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Meet OSI Group, LLC for Your Meat Provisions

Dedication, trust, compatibility, innovation, collaboration, passion, creativity, security, commitment and more…..the list of qualities and attributes on the home website of OSI Group, LLC is quite comprehensive.

Company Origin

OSI, LLC is a global food distribution company that first opened in 1909 as a family meat market in Chicago. Just the fact that it endured and survived the great depression and today is one of of the top 100 food/beverage companies in the United States speaks volumes in itself. In fact, OSI is listed on Forbes 100 Largest American Companies.

Current Operations and Products

OSI’s sixteen facilities can be found in over sixty countries throughout the world. Global headquarters are located outside of Chicago in Aurora, IL. Although meat products are their specialty, it does not stop there. OSI provides custom ordered side dishes, snacks, and desserts. Their meat provision includes pork, beef, and chicken in various forms: sausage, smoked snacks, bacon, and kettle products are just a sampling of these varieties.


Sheldon Lavin is OSI Group, LLC’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and is the most common “household name” of OSI. However, President and Chief Operating Officer David G. McDonald is the secondary leader of this massive company. For over a hundred years, the company has operated with a culture of family, regardless of its size. There is structure, budgetary guidelines and routine, but the company does not operate from “top pecking orders.” The company prides itself as an organization with a great entrepreneurial spirit but not as a corporate behemoth. This is feasible for this globally saturated organization because they continue to be privately held and operate like a small company. This accounts for much of their employee satisfaction and lack of human resource turnover. Furthermore, they have continued to grow and to flourish.

Expansion and Growth

In August of this year, OSI obtained a controlling stake in the Dutch company Baho Food, which is primarily a meat and snack distribution company. Although still subject to merger control approval, this was a strategic move for OSI, as this established a critical presence in Europe and the European market.

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Whereas many companies are far too self-serving and focused on their own production, OSI has an entire department devoted to Sustainability. In fact there is an entire page containing their Mission Statement and Social, Environmental, and Economic Impact statements at OSI’s Sustainability Mission.

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