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An Interesting Story About How Talos Energy Became A Publicly Traded Firm

Talos Energy Inc. is a Houston-based company that exploration and production firm in the oil and gas industry. It was founded on January 1, 2012, by John A. Parker, Stephen E. Heitzman, Timothy S. Duncan, and John L. Harrison. It is led by Timothy Duncan who is both the president and Chief Executive Officer of this firm.

Talos Energy became a publically traded company on May 10, 2018, in an interesting way. They did so by completing a merger with another firm in the industry, Stone Energy of Louisiana. This was a $2 billion deal which created one of the biggest offshore oil companies working in the Gulf of Mexico both in Mexican waters and American waters.

Stone Energy was a publically traded firm and Talos Energy was privately held before this merger. Talos Energy became a publically traded company by buying Stone Energy. It’s new stock ticker is TALO and it trades on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). When talking about this merger Timothy Duncan said its completion was one of the most transformational events in his companies history. Upon completion of the merger the backers of Talos Energy acquired 63% of this new combined company and the shareholders of Stone Energy acquired the remaining 37%.
Timothy Duncan said that his company is now in a great place where it can capitalize on its asset portfolio and returns. They have high-quality projects underway in both offshore Mexico and American waters that they will be able to take full advantage of. He and his management team are also looking at further business development opportunities.

When Talos Energy was launched in 2011 it was backed by two big venture capitalist firms, Riverstone Holdings and Apollo Global Management. At the time the belief was that Talos Energy would do an initial public offering sometime in either 2014 or 2015. However, the value of a barrel of oil collapsed which made doing an IPO all but impossible.

Their biggest find so far was in Mexico. This is called the Zama discovery and it is believed to contain a vast quantity of oil and natural gas.

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Why Sahm Andrangi Is a Formidable Investment Officer

Sahm Andrangi is the sole founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management having established it in the year 2009.He worked so hard to establish his firm with very low capital resources of less than $1 million and the firm is currently working at a capital base of more than $150 million. The firm specializes in research and publications. There are numerous corrupt foreign companies that operate in the New York stock exchange market.His main motive of establishing and running the Kerrisdale capital management firm was to expose and wipe out these corrupt companies from the market and become profitable at the same time.

Sahm Andrangi raised starting capital from family members, friends and well-wishers. Like any other business should have a strategy of into the competitive market, his strategy was to expose these corrupt companies using an untraceable website with no identification. Most of the companies’ existence like China Education Alliance and many others in the New York stock exchanges were not legal. They had instead used back-door listing to get into the listing system and reporting large margins of revenue collections in providing its services of tutoring students online. Starting a research and publishing firm to expose these decisive companies was a strong and enforceable strategy. Foremost, he would create awareness foe the existence of Kerrisdale Capital Management in its effort to fight for a transparent economy. Secondly, he would gain profits through his research and publications.

While a student, Sahm Adrangi undertook online tutorial lessons so as to perfect his college entrance examination qualification. Thus through experience, he had basic knowledge on how online tutorial companies should and are supposed to operate. In one of his measures to investigate these companies, he hired investigators to seek tutorials from China Education Alliance which was one of the companies in question. The results were the companies’ premises had no students. With evident data, it was clear that the companies’ large revenue turnover was not necessarily from tutoring students but rather from miscellaneous earnings. However, the salesmen and analysts at the stock exchange were not happy.

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