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Blade Stalls at Marvel Studios

The original Blade film is often overlooked when the history of comic book movies is discussed. Batman (1988) and X-Men (2000) are given the most credit for launching the modern comic book movie craze. They may deserve more praise for boosting interest in superhero films. As for movies based on comic books, Blade played a huge role in making graphic novels viable source material. The films were huge hits and established the great potential for comic book movies to make big money. This is why it is odd thanKevin Feige notes no new Blade movie is forthcoming.


Feige’s direct comments indicated nothing is “imminent”. In time, a new Blade movie – or TV series – is sure to come out of the Marvel pipeline. Blade made money in the past. There is no reason why Marvel Studios would not turn to proven material and reboot it.


Blade may not be a traditional superhero, but the character does cross two genres: horror and martial arts action. Audiences flocked to see these movies in the 1990’s and, honestly, there is no reason to assume audiences won’t flock to them again. Anything comic book-related is guaranteed a built-in audience. Horror movies do well and martial arts are always appreciated by action fans. Yet, there is no Blade on the near horizon.


Likely, Marvel Studios is already overwhelmed with projects. There are only so many new movies and TV and streaming projects a single company can handle. Taking a breather is helpful now and then, but Marvel is not known for slowing anything down.


Blade could be the proverbial “ace in the hole” to go to when the superhero cycle slows down. Blade might be promoted on its horror genre merits as opposed to its superhero-oriented ones.


That is all conjecture though. No one really knows when, where, and how a new Blade film will emerge. Eventually, the vampire hunter will come back to the big and/or small screen. Fans just have to bide their time and wait.

Chris Evans: Agent of Hydra?

In a shocking turn of events, Marvel Comics has announced the unthinkable: That Steve Rogers, a.k.a. Captain America, is secretly a Hydra agent and has been one all along. While we’ve yet to see the full repercussions of this story play out in the comics, the news divided fans; while some were eager to see this new story unfold, others were furious at Marvel for going in this direction with America’s champion.

Chris Evans, who portrays Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, expressed shock at the news in a tweet that was both light-hearted and genuine to his character in the movies.

It seems unlikely that Marvel will adapt this story into a feature length film in the near future, especially since Captain America 4 has not been officially announced. However, one artist took it upon himself to give us some insight as to how this twist would look on the big screen. Graphic artist Kode, who also goes by the name BossLogic, released this image that portrays Chris Evans in a Hydra-inspired outfit. Of special note is the shield: Instead of symbolism involving the American flag, the shield is adorned with the logo of Hydra.

It’s hard to imagine that after the events of the last few Captain America movies, especially Captain America: Civil War, that Cap would end up being a secret Hydra agent. However, should Marvel Studios decide to adapt this story, Kode’s drawing gives them a great starting point.

A movie about Apocalypse. How can anyone mess that up?

After six movies under it’s belt, one would think that the X-Men franchise would have the movie formula down. Unfortunately, that is far from the case and this can be seen in the latest movie X-Men Apocalypse.
Before watching this movie, I listened to some reviews for the movie (one can be found here). I was in for a huge disappointment as the first remotely entertaining parts of the movie happened about thirty minutes into the movie. The beginning of this movie could only be described as a crawl. There were interesting details being tossed within conversations, but there was no motivation for the audience to care. Atmosphere wise, it felt like I was listening to a lecture. Some lines were delivered well and the information was somewhat intriguing, but in general, I felt no attachment to what was going on and I just wanted to get out of there.
After the first thirty minutes, the movie finally gained momentum and there were some rather fun scenes. Despite the fun scenes, nothing really stuck out to me in a positive way. All of the comic book action movie tropes were obvious and felt very bland and generic, ESPECIALLY when being compared to the Marvel movies. In general, this movie is somewhat positive reviews. I, however, cannot jump on that ship and found this movie to be very bland. Let’s hope the next movie is better!

Marvel Movies Sustainability

If one is trying to entertain themselves with something action-packed, witty, and dramatic, they need look no further than Marvel’s recent release. Captain America: Civil War has been described as the best Marvel movie created to date. The movie begins with a new story-line for an introductory character, Bucky, which immediately grabs the audience’s attention. The movie continues to a multitude of story-lines within story-lines; touching on friendship, government and politics, and the obvious struggle of fighting evil (which is certainly open to interpretation.) However, one may not know this by the box office statistics.

The team first came to screens with The Avengers, released in 2012. The Avengers was certainly a hit, the largest grossing (so far) of the Avengers’ franchise. While the sequels have not had a significant enough drop to worry, it is a decline nonetheless. One must wonder: How long can profits continue?

When attempting to locate sales, has a terrific article explaining the logistics of sales in a franchise such as this. A movie needs more than special effects, an outstanding cast of actors, and a highly sought after audience for the ideal recipe for a box office hit. The movie needs to create excitement. The Marvel and DC Universe franchise has certainly delivered terrific films. However, phrases like ‘exciting and new’ cannot be applied to a film franchise that is most certainly not new anymore. Perhaps, audiences are simply bored with a ‘same story, different day’ mentality developing. Certainly, as with any business, Marvel will continue making a product as long as they are profiting. While some may consider the movies overrated and may agree with in believing that the franchise will eventually run it’s course, Marvel is still pulling in a highly respectable amount of cash. Thankfully, for those who are still excited by the Marvel Universe, this is a product that stands the test of time and audiences can enjoy well into the future.