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Marvel’s Plans After Phase 3

Marvel has had a successful run with Phase 1 and Phase 2. As of right now, they are planning to close Phase 3 with the Avengers Infinity War movies which are going to be filmed in IMAX. As one could see, they are making sure that they go big with their movies. One good thing about the MCU is that Marvel has made plenty of efforts to make sure that their movies not only stand alone well, but that they also work together. This is a tough balance to figure out.


One good thing about the MCU is that there are decades of material that could be used in order to bring forth some really good stories. After all, Marvel has made some really good stories throughout the years. As for what is after phase 3. There are plenty of possibilities. They have already worked out a deal with Sony for Spider-Man movies. Perhaps they could bring in characters like X-Men and Fantastic Four into the MCU. One thing about these movies is that the original stories have featured tons of characters like the X-Men, Spider-Man and a ton of other Marvel characters that have yet to be introduced into the MCU.


One good thing about the MCU is that they have been rather consistent with the ensemble films. While the first Iron Man was a great introduction into the MCU, the other 2 Iron Man movies have not lived up to the success of the first Iron Man. However, Robert Downey Jr. has kept it up as the perfect Tony Stark. He continues to play the character in a way that makes him human.


Hellboy Gets A Reboot

By now, people have finally realized that there is no chance that Guillermo del Toro and Ron Perlman are going to make Hellboy 3. Therefore, there are plans to reboot the franchise. They have already gotten a director and are expecting to shoot the film in the fall. However, given that the previous two films were actually good, there was no need to reboot it other than that too much time has passed. However, it is going to be directed by Neil Marshall, the director of Game of Thrones.


While Game of Thrones is a great series, there is no telling if he could handle this genre. However, he has done other films like The Descent. There is a possibility that he could add a Game of Thrones touch to this reboot in order to give it an epic scale. While it has been shown that reboots are often lackluster and can be even worse than the worst of the last series, shining examples like Batman Begins and Casino Royale have not only shown that reboots can be great but have also brought the idea of reboots into center stage.


The only issue with reboots is that studios try too hard to find numbers to play by. It is better when it is left in the hands of someone who has some knowledge of the source material and is very passionate about bringing a good story to the audience. It is better to not be so focused on hitting all of the beats. It is better to let the story determine its own beats so that it can stand on its own and find its own audience.


Marvel Studios Carefully Planning More Diversity In Their Movies

Many people have been enjoying the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies for the past nine years, but fans of the comics would really like to see films starring characters like Black Panther or Captain Marvel who are not white men. Happily, both characters will be getting their own movie. Chadwick Boseman is slated to play the Black Panther, while Brie Larson will play Captain Marvel. Their movies will premiere in 2018 and 2019 respectively.


As far as fans are concerned, it’s about time. Nate Moore, the executive producer for Marvel Studios explained the reason for the delay during an interview with “Complex.” Basically, Marvel wants to take its time introducing female and minority characters to make certain their movies will do well. The Captain Marvel and Black Panther movies need to be hits in order to persuade Hollywood executives that there are markets for superhero movies with a woman or minority as the lead. If the movies bomb, it could be years before Marvel Studios tries again.


Marvel Studios seems to be taking an optimistic view, for they are already planning more movies with female and non-white protagonists. The second Guardians of the Galaxy movie added some female characters to the Guardians’ ranks, and the third movie will introduce even more super-powered women. “Ant-Man and the Wasp” will feature Evangeline Lilly as the Wasp, and the movie is expected to come out in 2018. Tessa Thompson will play Valkyrie in “Thor: Ragnarok” which comes out this fall.


Black Panther and Captain Marvel are not new characters. Black Panther debuted in 1966 and is thus the first black superhero to appear in mainstream comic books. That gives filmmakers over fifty years’ worth of stories to try to distill into a two-hour movie. Captain Marvel also comes with several decades of comic history behind her. Their ardent fans doubtless have ideas as to which villains should be used and which aspects of the characters should be emphasized. Marvel Studios will indeed have to choose carefully.


‘Wonder Woman’ Has a Historic Debut

We are living in the age of the superhero movie. Batman and Superman have been featured in movies for many years. However, the millions of dollars being made by movies featuring comic book characters have caused the studios to start digging into their stockpile of heroes who have never had their own film. Fox had a huge success in this regard with their ‘Deadpool’ film. Now DC and Warner Bros. are getting in on the act by giving Wonder Woman her own film. She is by far the most prominent female superhero in the history of comics. He first major movie appearance was in ‘Superman vs. Batman’ that received lukewarm reviews. ‘Wonder Woman’ has received much better reviews and audiences have been very enthusiastic about it.


‘Wonder Woman’ had an amazing opening weekend that was much bigger than any of the movie industry experts predicted. It made $103 million in its first three days of release in North America. The opening was big by any standard. However, the opening became historic because it was the largest amount of money made by a film directed by a female in its opening weekend. Exit polling of people who went to see the movie indicate that many people are going to see the film a second time and recommend it to their friends.


One of the most interesting and encouraging stats is the fact that the audience for the film was made up of 52 percent women. This is very significant because comic book movies usually have an audience that is made up of mostly men. The critical and audience approval of ‘Wonder Woman’ is a success that Warner Bros. desperately needed. The studio has put out three consecutive superhero movies that were destroyed by critics and audiences alike. ‘Man of Steel’ and “Suicide Squad’ both received terrible reviews along with the aforementioned ‘Superman vs. Batman.’ It is pretty much a certainty that ‘Wonder Woman’ will get a sequel.


Changes Made To Beauty and the Beast Characters

One thing that Disney and the studios seem to be on is adapting animated classics to live action. Disney’s recent Beauty and the Beast live action adaptation has made some changes to some characters. In the animated movie, Gaston had a sidekick named LeFou. In the animated feature, Lefou has been played for laughs as the punching bag of the movie. In the live action adaptation, he has been changed to be more of a human and dignified character. He has gone from a mere goofball to someone who is looking out for Gaston’s best interest.


Other than those changes, the movie has all of the beats of the animated feature. Lefou does still have some comedic moments. At the same time, they have even brought somethings to attention in this film that was probably implied in the animated feature. Lefou’s care for Gaston might be more than merely platonic. However, even with the changes made to the story, Beauty and the Beast seems to be little more than an uninspired by the numbers adaptation of the Disney classic. The interesting thing is that the Disney classic is an adaptation of an old fairy tale of the same name. They have taken the time to bring forth many changes so that it will feel fresh.


Beauty and the Beast could’ve benefited from going back to the original story in order to find another direction that the movie could go in. Instead, they just decided to just do the animated movie replacing the hand drawn characters with live-action characters. But since the animated feature was considered the best, then this could be considered a good movie too.

Batman V Superman Director Zack Snyder Speaks on Wonder Woman

Zach Snyder, the man who has kickstarted the DC Cinematic Universe, has spoken on the success of the recent installment, Wonder Woman. Among the things he has said was that he has always intended for Wonder Woman to be such a contrast to Batman V Superman and Man of Steel in order for women to be presented with a good role model. However, fans might roll their eyes at Zack Snyder because of his lackluster film. At the same time, studio interference can have something to do with the screwing up of the DC Cinematic Universe.


Studios seem to think that people want DC to be like Marvel. However, movies like Logan have shown that people can handle a dark movie if the story is done right. For instance, it was not that Batman V Superman was dark, it was that the story was sloppily handled and edited. When people went light with Batman back in the 90s, many people complained that it was too campy. Nolan’s Batman series have proven that a dark movie could do well because the stories that were told were intelligent.


With Wonder Woman, Patty Jenkins has shown that it is possible for a movie based on DC comic book characters to be intelligent and easy to follow. Given that it has received some good reviews, it is likely that this could be the jump off point for the DC cinematic universe to get everything together. The only thing is that the Zack Snyder directed Justice League has to do well. However, even if it doesn’t do well, this can be expected to be the last of the bad streak for DC.


The Changing Face of Western Movies

Each era in show business has a central genre that is very popular. These days, it is the comic book movie genre. Just a few decades ago, it was the gunslinger movies that was considered as the favorite genre. While they are often considered western movies, one thing to consider is that every movie made in the west is technically western. It’s just that the popular settings change.


Back in the 50s, the gunslingers were the favorite action heroes. Then in the 60s, this version of the genre began to die out. This brought forth some attempts at deconstructing the genre. Among the types of movies that have been released in those days are Spaghetti Westerns. One interesting thing about this category is that it has stripped the central hero down to more of an anti-hero. The outspoken morally good hero has been replaced with a soft spoken amoral anti-hero. A similar thing has happened in the east with Japan’s Samurai movies.


After a while, studios have all but stopped making gunslinger movies except every once in a while. However, the themes of the western still remain intact. As a matter of fact, many of today’s action movies can be considered gunslinger movies in an updated setting. The latest forms that the western has taken on is the comic book movie. While they are still as popular as ever, they are already beginning to die down. Some films have been released as a deconstruction of the comic book hero. Among these movies are Watchmen, Logan, and Kick Ass. There is no telling when exactly the comic book film genre is going to fall back into the background, but they are still being enjoyed today with films like Wonder Woman, and upcoming movies like Thor: Ragnarok.


Why Mediocre is the Worst a Movie Can Be

When people think about bad movies, they often go to the movies that are so painful and embarrassing to watch that they are remembered for how “bad” they are. However, those movies have turned out to be very entertaining to the point that they are treated and remembered like classics. When people think about bad movies, they tend to think that those are the movies that are going to be forgotten. However, it is not the bad movie that is forgotten. It is the mediocre movie that people forget about.


The thing with mediocre movies is that mediocrity could fall within a large range. There is mediocre good, mediocre, and then mediocre bad. The thing is that it doesn’t matter how good a movie is in the mediocrity scale. It will still be forgotten. Perhaps one of the reasons that a mediocre movie is forgotten is that it offers nothing new. One of the most recent mediocre movies to be released is The Mummy. This recent Mummy movie is very forgettable. Even Tom Cruise’s star power could not save the film. The story and the effects are really nothing new. Perhaps the only new effect that is worth remember is the pupils of the eyes multiplying.


The Mummy is one of the franchises that have the most movies. This type of movie has also spanned a couple of genres. While The Mummy is mostly a horror type of story, there have also been movies that have taken the franchise to action, adventure and comedy franchises while retaining some of the horror elements. The Brendan Fraser starring vehicle is one thing that comes to mind. It is safe to say that The Mummy franchise is going to lie dormant for a while again.


The Mummy to Lose To Wonder Woman

The upcoming Mummy remake which is starring Tom Cruise has opened to some poor reviews. As a result, it is expected to lose to the critically acclaimed Wonder Woman over the weekend. Wonder Woman is actually a fresh break from a bad streak that the DC cinematic universe has been going through. In all honesty, it is not surprising that this version of The Mummy was going to turn out to be stale. After all, it did not seem to have any of the charm of the earlier Mummy movies. This is perhaps done in an effort to distance itself from the other series.


Among the criticisms of the movie were that the action was too stale and the suspense was not good enough. Basically, it was every bit as forgettable as the trailers made it seem. Of course it is not the worst movie made. It is actually mediocre. Therefore, this is one of those movies that are going to be forgotten about in a year. As a matter of fact, it wouldn’t be surprising if people forget about this film within the weekend. Wonder Woman, on the other hand has shown what a good DC movie can be.


Given the rough start that the movies had, some are wondering what it would’ve been like had Christopher Nolan stayed on to direct these films. At the same time, Christopher Nolan had no intention of doing comic book adaptations for the rest of his career. He has gone on to do some other projects such as the WW2 drama, Dunkirk. As with his other films, Dunkirk has plenty of scenes shot in IMAX and is expected to arrive in theatres in 70MM during this summer.


Spider-Man Homecoming Reminds Robert Downey Jr. of the First Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr. has recently said that the first solo outing of Spider-man in the MCU reminds him of the first Iron Man. This may be good news for the movie because the first Iron Man is considered not just the best of the Iron Man of the series but also one of the best movies in the MCU. While there are a ton of strong MCU movies, one thing that is certain is that they don’t stand as well on their own. Another thing is that outside of Iron Man a lot of the movies in the MCU were rather lacking. Shining examples of good movies in the MCU are Captain America: The First Avenger, The Winter Soldier, and the Avenger movies.


Spider-Man Homecoming is looking to be a really promising movie. Probably the best Spider-Man movie since the first two Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies. The interesting twist in this version of Spider-Man is that Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr., is going to be Peter Parker’s mentor. It is interesting what they are going to do to explain what happened to his uncle, Ben Parker. Given that Peter Parker is currently in high school (like in the comic book versions), this is going to play out in an interesting way. Maybe Tony Stark is going to be the de-facto Ben Parker in this series.


It is nice to see that some iconic characters in the Marvel universe are making appearances. They couldn’t include Spider-man right away because that character’s rights were given to Sony. However, they have worked something out so that the character can appear. Also, some fans are wondering if the X-Men are going to be able to join the MCU.