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John Williams Prepares To Compose The Score For Star Wars EpVIII

If there is one thing that the core series of Star Wars films have in common, it is composer John Williams. He is the one that is responsible for the iconic and immortal Star Wars theme that plays on the opening of every Star Wars film. He has been involved with the franchise for almost 40 years. One of the things that people were wondering when they were anticipating the return of the franchise to the big screen was whether or not John Williams still has it as a composer. Not only did John Williams not disappoint, but his score was actually a little more intense and heavier for The Force Awakens.

One thing that is noticeable about John Williams score for The Force Awakens is that there are bits in his score that are reminiscent of Jerry Goldsmith’s scores particularly his score for Total Recall. This Jerry Goldmith-esque moment of the score present right before the reveal of the Millenium Falcon for the first time in the film. This is perhaps part of the effort to deal with the more intense tone of EpVIII compared even to the tone of the first Star Wars film released in 1977, which The Force Awakens bore a lot of similarities to in plot and setting.

While Star Wars is one of the most captivating series even at its worst, it probably wouldn’t be the same without John Williams. Not only did John Williams create an iconic score for the Star Wars saga, he has also influenced film music for the next couple of decades. Many composers have tried to imitate him with his style of music. One thing that could be said for John Williams is that his library is filled with iconic themes. Even the most recent Star Wars film has a very memorable theme for Rey. John Williams gets ready to score the next film so that he could come up with some very iconic themes as well as intense cues for the continuation of the saga.