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Hollywood Loses Another Legend-Anne Meara

Ben Stiller’s mother passed at the age of 85. She was a beloved actress and known for many roles. I personally loved her best in “King of Queens” where she played along side her famous husband. She worked with her famous husband for over 61 years making television history. She is known for starring in shows like “The Ed Sullivan Show” and on soap operas.

She was a legend and one of a kind. She knew how to take any role and make it her own. Though she passed with her family and friends surrounding her on Saturday, no other details about her death is available. Hollywood lost a legend and Ben a wonderful mother. How does a son and father pick up the pieces and go on after such a loss as this?

It’s been a difficult year in Tinsel town with the loss of so many greats. Susan McGalla thinks some of the best actors and actresses there were have passed leaving huge holes in the entertainment industry that no on will be able to fill. For her son, he looses a mother and friend that will forever impact his life. Anne Meara will be missed and loved. She had the unique ability to entice any role and make sure that you were captivated by her charming smile and great whit. Rest in peace Anne, you changed television and movie history and made the world a better place.