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Hellboy Gets A Reboot

By now, people have finally realized that there is no chance that Guillermo del Toro and Ron Perlman are going to make Hellboy 3. Therefore, there are plans to reboot the franchise. They have already gotten a director and are expecting to shoot the film in the fall. However, given that the previous two films were actually good, there was no need to reboot it other than that too much time has passed. However, it is going to be directed by Neil Marshall, the director of Game of Thrones.


While Game of Thrones is a great series, there is no telling if he could handle this genre. However, he has done other films like The Descent. There is a possibility that he could add a Game of Thrones touch to this reboot in order to give it an epic scale. While it has been shown that reboots are often lackluster and can be even worse than the worst of the last series, shining examples like Batman Begins and Casino Royale have not only shown that reboots can be great but have also brought the idea of reboots into center stage.


The only issue with reboots is that studios try too hard to find numbers to play by. It is better when it is left in the hands of someone who has some knowledge of the source material and is very passionate about bringing a good story to the audience. It is better to not be so focused on hitting all of the beats. It is better to let the story determine its own beats so that it can stand on its own and find its own audience.