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Why Sahm Andrangi Is a Formidable Investment Officer

Sahm Andrangi is the sole founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management having established it in the year 2009.He worked so hard to establish his firm with very low capital resources of less than $1 million and the firm is currently working at a capital base of more than $150 million. The firm specializes in research and publications. There are numerous corrupt foreign companies that operate in the New York stock exchange market.His main motive of establishing and running the Kerrisdale capital management firm was to expose and wipe out these corrupt companies from the market and become profitable at the same time.

Sahm Andrangi raised starting capital from family members, friends and well-wishers. Like any other business should have a strategy of into the competitive market, his strategy was to expose these corrupt companies using an untraceable website with no identification. Most of the companies’ existence like China Education Alliance and many others in the New York stock exchanges were not legal. They had instead used back-door listing to get into the listing system and reporting large margins of revenue collections in providing its services of tutoring students online. Starting a research and publishing firm to expose these decisive companies was a strong and enforceable strategy. Foremost, he would create awareness foe the existence of Kerrisdale Capital Management in its effort to fight for a transparent economy. Secondly, he would gain profits through his research and publications.

While a student, Sahm Adrangi undertook online tutorial lessons so as to perfect his college entrance examination qualification. Thus through experience, he had basic knowledge on how online tutorial companies should and are supposed to operate. In one of his measures to investigate these companies, he hired investigators to seek tutorials from China Education Alliance which was one of the companies in question. The results were the companies’ premises had no students. With evident data, it was clear that the companies’ large revenue turnover was not necessarily from tutoring students but rather from miscellaneous earnings. However, the salesmen and analysts at the stock exchange were not happy.

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Igor Cornelsen, is a Skilled Brazilian Stock Market Trader and Investment Businessman.

Igor Cornelsen is a stock trader and investment business adviser who enjoys international recognition for his sound judgments and expert advice about investing in stocks and foreign exchange. He has been a top executive in several large Brazilian banks, and he single-handedly manages a substantial portion of the economy in Brazil. Presently, he is retired from active trading, though he is a banking consultant who is widely consulted by many banking institutions at home, and abroad in the USA. He now lives in South Florida.

Throughout his career, he has assisted many amateur investors to generate huge revenues from trading in stocks and foreign exchange. He is currently the proprietor of Bainbridge Inv Inc which operates from the Bahamas. As a specialist in many investment services and products, he offers valuable advice on long term strategic plans for successful trading. Primarily, he has often guided investors into safe investment venture by building partnerships with all players in the industry. His vast experience enables him to adroitly identify cheap stock options, which when sold at a later date, yield significant profit margins.

Being the 8th largest economy in the world, Brazil offers many attractive investment opportunities to international corporations. Such organizations invariably rely on the advice of Mr. Cornelsen. He has a unique investment style that is based on a keen understanding of the objectives and desire of his clients. The sincerity he displays in all his business undertakings greatly endear him to his investment partners because he does not give open guarantees to his trading partners, but at all levels, he makes sure they are aware of the risks inherent in any large investment plans.

Although Brazil is known to have strict, and at times tricky legislative policies on investing, Mr. Igor Cornelsen makes it a priority to comply with all regulatory statutes, and agencies on investment. In the U.S. he has fulfilled every requirement stipulated by the United States Securities Exchange Commission. He is on record as a person who played a major role in leading his partners and clients through the market cras h that happened in 2008. He has brought a lot of cost effective measures in the Brazilian investment industry through his thorough grasp of the international markets. While he was active in the banking sector, the fiscal policies he helped to initiate was a real driver of the Brazilian economy. He is still a much sought-after consultant even though he is now retired.