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How The Brown Agency can get your modeling career off to a great start

If you are currently in Austin, Texas and considering being a model, contacting The Brown Agency should be your first step. Not only is the agency one of the foremost agencies in the United States, if they accept you as a trainee model your career is likely to get off to a very good start.

Who is The Brown Agency? — Once called Wilhelmina Models, last year the agency acquired another prominent Texas modeling agency and re-branded itself as The Brown Agency. Now double its original size and with a lot more influence on the Texas modeling industry, it manages models from all over Texas and sends them on high-profile modeling jobs around the country. The agency manages male, female and child models for fashion, commercial and theatrical jobs.

How The Brown Agency can get your modeling career off to a great start — The Brown Agency has years of experience in discovering young men, women and children and launching them into successful modeling careers. Highly respected as one of the best agencies in the state, The Brown Agency has the reputation and the reach necessary to get you every opportunity to make a name for yourself as an up and coming model.

The agency does not just concentrate on the Texas market either, as it has offices in Los Angeles and Dallas. With superb contacts in place in both these cities, The Brown Agency has been able to get its models some of the most exciting modeling jobs in the country.

If you are accepted to join The Brown Agency, you can expect them to do everything in their power to quickly launch your modeling career. You may start off with modeling jobs in Austin and other parts of Central Texas, but do not be surprised if you are soon at a fashion show in Miami or at a photo shoot in New York.

How to Apply at The Brown Agency — You can submit a basic application on the agency’s website with just a few pieces of information about yourself. If the agency believes your profile is what they may be looking for, you will be contacted for an interview.

The Brown Agency also runs open calls for models every few weeks. Be on the lookout for notifications about these as they can be a good way for you to make a great first impression, and for the agency to set up a follow up interview with you.

If you are given an interview, be sure to arrive with a resume and a few headshots. This will give the agency an idea about your past experience, if any, and how you photograph.

You will then be assessed in both looks and personality to see if they believe you could be a good fit for them. If they believe you are, expect to be signed and put on their books. Your first steps into the world of modeling will be taken very soon after.