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The Magnificent Seven Keeps the Western Genre Alive

The remake of the 1960 western classic The Magnificent Seven has earned a solid sum of $1.75 from its late Thursday debut. The film may earn roughly $20 to $30 million by the weekend’s end.

The film is keeping the western genre alive, a genre that is nowhere near as popular as it once was decades ago. While westerns are not as prominent today as they were in 1960, the assumption that westerns are “totally dead” would be a major misnomer. There have been scores of western movies that were hits over the past 30 years. Many said the western was finished after the failure of Heaven’s Gate in 1980. The cataclysmic failure of Heaven’s Gate definitely hurt the genre severely. Many amateur film historians are quick to point this out. Yet, they overlook the huge success of Pale Ride and Silverado in 1985.

And in 1990 Dances with Wolves was a massive hit. Unforgiven would be a hit in 1992. Over the past few years, Quentin Tarantino has had hits and misses with the western genre. To call theatrical westerns passe simple is not accurate. The genre can – and does – succeed. The key is there is only so much room for a hit western based on audience interest. The Magnificent Seven reveals audiences are still taking to the western provided the genre does not oversaturate the market.

In other words, there is room for one or two westerns per year. Beyond that, audiences seemingly lose interest. As a novelty, a western movie here and there does well. Superhero movies, on the other hand, can succeed with four or five films released in a single year. Audiences have not tired of the superhero genre and do not seem as if they will become tired any time soon.

Westerns are a bit different since the genre once drew its success from a large number of children in the audiences. Many westerns were family-friendly, which helped the box office. The new wave western movement of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s led to the genre maturing, but popularity faded as a result.

The genre does still have some legs as evidenced by the good box office The Magnificent Seven is sure to pull in. No one should be reading the genre the last rights.

The Magnificent Seven Remake Sports A Magnificent Opening

Antoine Fuqua’s remake of The Magnificent Seven has received a lot of money Thursday night. It has earned almost $2 million dollars on its Thursday night opening. Given that this is one of the seasons where tons of remakes and reboots come out, it is worth noting that other than the name and the setting, The Magnificent Seven is quite different from the 1960 remake of Seven Samurai. The characters are different. Therefore, no one is playing Charles Bronson, James Coburn. Other than being the leader, Denzel Washington’s character is nothing like the character played by Yul Brynner.

While it is interesting that the film got a PG-13 given the director and the type of story that was filmed, it is worth noting that the earlier film that was released in 1960 was not that gruesome. While there were scenes of bloodletting in the film, it was nothing that would’ve given it an R rating even by today’s MPAA standards. Therefore, the PG-13 is nothing to be worried about. The Magnificent Seven is supposed to be a heroic representation of seven heroes. There are also intense sequences of violence during the shoot out scenes which are pleasing enough for the adult audiences.

The Magnificent Seven is now playing in movie theaters nationwide. With Denzel Washington in the film, it is certain that the film is going to be a hit. For one thing, Denzel himself is a box office draw. He has starred in plenty of other successful films such as The Equalizer. Even Safe House which was probably one of the mediocre hits have filled a bunch of rooms when it was released. Denzel has the charisma and the screen presence in order to keep the audience captivated.

The Maginificent Seven also stars Chris Pratt, Ethan Hawke, and plenty of other stars. Ethan Hawke has worked with Antoine Fuqua and Denzel Washington before. He has starred along with Denzel Washington on Training Day. He has also worked under Antoine Fuqua in Brooklyn’s Finest.

“Magnificent Seven” Triumphs “Storks” at Box Office This Weekend

Two highly anticipated movies premiered at the box office this weekend, and though each offers something unique to audiences- one appears to be stealing the spotlight just a bit more than the other.

Yes, the modern adaptation of the 1960’s western, “The Magnificent 7” starring Denzel Washington is garnering rave reviews from viewers and critics. And according to reports posted on Yahoo.Com the film and has already managed to rake in over 34 million in its first opening days.

This comes as great surprise to movie critics who expected that the much hyped animated film, “Storks”, which also made its debut this weekend, would be the record breaking winner. Instead, “Storks” has fell short on its delivery of box office revenue (no pun intended)- and only managed to gross about 20 million.

There has not been a classic western recently rebooted such as ‘The Magnificent 7″ that has fared so well. However, this film adaptation is being referred to as “Diverse” and boasted as “a vintage film that has a genuine modern flare” by Rolling Stone Magazine.

Why is it doing so much better than “Storks”?

Perhaps it is because, with two A-listers like Chris Pratt and Denzel Washington, who would not want to check it out. But, mainly it appears to be just a movie that has everything someone wants in a movie such as action, romance, and thrill & suspense. And according to reviews on Digg – it is not even much like the original.

Although “Storks” has not reaped the amount of revenue first predicted, reviewers and critics are taking it easy on the film. USA Today even posted a wonderful review and claimed the movie “did deliver to all ages.”

So whether you want to enjoy a good ole’ movie about cowboys or want to take in a film that is tailored to the whole family, Storks and The Magnificant 7 are each equipped with a variety of elements that can make you glad you spent a few hours at the theater this weekend.