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Neurocore Helps Mental Health Patients without Prescription Drugs

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a problem that most children do not like to experience. This mental condition often creates a lot of problems for children on a personal level. Some kids have problems with focusing in school while other children deal with lots of stress. Each of these conditions will disrupt a child’s ability to think correctly or to control themselves in an acceptable manner. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Normally, a child would have to get diagnosed to see if they have any mental health issues. Once a mental health ailment has been discovered, a child would then be prescribed medication. Then they will have to take their meds for a very long just to manage their condition. However, there is an alternative treatment called Neurocore that can help children to eliminate their mental deficiencies without the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

Neurocore has been around since 2004. The organization was started to help find drug free solutions to the mental problems that they experience. One of company’s central focus is to deal with mental health issues at their core. This is why the organization focuses on various techniques that are designed to readjust a person’s brain.

Mental health conditions typically result from a misalignment within the brain. When a person’s brain activity is not functioning in the right way, it creates problems for them mentally. People who suffer from depression, anxiety and poor memory are just some of the candidates that can benefit from Neurocore corrective therapies.

One type of corrective therapy offered by Neurocore is called biofeedback. This process teaches patients how to breath deeply and it helps to center their thinking to a more positive state. They also use neurofeedback processes which charts a patient’s brain activity. The company offers a treatment that uses films to help realign a person’s thinking.


Patients are hooked up to electrodes that are connected to a special movie player. The electrodes are placed on their head and various parts of their upper body. The movie that is playing in front of a patient is something they want to see. While the patient is watching the film, they have to be careful about what they are thinking.

The electrodes can sense when a patient is not focusing on the movie or when their mind starts to form negative though patterns. The film will shut off once this happens. It will not start back up again until the patient calms down or starts to think more positively. This process has been met with success. Many people like it because they do not have to take prescription drugs or have to deal with potential side effects from pharmaceutical substances. Neurocore has a great track record with healing patients from mental ailments and eliminating their need for medications. Read more about Neurocore at