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The New Independence Day Film Gets A New Title

The science-fiction extravaganza Independence Day was a massive hit when first released. The old 1950’s concept of an alien invasion film was considered really old hat. The hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office Independence Day earned proved that notion to be wrong. Shockingly, an immediate sequel was never made. After many years, the long-awaited second film has finally gone into production. Now, it has a new name beyond the dull Independence Day 2 moniker. The film is called Independence Day Resurgence. says the title change is, honestly, really good from a marketing perspective.

A lot of younger audience members never saw the first film. Since there weren’t three or four sequels made, fans memories have to date all the way to the one and only Independence Day film. By changing the name, the new feature does not come off as a direct sequel. Instead, the new entry appears to be a standalone film related to events of an earlier feature. (Mad Max: Fury Road followed this strategy) Newer audience members won’t feel that they missed something when weighing options to buy a ticket.

The studio does not want any potential audience member choosing to wait until the mega-budget film is released on DVD so he/she can just rent both films and watch them back-to-back. The studio wants to see a lot of tickets sold globally when the movie first comes out.

Since science-fiction is fairly hot at the box office and many are looking for alternatives to superhero spectacles, Independence Day Resurgence should do fine at the box office. How much of a hit the film turns out to be remains to be seen.