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How Cone Marshall Is Enhancing Legal Practices And Transforming The Industry

Among law firms that have excelled in New Zealand, Cone Marshall stands out in many fronts. The firm has won a huge share of the market and they are now working with clients from international markets. Established in 1999, it has taken less than two decades to become one of the most preferred law firms in New Zealand and abroad.

Most of the changes that the firm has adopted along the way are part of the reasons it is currently working on the international level. The management of the firm has grown and they are now working with professionals with great experience and vast knowledge of matters law. Additionally, Cone Marshall has established a service that oversees the cases presented by clients to ensure the execution offered matches the needs of the clients. With the open system, they have streamlined theresolution systemso clients are able to receive services within a short period of time.

Geoffrey Cone, who works among the leaders of Cone Marshall, is a professional who boasts of more years in the industry than the age of the firm. He has mastered the art when it comes to trust laws and tax planning and this has attracted clients especially banks and financial institutions. Geoffrey has been a vital element in the management of Cone Marshall since his grip of matters law has seen him rank as one of the most reliable professional in the firm.

Together with Karen Marshall, Geoffrey has managed to propel Cone Marshall to its glory. Karen is also experienced and when she became part of Cone Marshall in 2005, she had 10 years of experience working on commercial law. This experience places her at a better position to deal with tax laws and other cases involving finances. Karen has also offered her intelligence on matters planning and in the process she has managed to make a team of lawyers and attorneys who are familiar with different matters of the law.

Cone Marshall Ltd: History and overview
Cone Marshall Ltd is a law firm that operates from New Zealand that has grown to attain international recognition. The firm is among few that have adopted the new systems that are making the processing of tax and business litigation easy. Most of the clients that work with Cone Marshall are financial institutions due to the reliable consulting services the company has been offering to clients.

New Flatliners Movie Will Include Kiefer Sutherland

The proposed remake of the 1990 film, Flatliners, now has a link to the original film with news that one of that movie’s original stars, Kiefer Sutherland, will be part of the new cast. At present, there’s no indication of what role he’ll play, other than one report stating that he’ll portray a mature doctor.

The plot of the 1990 movie involved five medical students attempting to find out what takes place after an individual dies. Using their training, they begin to undertake a series of experiments, which includes allowing one of the students to briefly die before they’re revived. During the course of the film, Sutherland’s character urges the other individuals to attempt riskier experiments. The science fiction nature of the film allows for a new generation of movie technology to potentially offer a deeper examination into the phenomenon.

Given the fact that Sutherland will be the star of the new ABC show, Designated Survivor, it’s likely that his role for the updated Flatliners will not be a large one. Production on the television show is underway for its September 21 debut, which has Sutherland playing the new president after a terrorist attack kills the sitting president and all but one Cabinet member during the State of the Union address.

Among the original Flatliners cast was Academy Award-winning actress Julia Roberts, while the most prominent individual among the new group is Ellen Page, most famous for her role in Juno. Currently, Roberts isn’t scheduled to appear in the update.

Investing In 2016 Is A Challenge According To Former SEC Compliance Officer Helane Morrison

If anyone thinks that Wall Street has been reborn as a mellower and understanding group of vultures, they are living in an altered reality. The investment banking industry is a cut-throat, money grabbing, backstabbing industry that worships the dollar and the dollar alone. The investment industry has been free to make its own rules over the years. The Security and Exchange Commission has done its best to regulate the industry, but regulating the foxes in the investment hen house hasn’t gone very well. Helane Morrison, the former director of the San Francisco office of the United States Security and Exchange Commission, knows the loopholes that investment firms use to avoid taxes and make deals that are on the cusp of being illegal. In fact, trying to police the investment industry is a fruitless job.

Investing has become an integral part of American life and a relatively easy way to increase net worth, so almost everyone turns the other way and lets Wall Street do what it has always done. Unscrupulous deals are the always the special of the day for some investors and there is growing concern that this flimsy house of financial debauchery is going to self-destruct at any time.

Helane L. Morrison is now the Managing Director, Chief Compliance Officer, and General Counsel of Hall Capital Partners LLC. But she is still aware of the games that are being played by investment firms. Government regulations are tighter since the 2008 meltdown wiped billions of dollars off the net worth of millions of Americans, but Morrison believes more needs to be done to raise the standards by which investment banking firms operate. There has been talk of breaking up the big banks, but Morrison knows that’s easier said than done. No knows how big the big banks are, according to Ms. Morrison. Determining the size and the reach of the big banks is a monumental task and it will take time.

Helane’s role when she was employed by the Security and Exchange Commission was to enforce, and regulate financial matters in five Northwestern states. She also had the responsibility of litigating since she was lawyer and a member of the Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin, law firm in San Francisco. Morrison is now part of one of the investment firms she regulated while she was working for the SEC. She makes sure that the transactions at Hall Capital are ethical as well as legal.

Gold Continues To Be a Store of Value


Is gold a good investment today? In a recent radio interview, U.S. Money Reserve President, Philip Diehl, talks about his company and the future outlook for gold prices.

Under his leadership, U.S. Money Reserve has grown to become one of the top precious metals distributors in the world. The company provides gold, silver, and platinum coins to investors through a dedicated customer service.

As Mr. Diehl portrayed, the superior customer service was achieved through a six-year plan to improve it. Now, the company provides access to precious metals investments on all continents.

One important issue that was raised during the radio interview was the quality of gold sold. As Mr. Diehl pointed out, U.S. government-issued coins are guaranteed purity, and U.S. Money Reserve offers such guaranteed on all the coins sold whether these are American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, or South African Krugerrands.

When it comes to precious metals bars sold at other locations, there were issues with quality. Some bars were tempered with, meaning they weren’t pure but rather altered.
With U.S. Money Reserve, the investors get guarantees as to the metal purity of investments sold.

After discussing the company, Mr. Diehl spoke about the outlook for gold and other precious metals. He expects the value of the American Dollar to eventually drop. Generally, when US Dollar drops, commodities and precious metals rise.

The other factors that should lead to long-term appreciation in gold are growing political turmoil around the globe as well as unstable monetary policies.

While gold goes through short-term fluctuations, Mr. Diehl, a former director of U.S. Mint, expects gold to continue to be a store of value and a good place to locate money for the long-term horizon.

This year, the company expended its investment options by offering Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) to its United States-based clients. This is a great way to diversify from stocks and bonds.

Gold has been considered a store of value and an inflation hedge for long time and there are no signs that it should cease to be so.