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David Zalik Is On Top Of The Lending Game with GreenSky Credit

David Zalik is the CEO and co-founder of the incredibly successful GreenSky Credit, a lender specializing in business loans used to help companies grow and homeowner’s achieve their dreams. This powerhouse company was operating from David Zalik’s basement where it has grown to boast a $3.6 billion dollar valuation. Today, David still owns over half of GreenSky Credit, which has propelled him to incredible wealth.

A Unique Approach

One of the reasons why GreenSky Credit is so successful is because of their unique approach to business. They are able to harness the power of third parties to do all of the labor-intensive work, while they are able to cash in on the profits from the endeavor.

In many instances, GreenSky Credit enlists the help of home contractors to market the loan to the homeowners. GreenSky then obtains funding from any of their 14 different partnering banks. GreenSky makes a profit from a percentage of the loan amount and also is paid a percentage of the yearly balance of the loan through the funding bank. Essentially, GreenSky is paid to service and generate the loans for the banks. They are the middleman between the homeowner and the bank while working through the contractor.

GreenSky Performance

GreenSky Credit has managed to capitalize on a niche they created and has generated 1.2 million customers with unsecured loans since the company began in 2012. Estimates of performance by market experts predicted that the company would see in excess of a 25% profit margin, which is partially based on their performance in the last 5 years.

David Zalik’s vision for his company and a groundbreaking approach to lending has created a healthy environment for his company to continue to prosper. He started from humble beginnings assembling computers in college to working his way up to becoming a business visionary with his sights set on the future.

The Uber Of Home Maintenance

A new service that makes cleaning more convenient is on the market today. Handybook, is a startup service created by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, that allows you to order a home cleaner with a click of a button. This service can provide you with a plumber, handyman, or someone to clean your house. It is affordable, more convenient, with reliable work quality that can solve any problem you have around your house.

Handybook is closely related to a service like Uber because of the service you will be getting at any time you please. Instead of immediate transportation, you can receive instant home maintenance work. Handybook handles payments and appointments on the supply and demand spectrum of the home services industry, and because of this the brand is growing tremendously. Handybook has received a lot of help from multiple partners which has helped them raise $12 million. Given this, it has skyrocketed the brand and each month they are are growing by 60%. Today, Handybook has close to a hundred employees who are accredited to completing over 10,000 jobs a month. It now operates in 13 cities and plans to open in four more major cities.

The key feature with Handybook is the convenience of their service. The traditional way to contact a home maintenance can be complicated, unreliable, and sometimes untrustworthy. Handybook becomes effortless to those seeking help. All you have to do is download the app and enter a small amount of information. Information like your zip code, what is needed, the start time, and a price quote is asked. Once your select your service you can confirm it and it will charge your card the amount.

To ensure that you will be getting formidable service, Handybook does screen all of its freelancers. This includes a background check and multiple interviews. It is definitely a competitive service to be apart of considering hundreds of thousands have applied, with only less than 5% being accepted. With those statistics it is actually more difficult to get into than Harvard! Also, an amazing feature of this service is guaranteed money back if you do not like the work that has been, or if an item has been damaged during the process. Handybook is tried, trued, and tested, so give it a shot. It is the most convenient service out there and the quality of work is second to none which puts Handybook above everyone else.