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An Venezuelan horse has a real chance to win the Kentucky Derby.

Venezuelan Horse has Chance in Derby

The horse which is so popular on facebook is named Majesto and his owner is Alejandro Ceballos who breeds horses in Venezuela and uses Jocky Emisael Jaramillo, both of whom are currently living in the United States but who are clearly devoted to Venezuela, their home country. Ceballos is devoted to the sport and once dreamed of being a jockey himself, until he outgrew the typical size of a jockey, that is.

Majesto is a beast of a horse and is large and imposing and was purchased for $300,000 while just a year old. He has since grown and realized his potential as a race horse and is now a real candidate to take the crown. Ceballos’ son, Jsus, first identified the horse nd brought him to the attention of his father. Jesus is a singer in the band Jsus Y Yorky and has a current hit song titled “Cuando Te Miro”.

Danilo Diaz Granados relates back to another famed Venezuelan horse, Canonero who won the Churchill downs back in the 1970s. There are notable differences between the two although both still have the same native country. Canonero was an outsider without the pedigree that Majesto has and was more of an upset when it happened.

Still winning the Kentucky Derby with the fierce competition and spotlight that the race has in the modern error would be a real source of pride to Ceballo and Venezuela, as well as for Majesto, of course.