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Idiocracy and Its Rerelease

20th Century Fox was not really enthused about releasing Idiocracy in 2006. But as part of their contractual agreement with Mike Judge who wrote and directed cult favorite, Office Space, they had to also run his next movie, Idiocracy. And since they had absolutely no confidence in this obligatory movie, they did not market it well. In fact, they marketed so little that hardly anyone in the public knew about it at all. They didn’t even release it in theaters until a year after it was ready to go and only then in seven cities. In the end, it grossed less than $445,000 at the box office.

By now things have radically changed for the movie. While probably not as much of a cult favorite as Office Space, it has definitely attained that status with its star rising all the time. Not only is it hilarious, but it is being seen as what may prove to be a fairly, but sadly, accurate prediction of the future state of America. The story centers on a man who is preserved via a freezing process by the U.S. military. He wakes up from this hibernation state 500 years in the future. There he finds a country where pretty much the entire populace has idiocy level intelligence and are led by a former superstar with hyper anger issues.

These two factors have resulted in a whole slew of problems that are threatening to destroy all of human life. This absurd premise doesn’t seem quite so absurd as much as tragically possible in light of the current presidential campaign. Now there is a planned re-release for this originally relatively unknown movie franchise. This re-release is not coincidentally falling during one of the most outrageous election campaigns of all time. No, it’s not coincidental at all; it’s definitely on purpose. It will be exciting to see what this second release adds to this current political conversation. We don’t have long to wait.