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A Day in the Life of Memorial Health CEO Maggie Gill

Maggie Gill is the CEO and President of Memorial University Medical Centre (MUMC). Since joining MUMC in 2004, Maggie Gill has served as the vice President managed care services and finance, after which she served as the VP of Operations. In 2007, she became the hospital’s chief operating officer for five years until she was appointed the MUMC president and CEO in 2011. She worked at Tenet South Florida Health system as the chief financial officer for about five years before she joined Memorial Health.

Education Background and Awards

From Saint Leo College in Florida, Maggie Gill received her MBA. She also attended Florida State University and graduated with a degree in science. Maggie took a Management and Strategic Thinking course to completion at Wharton. At Tenet, Maggie Gill was presented with the Outstanding Chief Financial Officer award for three consecutive years.

Changes in the Health Care Environment Causing Dents in Hospital Finances

Maggie Gill, CEO of MUMC has raised concerns over the rate at which hospital’s finances have dipped due to changes on the health department. According to the CEO, MUMC is the only facility that does not benefit from special local financing in Georgia. That, coupled with the increased inability of patients to pay for their bills as well as the lack of a financially stable partner, is the reason why the hospital is projected to lose over 20 million dollars in losses over the next few fiscal years. This was in a message to the MUMC board which is responsible for governing MUMC and affiliated groups.

Memorial Health-Novant Collapsed Deal

MUMC board led by Gill recently approved a deal that would see the Georgia safety net hospital’s bond debt repaid and ensure the expansion of the facilities including the addition of critical care beds, expansion of vascular and heart services, expansion of the ambulatory care and the expansion of the children hospital at Savannah. The deal was worth well over $290 million, a boost that Memorial Health could have used in recent events around the healthcare systems.

16th Annual Health Care Heroes Awards

Memorial Health President and CEO Maggie Gill congratulated the MUMC team for exemplary services which led to the MUMC taking home 7 awards at the16th Annual Health Care Heroes Awards. The awards were held to acknowledge the efforts of physicians and medical staff who have shown commitment to the health and wellness of the Georgian population.