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Jason Hope is making an impact in the fields of technology and health

When we get to describing someone that fits the bill of being a successful tech entrepreneur, most of the times we tend to leave out the bit of educational background. Hey, after all, most of these dudes seem to be dropping out of college, take Mark Zuckerberg for instance. One thing’s for sure though, this cannot be said of Jason Hope.

Jason Hope is more aptly described as an entrepreneur and investor who made break into entrepreneurship by going into mobile communications. He is an intense futurist and technology fan and in recent times has become known more from his philanthropic activities. Jason holds a degree in finance from the Arizona State University and an MBA from the W.P. Carey School of Business. He lives in Scottsdale, Arizona in the United States.

This is one person who is not only concentrated on making financial investments in technology. Jason Hope has made tech his life’s philosophy, being a true believer in the future impact of technology and specifically the application of the Internet of Things (IoT) in multiple fields. The Internet of Things in essence defines the interconnectivity of devices of everyday use on the internet. Things like controlling your home sprinkler or garden lights or even microwave from your smartphone seem quite normal today; you have a chip inserted into your body that alerts your doctor at the signs of any changes in your normal bodily function. The list of applications is endless and all these essentially describe the impact of the IoT on our everyday lives.

Jason Hope goes on to assert that while the use of smart devices (devices that are connected to the internet-of the IoT devices) is presently more of an element of convenience, they are going to be a necessity in the not so far off future.

One hallmark of successful business people is philanthropy. It is a generally accepted affirmation that philanthropic efforts are best geared towards funding research that is aimed at alleviating some of the challenges facing the human population; from education to climate change and even health. It is no secret that such undertakings require phenomenal amounts of investment in time and financial resources.

Jason Hope is a forerunner philanthropist, making his contribution to the health sciences. His focus is particularly targeted towards activities aimed at fighting aging and age-related diseases. Jason recently made a pledge to the SENS Research Foundation totalling to half a million dollars This is an entity working on a breakthrough mission to fight aging and its related diseases.

An investor and would be investor in the field of tech that would want to know the direction the field is headed, would best keep tabs on Jason Hope. The rest of us hope that Jason Hope’s efforts in anti-aging research help to alleviate problems such as Alzheimer’s disease that have beleaguered us for decades.

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