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The Best In Anesthesiology Services

For the very best in anesthesiology services, Capitol Anesthesiology Association is setting new trends and raising the bar quite high in the process and up-to-date to modern medical breakthrough, see AnesthesiologyNews. The organization is the largest of it’s kind in the entire nation being an independent practice. There are well over 80 physicians here as well as over 130 Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists and they are all dedicated to providing the most high quality service available in the Austin, Texas Area. (CAA) has been around since 1973 and it has grown into a powerhouse of practicing doctors and nurses who specialize in the business.


Capitol Anesthesiology Association provides each and every patient with the most comfortable and safe experience possible and provides much needed services for a range of institutions such as Level 1 Trauma Centers, Ambulatory Surgical Centers, as well as High Acuity Hospitals. Every physician here is either certified by The American Board of Anesthesiology or in pursuit of certification so no worries. Even the administrative team takes it to another level as they are well trained in dealing with insurance carriers. This makes the process much more smoother for all customers and clients.


The company has grown dramatically throughout the years thanks to it’s ability to provide great service as well as ethical business practices. The future is looking pretty bright thanks to (CAA) as it will continue to push the boundaries of clinical excellence.


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The Influence Brian Torchin in Healthcare

Brian Torchin is a healthcare specialist who mainly deals with sports medicine and physical therapy. He holds a bachelor’s degree in exercise science. As of 2016, he practices medicine as a chiropractor and has a license in this field. Besides possessing skills as a chiropractor, physiotherapist and sports medical practitioner, Brian is blessed with skills in marketing management, career coaching, job coaching, financial services, recruiting and staffing.

Brian spent a significant part of his life running his own family oriented chiropractor’s office, where he only served a limited number of clients. It was during this time that he realized the importance of patient satisfaction. He knew what it took to ensure that patients had good hospital experience, as well as the challenges that hospitals face in ensuring the satisfaction of their patients.  As a result, he worked so hard to ensure patient were treated to their satisfaction. Later on, he realized that it was important to help other offices know the importance of patient satisfaction. It was this reason that inspired him to come up with an organization called Healthcare Recruitment Counselors LLC, or HCRC Staffing, which is a company that is headquartered in Philadelphia and Through this company, Brian helps healthcare institutions to realize patient satisfaction by providing the institutions across the United States with qualified and talented medical practitioners. Brian emphasizes the importance of treating patients with respect and allowing them to narrate their story freely without feeling intimidated.

As of 2016, Brian serves as the president of HCRC Staffing. The organization provide quality, and talented medical care professionals to various hospitals throughout the USA, parts of Asia and Europe. Besides Philadelphia, Brian manages other medical offices in various parts of the United States, including Delaware, New Jersey and Florida. In fact, as of 2016, HCRC provides medical staffing services to the 50 United States of America. Brian has equipped his offices with MD/DC/PA and PTs to ensure proper service delivery.  Check out his tips on Vimeo about the medical industry, and how to make intelligent choices in your career.