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Making The Most Of An Opportunity

Opportunity can come by most people. Some are more adept at recognizing opportunity than are others. There are a lot of people that have disproportionate levels of opportunities, yet they categorically refuse to do anything with them. Those who have the opportunity to do great things, and who actually take full advantage, can really make a difference. Dr. Mark McKenna, a graduate of Tulane University School of Medicine, is licensed to practice medicine and perform surgery, in both Florida and Georgia, was not satisfied with that level of achievement. Almost as soon as he graduated, he launched McKenna Venture Investments, which is an real estate investment firm.

His experience in real estate likely precipitated his interest in launching Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc.. The entire idea behind this ancillary line of business to his eponymous Venture Investments was likely to streamline the process of financing real estate purchases as well as a “turn key” closing component. The words “turn key” and “closing” might not have ever been used in the same sentence together before Mr. McKenna created a company dedicated to just that.

Dr. Mark McKenna has become an employer through his investment firm, employing over 50 people today. In addition, he had branched out into aesthetic medicine, and through that effort, created a company that was subsequently sold to Life Time Fitness, which he then became a member of the board for.

The thoughts about legacy eventually cross the mind of most professionals, and more to this point, Dr. Mark McKenna seems to be architecting how the world will perceive him long after he is gone. How healthcare is delivered is becoming a huge area of concern. Elective healthcare is a driving force behind this and Mark McKenna is right in the middle of that with his medical aesthetic company OVME, which is referred to as a consumer-facing, technology-enabled company.

If his legacy is that he made the procurement of elective medical services easier for those interested in this type of procedure, many people will be appreciative. Something says that this is just one in a host of additional steps that Dr. Mark McKenna will take to make his name even more well-known and to make the use of technology in the procurement of elective medical services more of a reality.

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The Work And Philanthropy Of Matthew Autterson

Matthew Autterson is an entrepreneur who sits on the board of directors of Falci Adaptive Biosystems. This organization, based in Denver, Colorado, is a nonprofit that seeks to help the disabled through technology. Disabled people who have neuromotor disabilities gain the ability to both interact with and control their environment through a number of technological solutions.

CNS Bioscience, Inc. is another organization that Matthew Autterson is a top executive at. He is the Chief Executive Officer, President, and holds a seat on the board. This company focuses on neuropathic pain and was founded in 2013. Autterson leads their efforts to develop drugs for neuropathic pains and oversees the company’s overall strategic plan.


In 1980, Matthew Autterson graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Finance. He also holds a degree he earned at the Graduate Tax Program on the campus of the University of Denver. He started his professional career working for First Trust Corporation. In 1982 he left this company in order to help launch a Colorado State chartered trust company.

Mark Autterson was quite young when he was named the president of Resources Trust Company in 1986. He was a highly successful leader at this company which was acquired in 1989 by Broad, Inc. Through a number of other acquisitions in 2001 his company was finally acquired by its present parent company, Fiserv. Under Autterson’s leadership his company became one of the largest firms of its type in the United States. See This Page to Learn More.


As a philanthropist, Matthew Autterson is very generous with his time and money by providing money and his expertise in business to several nonprofits in the Denver, Colorado area. Among these is the Denver Zoological Foundation, and he serves on the Denver Zoo’s board. Another nonprofit he supports is the Webb-Waring Foundation which provides grant money to those scientists in the state of Colorado who are engaged in innovative research projects. He also serves as the Chairman of the Board for Denver Hospice which provides care to people in their final days.

Over the years Matthew Autterson has participated in a number of professional organizations. Among these he was once a member of the Young Presidents Organization. He has also once been a member of the World Presidents Organization which is an organization that helps business leaders develop their leadership abilities.

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