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‘Kung Fury’ Is Amazing!

It’s hard to deny that the eighties were one of the best times in movie history. Many people remember the classic karate films that were released in that time. Hit movies such as ‘Kickboxer,’ ‘Bloodsport,’ and the ‘Karate Kid’ dominated the theaters. Also, music artists like David Hasselhoff, Billy Idol, and Michael Jackson ruled the Billboard charts. However, that was a long time ago and a lot has changed since eighties.

The eighties may be gone, but some people refuse to let the decade die. A hilarious new film called ‘Kung Fury’ was recently released on YouTube for free, and it was crowdfunded by ‘Kickstarter.’ David Sandberg wrote and starred in the film, and he was even joined by David Hasselhoff and Jaime Garcia Dias to create a classic soundtrack for the film.

‘Kung fury’ is absolutely crazy, but fans will be extremely happy with the final product. For $630,000, David Sandberg created a hilarious but classic short film. The karate scenes are done masterfully, and the CGI work is flawless. The movie brings the nostalgic feeling of the eighties back, and fans will be extremely surprised with ‘Kung Fury.’

I saw the film, and I would recommend it to comedy and karate film fans. Screenrant recently published an article that features a detailed review of ‘Kung Fury.’ The hilarious short film is definitely worthy of a viewing.