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Sussex Healthcare Leads In Providing Managed Healthcare Services For The Old

Sussex Healthcare was established in 1985. The organization is geographically located in the United Kingdom. The most interesting bit in the organization is the fact that it has branches in different countries. This strategy has been helpful in improving the organization’s accessibility.

Sussex prides itself in being a healthcare group of facilities that provide various healthcare services coupled with a primary focus to assist elderly patients. Also praised for delivering top-notch services, Sussex Healthcare is a number one service provider and a caregiver to patients. The commitment of the organization extends to service delivery that goes beyond profit generation. Perhaps what makes Sussex Healthcare famous and more likable is the fact that its employees thrive in a passion that surpasses normal service delivery in other homes.

Most fundamentally, however, is the fact that Sussex Healthcare has a team of employees that are very passionate about meeting the objectives of the organization. Towards that, Sussex Healthcare has a major focus on caring for patients with chronic illnesses. Examples of these illnesses include pain injuries, learning disorders, and mental incapability.

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Sussex Healthcare has the central mission of providing high-quality services coupled with a personal touch. Moreover, the company has an objective of offering a long-term impact on patient’s lives. That is why for Sussex Healthcare, the aim is to not only provide quality but also tailored services. Also, the organization thrives on providing a comfortable living environment for its people. This is achieved by providing excellent training programs for staff.

For a company like Sussex Healthcare, earning publication is a critical aspect that earns it stellar reputation. That is why since its foundation, the organization has earned recognition for trailblazing the healthcare industry. For more than decades, Sussex healthcare has continued to develop an innovative standard for excellent service delivery.

Consequently, it is projected that with a heightened service delivery scope, patients can enjoy a happy stay at Sussex Healthcare. Also on service delivery, the organization has invented modern machines to aid in hearing. That is why for patients with hearing disabilities or rather, challenges, this is the right place to be. A mission achieved through a strong partnership, Sussex continues to work with organizations that support charity in all ways possible.

Sussex Healthcare has brought forth a revolutionary era in the industry of healthcare. The transformation marks that the organization has managed to inject into the healthcare system. For the elderly especially, Sussex Healthcare has always ensured that their diet and resting patterns emulate proven to work methods.

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Sussex Health Care Offers Tailor-made Services Using Highly Qualified Personnel and State-of-the-art Facilities

Sussex Health Care is a group of care homes that has been providing care centre and support services. The independent company has been working in the healthcare industry for more than half a century and is known for providing a variety of quality person-centred services.

Services Offered

The firm provides care for older people, dementia care, neurological care, profound multiple learning disabilities (PMLD) care, and palliative care.

  • Older People Care

For older people, Sussex Health Care is committed to offering homes that will help them lead a life as normal as possible. The homes offer activities such as quizzes, reminiscence lessons, cookery, art therapy, and handicrafts, among others. The homes also offer therapy sessions such as reflexology, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy. Chefs are also available to cater to the dietary needs of the residents of the home.

  • Dementia Care

Sussex Health Care offers those with dementia an active lifestyle in facilities made to ensure comfort and familiarity. The company also helps those suffering from dementia remember the past using memory boxes and familiar items, Personalized care is at the centre of each patient’s care.

  • Neurological Care

Providing neurological care can take a toll on family members. Sussex Health Care offers neurological care for conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, and Acquired Brain Injury, among others. Speech and language therapists, physiotherapists, aroma therapists, and reflexologists are available to meet the needs of those suffering from these conditions. Spas and hydrotherapy pools are also available to meet their needs. The teams work together with specialist teams at consultants at St. Thomas hospitals and the National Hospital for Neurology in Queens Square to ensure the best care is offered.

  • PMLD Care

To cater to the needs of individuals with learning disabilities, Sussex Health Care offers a range of personalized care packages. A highly skilled staff, specialist facilities, and equipment are available to cater to learning needs. The company also offers day care and respite care for those who need such services. For this group of individuals, Sussex Health Care offers them an opportunity to attend college, participate in outreach programmes, and gain work experience. For those with communication difficulties, the company has highly trained staff aware of alternative methods of communication such as using specialist computer systems, assisted technology, and switches, among others.

New Gym Facility

Sussex Health Care recently opened a fully equipped gym facility at the company’s new venue near Horsham. Highly qualified physiotherapy staff provide musculoskeletal, neurology, and respiratory care, among others. Individually tailored comprehensive assessment is first conducted before treatment plans and achievable goals are set. High standard quality equipment at the gym is ideal for maintaining physical ability and supporting recovery processes for different clients. Specific therapeutic exercises are also available based on individual needs and biofeedback programmes. Gym services can either be offered individually or in a group setting. Learn more: