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Kong: Skull Island Posters Featuring Amazing Artwork

The new posters for Kong: Skull Island are impressive. Kong, honestly, is really impressive. The new version of the legendary ape is massively huge and imposing. He needs to as a battle with Godzilla is planned for the creature’s future. For now, Kong is getting a hyped solo outing. The excellent posters do a wonderful job of hyping the new king’s arrival.


Original artwork was commissioned for the various Kong posters. Over the past two decades, painting-style art has taken a backseat to photography art in the creation of posters. This is a shame as some truly wonderful artistic posters were crafted over the 20th century. Modern marketing and classic-style poster artwork don’t seem to mesh well these days. The outstanding Kong: Skull Island posters show just how wonderful this type of classic poster art can be.


The film is set in the early 1970’s. Perhaps the poster art is designed to evoke images of poster art from decades ago. The 1976 King Kong featured a wonderful and iconic poster art. The new Kong posters do not rise to the levels of the 1976 feature, but they are quite good.


The 1976 King Kong does not seem to be the inspiration for the new posters. 1979’s Apocalypse Now clearly influenced this feature. The new film takes place amidst the backdrop of the Vietnam War so the Apocalypse Now homage is fitting.


Kong: Skull Island hopes to continue the renewed interest in “giant monsters on the loose” movies that Godzilla and Jurassic World brought back. The posters alone are doing a great deal to continue fanning the interest.


New Reveal from the Producers of Kong: Skull Island Arrives

The first images of the new King Kong have emerged and he looks a lot like the original King Kong. The single image of an angry Kong was published via Entertainment Weekly and this Kong looks angry. He is not as comical as the 1976 King Kong nor as heroic as Peter Jackson’s version. This Kong is a gigantic, angry beast not too far removed from the one who appeared in the 1933 original.


And this King Kong is a big ape. He has to be. After Kong: Skull Island hits theaters, Kong is slated to return for the remake of King Kong vs. Godzilla. The rematch/remake of the century will hit theaters after Godzilla 2.


The return of King Kong to the big screen is somewhat surprising. Peter Jackson’s remake of King Kong was a good film, but it did not do as well at the box office as Jackson’s other blockbusters. One reason cited is the film was a bit too long. That criticism slightly holds water since a three-and-a-half-hour film has fewer show times per day than a film that is only 100 minutes. Still, Jackson’s other very long films did monstrous box office.


The Jackson King Kong remake may have came a little too early. There may not have been an appetite for a “giant monster” movie. When the U.S. remake of Godzilla hit screens and did well, the market had changed. Likely, this was fueled in part by the renewal of fantasy thanks to the wild popularity of superhero films.


When Jurassic World came out and was a tremendous critical and box office success, giant monster movies were back. The subgenre is not at the level that existed back in the 1950’s, but it is seemingly pretty popular with audiences. One or two big monster on the loose films can do well per year. Kong: Skull Island is sure to be one of those big hits.


Giant monster films are a bit like superhero films, but they are not superhero films. That is to their benefit. Fans of hero films get a similar experience, but they do get something different since the subgenre is different. Giant monster movies continue the fantasy fix and does it in a different way

“Kong: Skull Island” Hits its Marketing Peak

A matter of months before the film’s March 2017 release, the upcoming “Kong: Skull Island” has been the source of plenty of news as of late. A welcome rush after the silence following the film’s first trailer earlier this year, long-time “King Kong” fans have taken a special interest in the monstrous ape’s new look.


In an exclusive peek from Entertainment Weekly, the newly re-imagined Kong is on full display, showing us much more than the teases to date. Fan response to the new design has been slightly mixed, especially the famous ape’s now slightly leaner build. With an upright, human-like stance closely resembling the original 1933 film though, old-school enthusiasts have a lot to like.


Size has been a big question on people’s minds as well, in regards to this fresh iteration of the iconic movie monster. With a planned “Godzilla vs. Kong” crossover on the horizon, many are hoping Kong will be able to stack up to Legendary’s other giant monster mainstay. Legendary’s 2014 Godzilla was touted as the largest of the King of the Monsters’ dozens of re-imaginings up to that point, and according to some sources, “Skull Island”‘s Kong can say the same. From a look at the film’s initial trailer, it’s certainly hard to argue with.


For an extra bit of crossover magic, Legendary has been having fun with viral marketing under the guise of “Monarch”, the mysterious organization linking both the “Kong” and “Godzilla” franchises. By interacting with the related Twitter account (@MonarchSciences) and official website, fans are rewarded with cryptic video clips and imagery from the film, giving people a deeper view of this exciting new universe, and reassuring us all that “Godzilla vs. Kong” will be more than just a dream.


It’s probably safe to say that hype for “Kong: Skull Island” has well and truly hit its stride. The film’s second trailer is slated for November 16th, no doubt prepared to give us an even better look at the mighty Kong himself. If Legendary keeps up the promotional pace they’ve been maintaining lately, March 2017 will be here before you know it.