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All About Almodovar: The Brilliant New Film Julieta

If there’s one thing that Pedro Almodovar is good at, it’s creating films with complex women. His latest work Julieta is certainly no exception, and it brings to mind all of the brilliant films that have come before it, as well. In this film, Julieta is a woman with a past. During a strange trip on a train, it seems as if fate is guiding her towards a certain man. That night, they consummate their relationship and, as a result, Julieta discovers that she is pregnant. Taking a bold step, she decides to leave everything that she has known in order to join her lover in his beautiful fishing town.


However, her arrival in town seems a bit unexpected—if not unwanted by some. Particularly, her lover’s older housekeeper seems more than happy to let Julieta know that he has been seeing another woman. However, as soon as the man arrives back at the house, he immediately lets Julieta know that he wants to start a new relationship with her. Julieta gives birth to a daughter who becomes extremely close to her father, but it soon becomes obvious that Julieta’s husband has some secrets. Specifically, he has never stopped his relationships with other women.


After Julieta and her husband fight about this topic, he goes out fishing on a rough sea—and never makes it back home. From that point on, the movie enters a highly dramatic mode that never seems to slow down. Julieta must deal with the strange disappearance of her daughter when she is a teenager, but then fate aligns to bring them back together once again. With thrilling performances and a script that boasts all kinds of twists and turns, this remarkable film is one for the ages.