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The Adult Path of Logan’s Final Journey

Hugh Jackman looks over his shoulder. His look is an ominous one. The actor looks very intense in the recently released still frame from the movie Logan. Logan is the third and final film in the Wolverine trilogy. In a sad end to a glorious comic book movie role, the film features Jackson very last appearance as the iconic mutant antihero.


To make the film special, elements from the Old Man Logan story arc have been incorporated into the screenplay. Interestingly, the film is slated to feature the adult-oriented R-rating. Wolverine is going out in a mature fashion, a move that could turn Logan into a well-remembered cult film for years to come.


Is there a risk that a serious, somber final film could be a little too dark for audiences? Assessing the merits of the tone and theme of Logan would be difficult to do with any real credibility without seeing the film. Logan is not going to be released for some time. Wolverine has always been a dark, brooding, and unhappy hero. The violence-prone mutant who cannot remember his past has frequently saved the day. His wins are bittersweet since they never took him towards the happiness he always sought in life. Ending the trilogy on an adult note makes sense considering the dark history of the character.


Venturing into R-rated territory would not be new for 20th Century Fox’s Marvel properties. Deadpool was given a “restricted” rating and earned more than $800 million worldwide. Deadpool does prove adult-themed comic book movies can do tremendously well. Deadpool, however, was a comedic film. Logan is akin to a melodrama, but the character does have a tremendous history in the cinema. The final film is sure to draw in fans for a sad, final farewell.