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Indie Director Kevin Smith Suffers Massive Heart Attack

Kevin Smith, legendary indie film director and podcaster, recently suffered from a massive heart attack, and spent several days in the hospital following the attack last week. Thankfully, the Clerks director is doing well after going into emergency surgery and is now back at home with wife, Jennifer Schwalbach Smith, and daughter, Harley Quinn Smith. On Monday, Kevin tweeted that the attack had been caused by one hundred percent blockage of the LAD artery. Upon leaving the hospital, Smith said he would be making some lifestyle changes, including going vegan, a decision spurred by daughter Harley Quinn who is a major advocate for animal rights and the vegan lifestyle.

The trouble started after Kevin had finished the first of two scheduled stand-up shows last Sunday evening. Smith surprised fans by reporting on the incident on his Instagram Monday morning after having gone through emergency surgery only hours before, continuing the unprecedented work ethic that has kept him one of the foremost experts on pop culture into the 21st century, and could quite possibly have contributed to the attack itself. In the Instagram post, Smith said that after leaving the show he began to feel nauseous and threw up but it didn’t seem to help. Smith attributed his survival to the prompt medical attention he received from Glendale Hospital.

Smith appeared on The Ralph Report, hosted by Ralph Garmin, who is also the co-host of Hollywood Babylon with Kevin, to speak on his brush with death earlier this week. Smith says the incident has made him see things in a new light, and says that he was supposed to be dead in that room without a doubt. Surviving has made Smith want to try and ‘do everything’, as he puts in his own words. The heart attack didn’t deter any of Smith’s trademark pop culture humor, however, as he took to Twitter to request a Bacta Tank and Medical Droid be delivered from Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill. For more on Smith, his recovering, and the outpouring of support from both fans and celebrities alike, be sure to check out Kevin’s Twitter at