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Just by entering, the company’s website, tells you a lot about Magnises. The feel of luxury sets in and maybe we should delve into what Magnises is all about. This is a social stage where experience and value are given. Experiential sums it all. Registered members in the platform are given a wide range of opportunities to enjoy their lives socially and professionally in an elegant manner. In other words, the social platform takes its members a level up. Members of Magnises get to know their cities better by moving around in different places and enjoying the wide range of benefits offered in the platform. Some of these benefits are, events, expensive galleries, meet ups with famous Chefs, wine tasting, and private parties just but to mention a few.

Also, its members can receive passes to good sporting events, banging clubs in town, events, and concerts and even enjoy travel ticket bookings globally. Magnises has also developed an application which can be downloaded from the Google play store or iTunes and can assist members in from anywhere they are. Members with the app can get assistance on suggestions and experiences of different places around your city and beyond. One can also confirm his membership rights on from the application as well as consulting.

Another benefit of Magnises is that the different professionals brought together, ranging from chefs, wine specialists, hoteliers, managers and others bring together a wealth of ideas and thus taking the socializing experience to another level. Becoming a member at Magnises will need you to part with roughly $260 annually and get yourself a black card which is recognizable in most cities on the East coast. All this you can register on their website.

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The black card is connected to your credit or debit card and can be used as a payment tool and an easy pass to member only parties and events, giving its members quite an experience. By having this black card, members can get price discounts, luxury getaways and VVIP reservations in clubs. Magnises does not only offer services but also can be a platform to get good business deals by the young professionals.

Magnises was started by Billy Mc Farland in 2014, at an early age of 23. He argues that the platform will help connect new business online and offline both offering benefits. With members exceeding 12000, the company is on the rise introducing different passes like HotelPass, ClubPass and Work Pass for its New York-based members. There is no doubt this kid has revolutionized the social media platform once again.

Magnises is looking to expand its member base and enter into various partnerships with multinationals, hotels, and clubs to offer a broad range of experiences for mutual benefits of the members and the service providers.

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