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The Third John Wick Film May Be Coming Up Soon

John Wick, where did you go?


It doesn’t seem that John Wick really went anywhere. The violent character played by Keanu Reeves in the original film and its sequel may be heading back into theaters a great deal faster than anyone anticipated.


Reportedly, the third entry in the John Wick series may start filming before the end of 2017. If the film starts rolling that quickly, it would show the studio is incredibly thrilled with the box office receipts the second film earned.


John Wick was a surprise box office hit. Possibly even more surprising, John Wick: Chapter 2 made more money than the first film. Why would anyone be shocked that Lionsgate Films wants to get the third John Wick completed quickly?


Hopefully, the screenplay for the next John Wick film was already written a while ago. If the script is being rushed into completion in order to speed up the release of the film, then thing could backfire. John Wick has the potential to be a long-running franchise. The two films definitely rejuvenated Keanu Reeves’ career.


At least two more John Wick movies can surely be made before the film starts running out of steam. If the two subsequent films are critically acclaimed and crowd pleasers, the series may continue on for several more additional chapters.


Who knows? Lionsgate is bringing back Jigsaw for a new Saw film. Maybe a John Wick crossover with Saw would work? Actually, that would be an awful idea and one only necessary if both films tanked and Lionsgate went ridiculously into crossover universe territory.


Speculation of this nature can be fun, but the odds of anything actually occurring outside of a series of sequels contained in the current world of John Wick would be slim. It won’t be fun if the third John Wick film ends up a rush job intended solely to cash in on the film while its hot.


The John Wick franchise has been able to succeed with audiences thanks to its quirky, unique, and original approach to the “loner anti-hero” adventure film. Both John Wick films succeeded due to the care that went into making great films. The reboot of The Mechanic and its subsequent sequel faltered due to the throwaway nature of the movies.


Let us all hope “John Wick” and “throwaway” are never used in the same sentence.


Filming for John Wick 3 To Start Before The End of The Year

The popular John Wick franchise is already getting ready to start filming on its third installment. One of the reasons that John Wick is so popular is that it has brought an interesting twist to the revenge genre. Keanu Reeves has also put in a good performance as the one man no one wants to cross. The first one was successful enough that it has brought a lot of attention to the director who has gone on to direct Atomic Blonde. He is also getting ready to helm Deadpool 2.


One good thing about the John Wick series is that it has actually reached out to fans and granted them some really great cinematic moments. Among these moments is the Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne reunion. They both play similar roles to the roles they have played in The Matrix films with Keanu playing the role of a gunman and Laurence playing the role of another character that has known him for a while. The one thing about the John Wick character is that he is one of the most respected characters in his world. He also shows a lot of respect for himself. This is one thing that a lot of people in the audience wish they had.


The second film ended on an open and ambiguous note. This is actually a brave move for the filmmakers to take. Often times, films that end on an open note tend to leave people thinking a lot of what they saw. One thing they have is questions and they want them answered. However, John Wick 3 is going to pick up where the other film left off so that people will get what they came to get from the film.


The director of John Wick 2 has stated that he is very involved with the project and is hoping to keep it that way. This is hopeful for the franchise. For one thing, the right director is what makes a franchise work.