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John Boyega Sought out Robert Downey, Jr for mentorship

John Boyega on Being Mentored

In the last few years John Boyega has become a pretty big name in Hollywood, with his biggest role so far being in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Although Boyega has become a bigger name in entertainment, he has had some influential help along the way, one such example coming from none other than Robert Downey, Jr himself. In a recent interview, Boyega spoke on how Downey helped coach and mentor him in preparation for his role in Star Wars. Boyega didn’t officially become a big name until the release of the movie, but did have several television roles.

Boyega specifically mentioned his fear of getting caught up in the glamour and fame aspects of acting, something that many other actors before him had done and forced them to slowly fade out. In order to avoid being a one-hit wonder, he took it upon himself to ask other veteran actors how they dealt with the pressure.

That’s where Downey Jr came in, as one who knows the pressures and darker sides of the acting business, as well as how too much ego and ambition could spell disaster for some. When asked, Boyega did freely admit that before first sitting down with Downey Jr, he never had any real relationship or connection with him at all. To get to him, Boyega simply asked his agent to help him get in contact with Downey, Jr. He too figured that he was the best source of information when it came to understanding just how extreme the entertainment world can be.