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Justice League Dark May Have Shadowpact Team

Justice League Dark Movie Could Possibly Bring In Shadowpact Team

There is a wide slate of films that are in the running for development for DC, one of them being a live-action Justice League Dark adaptation.

At the moment, the Justice League Dark movie is stuck in developmental hell, but there has been a draft of the movie’s script found that includes the Oblivion Bar and even more exciting, the Shadowpact team. The film was announced back in 2012 and names such as Guillermo del Toro and Doug Liman were attached to it at one point in time. Writer Jon Spaihts has previously done his own work on a draft of the script which might have included a few appearances from the aforementioned Shadowpact team at the Oblivion Bar, a pocket dimension bar run by Eddie Deacon.

Spaihts’ script, according to ThatHashtagShow, involves the characters on the team such as Zatanna, Swamp Thing, John Constantine and others to Oblivion. The Shadowpact weren’t supposed to have any interaction with the League itself, but it did set up their return and any other interactions for the future. The site also mentions that Detective Chimp, Doctor Fate, Black Orchid, Pandora, and the Phantom Stranger will be making an appearance there.

The Shadowpact team started off being created by Enchantress, Detective Chimp and Ragman in the Day of Vengeance limited series in 2005. Justice League Dark would in essence be a horror-based film, and even though a character like Detective Chimp would inject some humor into it, but Doctor Fate would be the biggest name of fame connected to this. If there was any live action DC movie where he would likely make his debut, this one would be it.

Even with all of the knowledge and drafts of the script floating around, it should be noted that the appearance of the Shadowpact team is only a minor plot point in the story and nothing more. But with the likes of such characters making a live appearance, there are many possibilities that can actually be explored with this in mind.