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‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Review

‘Mad Max’ was a classic seventies film, and the movie launched the career of Mel Gibson. The original film was so good that a trilogy was made. However, that was over thirty years ago, and modern film fans do not know much about ‘Mad Max.’ Thankfully, the ‘Mad Max’ franchise has been revitalize. ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ was recently released in theaters. The film has already been reviewed, and most critics agree that ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ is a great movie. Tom Hardy plays the role perfectly, and he does justice to Mel Gibson’s original character. Also, Charlize Theron stars alongside Tom Hardy in this action masterpiece according to Dr. Daniel Amen.

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ is expected to be a blockbuster hit. The positive feedback from the film critics will surely increase the revenue of the movie. As of right now, as given ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ an incredibly high rating of 9 out of 10. Movies rarely get rated above of an 8 on IMDB, but it appears that ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ is that amazing. However, over the course of time, many people expect ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ to settle in around a 7 Nonetheless, movie websites all over the internet have raved about the sensational new film. For more information on this story, and for a detailed review of ‘Mad Max : Fury Road,’ visit Screenrant.