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Independence Day: Resurgence (2016) Will Reach Theaters Later This Month

The long-awaited sequel to Independence Day (1996) will reach theaters later this month. The 20th Century Fox Studio announced that the movie starring Jeff Goldblum in a reprise of the character David Levinson will go into release in the USA on June 26th, in anticipation of the Fourth of July holiday crowds.

In the first film, Jeff Goldblum played a computer wizard who, together with a courageous fighter pilot, portrayed by Will Smith, helped the remnants of the U.S. government thwart an attack on the Earth by malicious invading extraterrestrials. Actor Bill Pullman depicted the handsome U.S. President, a former pilot, who personally led the successful campaign to defend Earth.

The studio recently released a trailer for the sequel. It gives a glimpse of Earth’s efforts to counter a resurgent invading force. The effort to oppose the extraterrestrials leads the computer genius to Africa. The sequel will include several characters from the earlier film, and will also introduce some new ones. Roland Emmerich directed both the original and the sequel.

Some media reports indicated that on June 23rd, Fox will release a special double feature that includes both films at selected theaters. Ticket sales from that event will reportedly contribute to the tally for the first day’s receipts. The first movie achieved stunning box office success, gaining over $800 million in sales internationally. It contributed to Will Smith’s success as a Hollywood star, although he is not slated to appear in the sequel.