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A Few Interesting Facts You Should Know About Handy House Cleaning Service

Handy has completely revolutionized the way house cleaning is done nowadays. Founded by two young men, the company makes it possible for anyone to order a home cleaner using just a few taps on the iPhone. In fact, many refer to the service as the Uber of house cleaning only different because it does not come accompanied by extravagant rates. Similar to Uber, Handy is a phenomenal market place that takes care of everything including scheduling and payments of both the demand and supply ends of the market.

The brand has been growing really fast and soon after it started operations, it managed to raise not less than $12 million in just two rounds. The funding was led by two well-known companies; Highland Capital Partners and General Catalyst Partners. The two partners were optimistic that the company would continue growing tremendously owing to the fact that it had experienced a growth of sixty-percent monthly for three months in a row. At the time the company was getting the funding, it had more than fifty employees and thousands of freelancers who were completing not less than ten thousand jobs in a month. It was also operating in thirteen cities and had managed to open offices in Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago.

A few months after the funding, the company made an announcement that it had bought another cleaning business by the name Exec for a price that it did not disclose but that was less than $10 million. With the phenomenal cleaning service, customers can get convenience, and it takes away all the unreliable and sketchy maid services and cleaning agencies by replacing it with an easy to use mobile app and website. The customer simply enters their zip code, the rooms they need to be cleaned as well as the exact time. After that is done, the customer is given a price quote, and if they like the price, the card or payment details on file are charged and the customer does not have to worry about being overcharged or the cleaner being undercharged.

Handy does a thorough screening of its freelancers, and it performs background checks and many references so as to get the best among the thousands that apply. The company says that only three percent of the total professionals get employed. On a light note, the management says that getting accepted in the company as a freelancer is harder than getting into Harvard.

As of October 2014, the company had managed to hit over $1 million in bookings per week as well as a run rate of $52 million from $3 million. It also managed to improve on the professional hourly wage with the average being $18 per hour. The growth was attributed to the fact that people have accepted the new way it was offering the service. Prior to that, it had also re-branded itself and done more aggressive marketing. The company remain committed to offering the best home care services though the biggest profit chunk comes exclusively from house cleaning.