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Copa Star: Treating And Caring At The Best

Copa Star at Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro is one of the major hospitals in Brazil that has quality service in health care. The hospital executes its day-to-day operations with safety, efficiency and personal care in mind with world-class treatment, facilities, and infrastructure to the patients. The management knows how important is introducing latest technologies and advanced diagnosis cum treatment procedure to ensure proper treatment to their patients. The hospital has a special name in Cardiac Surgery and Neurosurgery with advanced labs, integrated MRI systems, telemedicine, robotic medicine hybrid rooms and smart operation theaters. The physicians of great expertise and highly skilled staff make sure excellent treatment and care to their patients.

The hospital management on believes that not only the treatment but the ambiance is also important in ensuring the physical and mental well-being of the patients. The administration has developed an app that helps the patient to control headboard, curtains, air conditioning, air flow, lights, video conferencing with the doctor, call the nurse, etc., using a tab provided by the hospital. Doctors can also show the reports, information, and results on to the patient using the tab. The architecture of the hospital building makes sure that maximum natural light is being entered into the rooms.

Interestingly, the ICU of the hospital is not an isolated one like normal hospitals. Using video technology on enabled screens connected with street cameras, the patients can watch the streets and can better be aware of the outside condition including whether it is day or night, weather, etc. Hospital Copa Star also has mounted some cameras on top of the building that helps the patients to enjoy the skyline and the famous Copacabana Beach.

The building is constructed in a total area of 21,000 square meters on five floors with 155 patient suits, nine operating rooms, and 59 ICU rooms. Hospital Copa Star is inaugurated in Oct. 2016 and can be termed as a smart hospital with the technologies and facilities it has. Apart from that, the staff of the hospital is going through intense special training to provide exclusive service to the patients. It has 500 well-trained employees including 113 highly specializes physicians.

The staff of Hospital Copa Star wouldn’t be found in the corridors as there is an attached area for them to commute. This leaves the hospital passages left only for patients and their relatives. The hospital lobby is very spacious, and architecture symbolizes an elegant style of work and beauty. Hospital Copa Star doesn’t transmit the smell of ether like other hospitals. Instead, it has an exclusive fragrance of woody touches with the citrus tones. Also, there is a special restaurant with the menu designed by Roland Villard, head chef of Sofitel. Altogether, the hospital is giving the impression of a 5-star hotel regarding infrastructure and recreational facilities it offers.

Apart from offering the facilities and infrastructure, the hospital stands top with its world-class treatment and service.

Copa Star – Integrating Luxury With Professional Medical And Healthcare Services

The standards of services one get in the medical and healthcare facilities should be nothing less than excellent. Patients looking for the best in terms of treatment, professional medical and healthcare services, experienced staff, and state of the art architecture and infrastructure, thus, turn to Copa Star. Treatments available at Hospital Copa Star, situated centrally in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, are advanced and use the latest technology available in the field of medicine. The hospital continues to upgrade itself periodically to ensure the high standards in treatment offered to its patients.

The architecture on of the Copa Star is one of its kinds and has a futuristic design to ensure it is future proof and has the flexible scope of scalability as the field of medicine evolves and develops further. It boasts of a specialized hybrid rooms that can be used in highly complex surgeries and procedures with the help of medical professionals that are considered pioneers in their respective field of medicine. The technology available with Hospital Copa Star and the highly developed infrastructure at disposable for the doctors ensures that minimally invasive treatments are used to get results.

When it comes to highly sensitive neurosurgical procedures, Hospital Copa Star’s well-equipped hybrid room and state of the art facilities ensure that the doctors can view the infected area or tumor(s) with a three-dimensional angle. This does not only help in making the procedure minimally invasive but are also far more accurate and safer. It is considerably decreasing the hospitalization duration and promotes faster recovery, which saves the considerable patient amount of time and money. The overall personalized service before, during and after surgical procedure or treatment helps in saving the patient from post-surgical trauma and pain to a great extent.

The standards of service maintained at Hospital Copa Star is extraordinary, and this can be experienced as soon as you enter the hospital which has been designed luxuriously, keeping in mind all the technical aspects a hospital should be equipped with. The staffs at Copa Star is dedicated to ensuring a professional yet personalized service throughout the hospitalization period to ensure the patient has a comfortable stay and treatment. Integration of technology on terra.comat each layer of services offered at Copa Star, starting from admission, nursing care, pre-surgical formalities, on-going medical attention, surgical procedures and post-treatment care, has helped the facility offer far superior services than the average standards seen in the healthcare sector.

Routine maintenance of the facility, starting from cleaning to sanitizing of each and every area to replenishing the essentials and fixing any issues suggested by the patients, helps the Hospital Copa Star constantly and consistently exceed the expectations of the patients. Copa Star is not only a hospital, but also an experience in itself because starting from getting impeccable treatment to the dedicated approach of each and every member at the different level of service spectrum aims to create a professional, luxurious, and friendly yet medically sound and alert environment.