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Michael Burwell and His New Exciting Role as CFO of Willis Towers Watson

There are important people today in the global business environment, but there are also many leaders in the industry that don’t get talked about. One of these people that don’t get enough attention is Michael Burwell, and in this article, we will recap some of the most talked about news about him today, which in this case is the one from Globe Newswire that announced Michael Burwell as Willis Towers Watson’s new Chief Financial Officer.


The CEO’s Comment


In the recent announcement of the new position that Michael is now to hold, the CEO of Willis Towers Watson, John Haley, evinced that he’s highly excited of what Michael Burwell can do more in terms of handling global complex problems of clients that requires Michael’s utmost expertise and undivided attention. John is also excited that the expertise of Mike in finance and transactions will have a long-time lasting effect to the progress of the company.


You may remember Mr. Michael Burwell as the man with 31 years of experience and background in finance and professional services, mostly from working at PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers), which is a renowned audit company that spans its services across a diverse set of fields. The 31 years of Mr. Burwell in PwC have allowed him to learn more about how to operate a company as its Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer. He’s also trained to know what it is like to be the Head of Global Transformation in the company, and this alone is a great achievement and attempt to further his career.


In an industry where there is so much execrable practices that threaten the survival of a company, the remarkable performance and track record of Michael Burwell is a refreshing thought, considering how many people out there are vying for his position. However, because of the 11 years of auditing background and time-tested experience of Michael, it is now easy for the people at Willis Towers Watson to expect more from Michael Burwell leadership.


It’s also refreshing to know that Mike has shown considerable expertise in how to grow and evolve a company, which is something that the CEO of Willis Towers greatly appreciates. Asked for an opinion on the matter, John Haley shared that he’s excited to make Burwell part of the workforce of Willis Towers Watson that spans across 140 countries, with 40,000 employees. Get Related Information Here.


It should also be noted that Burwell’s background as a CPA and Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Michigan State University is also another reason why many people put their trust on him.

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Michael Burwell And His Role At Willis Towers Watson

In August 2017, Michael Burwell joined Willis Towers Watson as the new Chief Financial Officer replacing Roger Millay who was to retire in two months’ time. Owning not less than 31 years of financial as well as professional services experience that was gained at PWC, Willis Towers was confident that with Burwell, it would be better poised to achieve even more.


While working at Pricewaterhouse Cooper (PWC), Michael held a variety of leadership roles including being the Chief Operating Officer, Head of Global Transmission as well as Chief Financial Officer. It is worth noting that while at PWC, he gained a lot of experience in matters related to management keeping in mind that he was at one time responsible for all Transaction Services in the United States at the institution.


Michael Burwell has more than 11 solid years of audit experience and 12 years in matters related to Transaction Services advisory knowledge. He is also an expert when it comes to working on pre-mergers’ due valuation and diligence.


Welcoming him, John Haley who is the Willis Towers Watson’s CEO said that the company was happy to have Mike at the leadership team terming him as very instrumental in the company’s evolution. He was particularly happy with the fact that Burwell understands perfectly well what management, driving results and leading such a company with a global presence entails. He said that the company was confident with Michael Burwell’s wealth of experience in matters related to transaction, finance as well as transformation adding that it will allow the company to achieve its full potential much sooner.


Accepting the invitation, Burwell said that he was humbled with the confidence bestowed in him and that he will work towards seeing that the company moves in the right direction. Being a Certified Public Accountant and a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration degree holder from Michigan State University, Willis Towers Watson definitely made the right choice in appointing him.


With more than 40,000 employees and operating in 140 countries, the company is well recognized as among the highest rated when matters related to designing and delivering solutions for that are able to manage risk, aid in benefits optimization, cultivation of talent as well as expansion of power to protect institutions and personalities are concerned. The company is also well respected for having a unique perspective that allows it to get a cutting edge when matters related to driving business performance are concerned. Visit This Page for more information.



USHealth Group: Providing Reliable Protection to the People

The USHealth Group is a Texas based insurance provider which is proving their competence in the industry. They have been operating for decades, and through the years of experience, the company has developed their own techniques and methods on how to strengthen their expertise. The company is regarded as one of the most reliable health insurance providers, and because of the positive reputation that they built through the years, the USHealth Group managed to expand their customer base. There are more than 15 million people who are putting their trust with the USHealth Group, and it is not limited to those who are living in the United States. Foreigners who are living in the United States are also buying insurance plans from the USHealth Group because of their wide range of coverage partnered with affordability and reliability. The total value of insurance plans that the USHealth Group already sold is in billions, and these plans can be used for decades to come.

The USHealth Group allows their customers to customize their insurance plans, and this is greatly accepted by the public. This method helped the USHealth Group gather more customers, and it is one of the reasons why the number of customers interested in purchasing their plans keep on increasing. The plans from the USHealth Group can be purchased by everyone, regardless of their age and economic status. There is a wide variety of insurance plans that can be sold to the customers, suitable for any budget. Another advantage that the USHealth Group has over their competitors is the employment of professional insurance agents who are speaking with their customers inside their headquarters and on the phone. These professionals are the ones explaining each insurance plans to the customer, and with their persuading skills, more people are buying their insurance policies.

USHealth Group is poised to become the largest insurance provider in the United States within a few decades. The success that the company is currently experiencing is the result of the hard work of Troy McQuagge, who is putting all of his effort for the good of the company. The USHealth Group keeps on providing excellent service to their customers. Know more:



Importance of Life and Health Insurance cover from US Health Group

Life can highly unpredictable with unforeseen emergencies coming without warning thereby disturbing our smooth living. As these unexpected risks can happen at any time, you need gear up to face them as they come. The best way to cover against these unforeseen dangers is by having an insurance cover from a reliable insurance provider. US Health Group is the most trusted insurance providers in the US. The company provides an array of insurance covers that include life and health insurance products.

Life insurance policy from US Health Group compensates the beneficiaries for income lost when the bearer of the policy passes away. The insurance ensures that your family gets monetary support when you are no longer there to support them. Simply put, Life insurance policy from US Health Group gives your family the agreed amount in case of death. It protects your family against financial challenges when you can longer provide for them. Besides functioning as a protective coverage, life insurance from US Health Group also operates as an adjustable savings plan, which helps you to achieve various financial goals in life.

Life insurance policy from US Health Group offers a lot of benefits to the bearer. The policy protects your home mortgage and your borrowings through loans and credit cards. Your dear ones will never be left to clear loans and debts in case of demise. Your family will maintain the same lifestyle as it was when you were the breadwinner. This policy helps you to plan for your state, and you can also use it for your retirement savings.

Even though Health Insurance cover from US Health Group will not heal a disease or prevent injuries from occurring, it can help protect you against financial loss in case of an injury or illness. Nowadays, people are spending huge chunks of money in hospitals, and this is seriously affecting their financial security. Whereas most of the people fear to talk about illness and misfortunes, it is paramount that you make an intelligent decision of protecting your family against the unforeseen events.

US Health group has been in the insurance industry for more than three decades. The company was rated among the best performers in commercial health plans in the country. The company was presented with the national acclaim award due to their exemplary patient care.

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USHEALTH Advisors Contribution to Society

USHEALTH group is a privately owned insurance health distributor. The company is committed to serving Americans and offering personalized insurance. When consumers receive texts or unprofessional services from USHEALH, they send their complaints to the customer service. The organization has its ways of responding to unethical behaviors. USHEALTH trains its employees to give the complete customer care package of ensuring, satisfactory services. While in training, the employees receive training on ethics, professionalism, and compliance. The organization has a strict policy on BBB business profiles and does not provide for sales or marketing functions. The information provided on BBB is reliable but not 100% accurate. When going through the complaints of a company, it’s necessary to understand the size of the group, nature of the claim and the number of complaints. USHEALTH offers business profiles valid for three years.

The USHEALTH advisors arm deals with the marketing image and issuing insurance health policies. The organization aims to provide a cover to every individual regardless of the job bracket. USHEALTH has provided coverage for more than three decades in the industry. The services are fashioned to be flexible to an organization growth pattern. The USHEALTH advisors undergo regular training, to ensure that they are on top of the game in their respective fields. For the people who qualify to become agents, the company provides bonuses as an incentive. The advisors are aware of the importance of a company’s sales department. They strive to ensure that sales leader, receive a suitable healthcare package.

Recently the USHEALTH advisory department came up with the HOPE initiative which aims to help people in their daily lives and leave a positive mark. The HOPE initiative collaborated with Phoenix of New Orleans to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The organization efforts are to assist in rebuilding and restoring houses. As a means of giving back to the community, the group donated to a Phoenix shelter. USHEALTH has donated money to people living with cancer as a show of solidarity to the victims battling the ailment. The company CEO Mr. Mcquagge has stressed on several occasions that the organization embarked on this charity events because; USHEALTH is more about the people and taking care of them.

The company president, Troy Mcquagge received the president of the year award along with several awards for the company.

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What Are the Benefits of Insuring with the USHEALTH Group?

Getting a health problem when your health coverage is not in order is one of the most challenging situations that you might have to face. However, companies that have been in the business for a long time, and understand the ups and downs of the process know what their customers need to have peace of mind. The USHEALTH Group is a Texas-based group of insurance companies that specialize on health insurance products. Their main aim is to make sure that all their clients have the best health cover their money can afford them. Many benefits come from getting health insurance from the USHEALTH Group.


The team that manages the USHEALTH Group understands that their different customers have different needs. They have therefore created a platform whereby it is possible for the well to do customers to get insurance that puts their mind at ease, and it is also possible for the low-income earners to obtain products which relate to their needs. The deductibles start with as little as $100, and when an accident or illness occurs, this guarantees the patient of a cover of not less than $2500. It is one of the most lucrative rates in the business and is enough to put any health insurance seeker’s mind at ease.

Experience in insurance

The team that manages the USHEALTH Group started working in the sector more than 50 years ago. During these past five decades, they have managed to gather experience that helps them understand health insurance deeply. As a result, they know the value of every product that they put out there on the market. They also know that before a product becomes a problem to their client, they will have tested it and will, therefore, understand the possible ups and downs. Their experiences also make it easy for the company to deal with all the complications which arise from insurance situations without harming their clients.

Their product portfolio

USHEALTH is the type of company where you go shopping for one product and go home with some others. The USHEALTH Group has a deep understanding of all the pros and cons of healthcare provision. As a result, they understand that to make insurance work; one needs a variety of products that include the needs of different people. They have accident cover, short and long-term illness cover, disability income in case an employee loses their ability to work after an accident, dental health cover and many others.

The benefits of choosing the USHEALTH Group as the insurer of your choice are countless. Take time and visit their website to learn about their products and services. They have live customer support in case of any questions. You will not be disappointed by their services.

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