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Marvel’s Doctor Strange: A Film for Hero & Villain Fans

When you go to the theater to see a Marvel superhero film, you can feel the excitement in the air that the audience has for the hero, their champion. They come in beaming with pride, knowing he’s going to go through at least one tough bout, but ultimately, he’ll save the day. When I go to see any super hero flick, I’m not interested in the hero that much. I’m here for the bad guy, and in Marvel’s newly adapted Doctor Strange, this bad guy was very well worth going to see.


This isn’t to say that Benedict Cumberland wasn’t impressive as surgeon turned superhero Doctor Strange. Honestly, for a man that I personally couldn’t picture playing a superhero until I saw him in this film, he did an outstanding job in this role. Actually, to say he did outstanding sounds like a cliché understatement. He brings the complexities out of Doctor Strange’s character in a way that makes you want to root for him, which instinctively, I did.


Still, Mads Mikkelsen as Kaecilius is the ultimate villain. You really can’t go wrong casting Mads Mikkelsen as a bad guy. We’ve seen him do the role so well that the question has even been posed to him as to which bad guy character that he’s played would beat the other.


As Kaecilius, Mikkelsen uses his supernatural abilities as a sorcerer to wreak havoc on Doctor Strange. If you follow the superhero’s story you know that Doctor Strange has powerful abilities of his own that can bring villains to a crushing defeat. Kaecilius still puts on an impressive show and ultimately brings out the best in the hero while showing off his own prowess as one of the most threatening Marvel villains thus far. Kaecilius is physically and mentally menacing to the point that his presence feels inescapable.


Even though the protagonist and antagonist of the film hold your attention, the ensemble cast is filled with some show stealers. Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One also brings in that added supernatural element that is steeped in her own unique ability. Marvel’s Doctor Strange overall has performed very well at the box office. Bringing in $85 million domestically and $240 million globally, it’s definitely a must-see film.