.

There are still plans to get the next Batman solo film out which Ben Affleck has ultimately decided not to direct, handing the directorial duties to Matt Reeves. As far as what is known about the upcoming Batman Solo film, it is going to be a detective story. This is something that has not been seen or focused on with any Batman film. Instead, the stories on screen have been more action oriented with a little bit of mystery depending on the type of film that is being presented.

The DCEU has had a rather rough start given the dodgy handling of the stories of certain superheroes, namely Superman. Fortunately, there does seem to be hope for the next project with the success of Wonder Woman.

Director Of Akira Adaptation Brings Hope for a Fresh New Spin on The Franchise

The beloved Akira franchise might be getting a really good adaptation from Director Taika Waititi who has hinted towards an intention of adapting the book as opposed to the anime. This is something that is hopeful for the franchise. One of the most recent developments in remakes is that filmmakers have been remaking films that are in themselves either remakes themselves or an adaptation of a source material. One example is Total Recall starring Colin Farrell, which is a remake of the Arnold Schwarzenegger starring vehicle of the same name. However, the Arnold Schwarzenegger vehicle is an adaptation of a short story called “We Can Remember it For you Whole Sale”.

Another film that has been remade from another film which is an adaptation is Ghost in The Shell. It was basically a live action version of the 1995 anime instead of being a fresh adaptation of the original manga. The filmmakers have even redone full scenes from the anime version and just put the live action version of the scene up on screen. Fortunately, Waititi does not want to take this approach. He wants to go to the original source material and find a ton of new elements to bring to the screen.

One thing about the original Akira manga is that there is enough for plenty of movies. One could make a film that apparently has nothing to do with the anime while at the same time taking place in the manga. One thing that the filmmaker needs to understand before adapting Akira to the big screen is that there is way too much material to fit inside even two full length feature films. It would take a series of films to make sure that enough of the manga is brought to the screen in a way that makes sense.

One good thing is that this could’ve been a lot worse. One of the ways it could’ve been worse is that it would’ve turned into a cheap looking white washed shadow of what the manga and anime was.

Honest Trailers Calls Spider-Man a Millennial

One of the effects of the invention of streaming, social media and related technology is that more personalities are able to make it into fame. One of the famous people of YouTube is the movie trailer voice guy who does Honest Trailers of all of the movies that have been released. He has recently done an honest trailer of Spider-Man Homecoming which calls this version of Spider-Man a millennial and even points out what he has in common with the typical millennial. While Spider-Man Homecoming took plenty of liberties with the story of Spider-Man, they did get the characterization right.

What Honest Trailers does is take famous movies, especially those that have been recently released and pokes fun at them by pointing out some of the issues with the film that people may have had upon watching it. It is done in a rather cheeky and humorous way. This is very similar in what the Nostalgia Critic does. The difference is that while the Nostalgia Critic mostly handles older films that are not as well respected as perhaps the original Star Wars Trilogy, Honest Trailers will take on any and every film. Think of Honest Trailers as an abridged and energetic version of the Everything Wrong With series.

Even though this is the first Spider-Man solo movie in the reboot series, this is not the first appearance of Spider-Man. In the MCU, Spider-Man’s first appearance was in Captain America: Civil War. Homecoming picks up after the events of Civil War to take a look at the life of Peter Parker. There is no origin story this time unlike the other series which started with the well known story of Peter Parker getting bitten by a radioactive spider and developing certain abilities depending on the film. In this version, the Spider suit is developed by Tony Stark. All of the web is made for the suit sort of like in the comics. However, the suit is computerized unlike the other versions of Spider-Man.

Sylvester Stallone Directing Creed 2 and Gives it an Official Release Date

Creed has been one of the most successful entries in the Rocky franchise with a story that is paralleling the story of the first Rocky film. Given that it has been a successful film, it comes as no surprise that there is going to be a sequel. Now, the sequel has an official release date and is going to be directed by Sylvester Stallone, who is no stranger to the director’s chair, especially with the Rocky movies. Stallone has directed 2-4 with the 5th one featuring the return of John G Alvidsen. On November 21, 2018, we can expect the continuation of the Rocky Saga.

Sylvester Stallone of course gets to reprise his role as the lovable Rocky Balboa, who has gone the distance in his career, and even his life. He serves as a mentor to the son of his rival and friend Apollo Creed. Michael B. Jordan returns to the title role as he brings to life the story of the son of the late athlete. As of right now, we can only imagine what lies next in the story of Adonis Creed. While we may expect so, it is probably not going to be a mere retelling of Rocky II.

Like Sylvester Stallone, Michael B. Jordan is branching out and making himself known in action films as well. He has a major role in the upcoming Black Panther opposite of Chadwick Boseman. The upcoming Black Panther movie looks like it is going to be a promising film. Both Black Panther and Creed were directed by Ryan Cooglar who seems to be a regular director for Michael B. Jordan. Creed was a project that Ryan Cooglar was very passionate about. He has managed to keep the spirit of Rocky alive while telling a story that while filled with call backs to the original Rocky, felt fresh overall. With Sly taking over the director’s seat, it is very likely that the upcoming sequel will retain the spirit of the series.

Blade Runner 2049: An Unexpected Non-Surprise

In an unexpected turn, the sequel to Blade Runner 2049 has flopped. In this case, a lot of people did not expect things to turn out the way it did for the sequel. After all, Blade Runner over time has become a beloved classic in Sci-fi. However, this is not something to marvel over after all. For one thing, the predecessor has been disappointing financially when it first came out back in 1982. As a matter of fact, the now classic Blade Runner has even been critically panned when it has first opened in theaters. With this film, there has been a lot of praise which unfortunately didn’t save the film.

It is important to take a look at what could be causing movies in the Blade Runner universe to deliver disappointing results. One of the issues that people may say could be hindering the success of the Blade Runner movies is the pacing. However, another film that is said to be in the Blade Runner universe called Soldier, has suffered a similar fate in theaters when it was released back in 1998, and this movie had way more action than both Blade Runner and 2049 combined. As a matter of fact, the last 30 minutes of the film was more or less action. It could have something to do with the pacing of the film.

The results of Blade Runner 2049 unfortunately make any further sequels unlikely. However, this is not the first critically acclaimed movie to flop at the box-office. Another film that has more or less disappointed at box-office despite strong reviews from fans and critics alike is Dredd, another dystopian sci-fi film. An interesting thing is that this has a lot of action and has pleased the fans of the original Judge Dredd comics. While it did flop, it did make back all of its money through Blu-ray sales. There is also talk of a Dredd series with the possibility of Karl Urban reprising his role as the lawgiver.

Blade Runner 2049 Soundtrack too Powerful For Movie Theaters

A lot of work has been done on the film Blade Runner 2049. The creative team has made sure that the visuals are working very well for the film. They have also pulled out all the stops for the audio of the film. As a matter of fact, they have put together a soundtrack that may be too powerful for most theaters. There have been complaints about the sound mix in theaters being very loud and causing rattling throughout speakers. This rattling of course takes away from the overall immersion experience. While some people may say that the movie is too loud, the theater I saw Blade Runner 2049 in was not that loud.

The fact of the matter is that a lot of movie theaters have older sound systems. Therefore, when soundtracks get a little bit intense, then there is going to be rattling. A lot of maintenance needs to be done on a regular basis in order to make sure that the system is in top form. These days, a lot of focus is being put towards the premium formats. People that want to get the best experience should go to the premium formats with newly installed and carefully maintained speakers to get the full immersion without any interference.

Hopefully, there won’t be any adjustments made to the sound mix because the rattling is more of an issue with the equipment than the mix itself. I wouldn’t be surprised if the sound mix sounds better on my home theater setup than in the theater. The theater I saw Blade Runner 2049 in also had a soft image. There were scenes where I couldn’t make out that much detail compared to that same scene in a trailer on my 720p smartphone. Theater images are supposed to be at least 2k. It was an interesting experience seeing this movie in theaters and the story was good. The overall scope was much greater than the predecessor.

Versions of Blade Runner 2049 in Contrast With the Original Blade Runner

There are a few parallels between Blade Runner 2049 and its predecessor. One of the parallels is in the release. Blade Runner 2049 has fared similarly to its predecessor in spite of all of the good reviews. However, there is one way that Blade Runner 2049 differs from Ridley Scott’s classic sci-fi film. There is very likely only going to be one version of the film available according to director Denis Villeneuve. Another thing that he has stated is that there is not likely going to even be any deleted scenes on the Blu-ray release. He wants the audience to be able to enjoy the film as it is.

This is not to say that there are no deleted scenes. There have been a few adjustments made to the film from the first cut which was said to be approaching four hours. Among the scenes that have been adjusted was the fight scene between K and Deckard in Las Vegas which involved a showcase of holograms. This scene was almost totally cut from the film. If they decided to cut that out of the film, then it would’ve left a jarring effect seeing that the scenes after that fight show K with blood and other signs that there was a fight.

What they did do was tone down the fight scene in Las Vegas so that there are fewer holograms. This is so that there would be more of a match to the tone of the rest of the film.

Fans that are looking forward to a possible “Director’s Cut” or “Final Cut” of the film would know that Denis Villeneue has said that the theatrical release is his cut. After all, Denis Villeneuve has proven himself as a good director before he has gotten involved with the Blade Runner project. Ridley Scott when he was doing the original did not have that much trust from the executives, and there was a lot of tampering with the project which is why there are quite a few different versions. Ridley Scott didn’t get to fully realize his vision until 2007 with the Final Cut.

How The Blade Runner Movie Universe Could Expand and What Could Help The Films

The Blade Runner films seem to not fare very well at the box office. For one thing, the films tend to fall flat in the box office. However, the first film has done well on home video, especially with the director’s cut and the subsequent final cut. One major difference that the new film has is that this one has a lot of good reviews where the other one didn’t really have a good reception on its initial release. Director Denis Villeneuve has been given a lot of creative control to the point where he can say that the current version of the film that is in theaters is the directors cut.

If there is ultimately a decision to bring forth another installment in the franchise, there is a lot that can be done to bring the universe to life. With each movie, the scale of the story grows. One thing that can be done is take the action off-world. Perhaps there can be certain characters making a return such as Todd, who was played by Kurt Russell in Soldier, a movie that was said to be a sidequel to Blade Runner and has quite a few references.

There is a chance that the expansion of the film in such a way could run the risk of making the universe more or less derivative of the Star Wars universe. Another thing they can do is make films connecting to the Alien universe given that there is a lot of fan speculation that the Alien and Blade Runner share a universe. Perhaps Ripley could be somehow related to the Tyrel family. Sigourney Weaver and Sean Young do look like they could be related in some form or fashion.

As of right now, the movie has turned out to be faced with a struggle to bring in the profits in its release and there might be another decades long wait for a sequel. One thing that could be done to bring forth a possibility for a direct sequel is to bring forth another film that is obviously set in the Blade Runner universe. If that film is successful, then this could be the basis for future installments.

Deadpool Star T.J. Miller Talks About Upcoming Film And Assures it Will Be New and Different

In a recent interview about his upcoming movie The Emoji Movie, TJ Miller, who plays Dead Pool’s best friend, irresponsible bar owner in the Deadpool films shined a light on what Deadpool 2 would and would not be like. He told Screen Rant that the movie would have its own original plot and would be darker, funnier and edgier. He compared it to the Hangover 2, which took most of what made the first movie a hit and simply raised the stakes and changed a few minor plot details. He said that Deadpool 2 would be different, and not simply more of the same.

In the interview, Miller hinted at “a tragic and dark event” in the beginning of the film that would have the rest of the film exploring the aftermath. Arguably there are plenty of dark and tragic events that occur in the first film, but fans will just have to wait and see how different and new Deadpool 2 is. New characters Cable (Josh Brolin) and Domino (Zazie Beetz) have already been announced as making an appearance, so there is certainly something that will be different about this movie.

Of course, like most movies based on comic book heroes (or anti-heroes), there are decades of comic book material to pull from, so there is absolutely no reason for Deadpool 2 to be a repeat of the first film. Regardless of how much source material they pull from and what new situations and characters are introduced in this next film, it is hard to believe that it will be less than entertaining than the first Deadpool film. Of course, the second film does not have quite the same build up and expectations as the first, with not being stuck in development hell for so long, but it still has a great deal to live up to.

New Star Wars Director Hints At Hidden Gem

The newly announced director of the upcoming, Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi, Rian Johnson, has publicly teased that he has included a small reference within the latest film in the franchise to one of his earlier projects. Johnson, a very accomplished film maker who garnered a great deal of notoriety for the hyper-low budget film Brick (which seemed to thrive off the lack of cash cows by utilizing the mundane in a theatrical, surrealist fashion) has no shortage of previous material which may or may not show up in the latest Lucas installment.

In addition to Mr. Johnson’s previously mentioned debut, Brick, he has also directed, eccentric caper comedy, The Brothers Bloom and the sci-fi action shooter, Looper. On Mr. Rian’s Twitter account, in a conversation with a fan Rian confirmed what many had been suspecting when wrote: There is a tiny, tiny, tiny Brick nod. Tiny.

Anyone who has previously seen any of Rian’s other films will know that he likes to reuse actors who had played taken up lead roles in earlier films as bit players for cameos. But one of the central “characters” in Brick was not a person but the brick of drugs for which the film got its name (it was never really said what kind of drug it was).

That being said, Fans of the 2005 crime thriller should definitely keep their eyes peeled for white chalky bricks of peculiar looking stuff or perhaps for Joseph Gorden Levitt who took the lead in the previously mentioned film.