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MB2 Dental Ends another Successful Recruitment Season

MB2 Dental Solutions, a dental service organization, completed its recruitment season with Texas A&M College of Dentistry on April 20, 2017. In the 2016-17 academic year, the organization set-up by expert dentists visited many dentist students in Texas and other neighboring states to interact and help them to expand their expertise and lead them to fulfill career paths with better options after the graduation. “Every year we try to meet and connect with as many brilliant dental students as possible to help them to learn about the industry,” said MB2 Dental CEO Dr. Chris Villanueva. “With these events, we are trying to connect with future doctors and introduce them our network and help them to learn about the opportunities they can get after graduating from the dental school. Irrespective of whether they are planning to collaborate with us or not, we need them to be better educated on the career options the dental industry offers,” continued Dr. Chris. “We feel delighted to connect with a large pool of talents early in their education, and that can help us to nurture a great long-term relationship with each of them.” Visit to know more.

The Texas A&M College event held in the Knox Henderson area, and it witnessed an impressive turnout this year by third year and fourth-year students. The students and doctors had a wonderful time, and they discussed various topics while enjoying charcuterie and cheeses, gourmet pizzas, and desserts and drinks. The invitees also got a chance to participate a raffle, and the winner claimed a new Apple Watch. The dental network was founded to help the dentists to focus on what they are experts at by providing excellent office management solutions and support. With great customization on clinic solutions, the network has over 75 affiliated locations spread across six states. MB2 offers comprehensive practice solutions with excellent work-life balance and an amazing network of expert fellow dentist owners. “We need confident and expert dentists with a focus on entrepreneurship to collaborate with us and follow our autonomous business model, ” said Dr. Chris. “Showing better options to the dental students apart from just being a dental doctor is itself a success as we are helping a future doctor.”

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MB2 Dental currently operates in New Mexico, Texas, Tennessee, Louisiana, Alaska, and Oklahoma. Its values are built on innovation, integrity, excellence, and team work, and its mission is to provide the clinics a better focus on patient care to ensure greater satisfaction for the clients. MB2 offers a wide range of services to help the clinics and aspiring dentists. Its dental practice management services include accounting and finance, human resources, compliance, credentialing, billing and collections, Information Technology, recruiting, marketing, business development, procurement, and training. It should be noted most of the dentists find these supporting jobs burdensome or confusing, and the services offered by MB2 ensures hassle-free clinic operations for them. It also provides practice affiliation opportunities for the young dentists, and people can even request for complimentary dental practice assessment. It works as an excellent platform for young dentists to explore, learn, and grow with its wide-range of options and offerings.

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InnovaCare Health’s Rick Shinto Leads Progress

Updated 12/12/2016


InnovaCare Health is one of the top companies providing managed health care services in the country. The company provides their managed care through two networks that include Medicaid and Medicare Advantage. Their goal is to provide top level health care services to individuals that is also affordable. The organization strongly believes that patient’s should always come first. They also strongly believe that this is the key to providing the best care possible to patients. The organization is led by CEO and President Rick Shinto. His strong leadership with the organization has played a strong part in guiding the organization to success.

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InnovaCare Health Announces Three Additions to Leadership

InnovaCare Health Care News
InnovaCare Health is an organization that has made a very positive mark in the health care industry. Certainly, any organization is only as strong as the leadership is at the top. Strong leadership by CEO Rick Shinto has driven the organization to the top. The company remains on the cutting edge of the industry. They are always striving to improve their company and provide quality care to their clients. Recently, they made a very decisive move and added several executives to their organization, according to CEO Rick Shinto. Certainly, Shinto looks forward to a very positive future with the new additions to the organization. The new executives are Jonathan Meyers, Chief Actuary Officer of InnovaCare. Penelope Kokkinides is the new Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare. Mike Sortino is the new Chief Accounting Officer of InnovaCare.

Rick Shinto
Currently, Rick Shinto plays a major part in the InnovaCare Health organization. He remains a leading force in the organization. Rick Shinto is the CEO for InnovaCare Health Solutions and MMM Holdings. Certainly, this very successful individual has contributed much to the organization. Before lending his talent to the organization he held a position as Chief Executive Officer at North American Medical Management (NAMM). Prior to holding that position, Shinto was the Chief Operations Officer and Chief Medical Officer for Medical Pathways Management Company. Shinto was Vice President of Medical Management for MedPartners from 1995 to 1997. Afterwards, he became the Chief Medical Officer for Cal Optima Health Plan, in California. Previously, he practiced medicine in California.

Andy Wirth And The Clean Power Plan

Andy Wirth and the Clean Power Plan

Humanity is faced with a new era full of emerging economies and a lot of opportunity. Reno has made great strides in campaigning for clean energy. A publication in the Reno Gazette Journal reported that last week, the city council of Reno threw its support behind the Clean Power Plan. This is an initiative that will help our country turn away from the impure coal power and adopt renewable and clean energy. The council became one of the many private companies that voted for the Clean Power Plan.
The issue of clean energy in Reno is a political one. Reno has poor quality air, increased cases of forest fires and drought. The reality of Reno’s carbon foot print is partly to blame for these incidences. Despite having the best geothermal and solar energy in the region, we continue to burn coal as a source of electricity. The vote of confidence by the members of the City Council is also an opportunity to partner with international companies like Microsoft, Apple and Tesla. These companies are not only impressing upon us to adopt clean energy but are at the same time presenting new job opportunities in our region.
Andrew Wirth was born on 25th July 1963. Wirth is the CEO and president of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, a parent company of Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley ski resorts. Wirth is the grandson of the director of US National Park Service, Conrad Wirth. Wirth has been in the hotel and mountain resort industry for a period of 25 years. He started his career in 1986 at the Steamboat Springs Resort. Wirth has severed in a couple of leadership and marketing positions at the Steamboat Corporation. Wirth became Intrawest’s chief marketing officer and the vice president in 2007. Steamboat was taken by Intrawest in 2007. Wirth later left Intrawest to work as the CEO and president of Squaw Valley in 2010.
Wirth possesses a bachelor of science from the University of Colorado and also went to Edinburgh University which is based in Scotland. Wirth has acquired several professional and community service awards such as Steamboat Business leader of the and the community five awards.