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How EOS Outdid Chapstick so Fast

EOS lip balm is available in eight flavors. The product is made with natural ingredients that soothe and soften the lips, and it won’t cause any added stress or worry since there are no parabens. The greatness is packed inside an orb-shaped container, and priced at a cost less than $4 on eBay and Amazon. There’s little wonder how EOS surpassed Chapstick sales, and now sits at the top of the lip balm ladder as the second-best product around today.

EOS began offering their product seven years’ ago. The brand made it a point to interact with customers, and offer fun and excitement with their brand. They offer cool contests, and listened to what their Facebook fans wanted. These things helped the brand earn their ranking as the number two lip balm out.

Chapstick is now the third-leading lip balm, followed by Blistex. Until EOS, these two brands were the primary choices for women who wanted chapped lip care. Chapstick was the number one lip balm sold for more than 100 years. Neither brand offers much in the way of flavor or appearance, and both contain ingredients some say harmful to the body. EOS was a breath of fresh air; something that women needed. With more than one-million units of lip balm sold weekly, EOS is definitely doing something the right way.

All the hard work EOS put into building their reputation and a great product has paid off. The brand is a household name, and a product that women love to use to keep their lips at their best. EOS continually looks for ways to improve their lip balm. Expect this brand to stay at the top of the game for many years to come.