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Business Endeavors of Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is a businessperson and a philanthropist. He acquired his B.A in speech communication from Syracuse University in 1995. Tedd ventured in real estate business the same year when he started working as a loan investor at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. During this time, he gained the most invaluable experience about conservative mortgage banking.


Business Achievements


The experience gained at Crestar Mortgage gave him an opportunity to meet with prominent people in real estate business. These included financiers, insurance, and real estate agents all of whom were a great source of referral business.


In 1999 he obtained an equity position with Legacy Financial Group. This step enabled him to be able to lend loans outside investors as well as give direct bank mortgage. His participation and hard work while working with the group was successful with the company making approximately $100 million in loan amount.


In 2002, Todd took his expertise to another level when he opened his firm, Legendary Properties, LLC which dealt with residential development. His new company was able to help in rehabilitation, purchasing, selling and profiting of over 200 single family and multiple unit family dwellings. This achievement created a new relationship with more prominent people and major banking institutions.


In 2003, his experience in mortgage financing led to him opening a branch Charter Funding, a subsidiary of First Magnus Financial Corporation, US’s top private mortgage company. With the new access to wealth programs and products, he was able to grow his business immensely.


By now he had immense knowledge in real estate and had developed a niche in undeserved clients. This led to him forming Legendary Financial LLC, an affiliate company of Legendary Properties. He used the company to lend finance to both individual and businesses.


Other Endeavors outside Real Estate


In 2007 and 2008, Todd started involving in other lines of business as the mortgage business had begun to go through significant changes. He engaged in commercial demolition and was able to acquire major contracts from some of the largest contractors in the country. He also got into automotive scrap metal recycling business and is currently involved in helping people with needs.