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Horror King to Get Own Hollywood Star

It seems that for some, credit is finally getting given where credit it due. I’m of course talking about George Romero, director of the 1968 horror classic Night of the Living Dead and countless other films, getting his own Hollywood Walk of Fame star. This comes as a sort of vindication for horror fans, as Romero-heads have been championing for his own star for years now. After a successful fundraiser, fans were able to wrestle together enough funds to get Romero his rightful place.

The announcement came via a live stream from the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, and it looks like the star won’t get installed until 2017. It’s a very big step for the horror genre regardless, and zombies in general. One can’t help but feel like this seems kind of late in Romero’s career to recognize him, as the director/writer is pushing 76 but it’s not too little, too late at least.

Romero has directed a whole slew of horror movies, some good, some bad, but few can doubt his level of tenancy and dedication to the craft. And while his movies are meant to shock us, they are also meant to make us think, to self-examine our own fears and prejudices and grow. Still, his canonization remained a hot button issue on the Hollywood scene for quite some time, and this hopefully will legitimize all his hard work.